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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Prayer II

Wake up Narayan, before the sun, 
Today like no other. 
Bathe! Narayan, in yellow turmeric,
Antidote, purify your soul. 
On this day like no other. 

Yellow your skin, oh Narayan 
Put on your silks, you dare not delay! 
Take your shoes of gold Narayan. 
Sit at the altar of Shiva's son, 
The elephant-headed one, and pray.

Take the blessing, of your mother Queen, oh Narayan
Carry it carefully, in your outstretched hands.
Bear it carefully, to the home of your bride,
Bear it carefully, oh Narayan.

White the cloth that is unfurled before him,
Bright the sun that shines in his eyes this morning.
Today is a sacred day for this one who is born again
Narayan, preserver of Peace,
Today born anew,
This twice-born one facing the sun.

Brilliant the priest who stands over him
Gentle the rain of petals on his head
Magic the words that touch his ears.
Luxmi, your bride has come.

Boom! The wedding drum.
Narayan approaches!
Hurry, ready for him,
Boom the wedding drum.
Narayan approaches.

Crush, the vessel packed with herbs
Breaks beneath his feet.
Hush, the guests all silent.
He walks the pathway of flowers
Boom, the wedding drum.

Blood-red the kanku powder
Pure the cold water,
They pour upon his feet,
Sweet the sugar given to him,
Soft his seat.

Sad are the songs the mothers sing
The words spoken by the priests
Are bright the midday sun
Staring at Narayan.

Yellow petals
Scattered on the altar
Cool, the copper vessels
Filled with water
Yet hot, the invisible flame
Burning at the midday altar.

His words of thanks are clear.
Goddess, Sweet Nectar, you are the bride!
Don't delay.
Narayan has come for you,
This twice-born one who faces the sun.

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