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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Prayer III

White, is the cloth unfurled
Bright, the sun that shines in his eyes this morning
Today is a sacred day, oh Narayan!
This twice born one facing the sun.

Gentle the rain of petals on his head
Magic the words that touch his ears
Luxmi your bride has come.

Pale the skin of his bride
Seen through the sunlit threads
White and red her wedding dress
Seen through the fluttering cloth.

Call the names of your fathers
Call the names of your mothers
Deep, your voice speaks sacred words
Narayan call upon them
Your stanzas are sung again.

Pale, the profile of his bride
Seen through the sunlit threads
Shy, the eyes of his sacred bride
Seen through the fluttering cloth.

Deep, the voices speak sacred words
Narayan your stanzas are sung.

Pray for eyesight oh Narayan!
Pray for hearing oh Narayan!
Pray for strength of heart.

Pray for understanding Luxmi
Pray for strength of voice.
Lower the curtain for Narayan
And look upon your bride.

Long, the sacred thread
Tied from heart to heart
Touching hands are separated
By sacred leafs.
Painful the long reach out.

Luxmi, take your place beside Narayan
Who came for you today
Narayan, take Luxmi at your side
Whom you called today.

Brief is the ceremony that passes
Old lives into new
Short the steps through mounds of rice
Easy are the vows that are softly spoken
Round the witness fire burning,
At the sacred altar.

Simple, is the walk
Around the sacred fire.
Flame is the sacred witness
As we touch the bone of our sacred Mother.

Fortune! The omen of an eagle
Come to roost above their heads.
Green the trees they plant.
Simple is the altar they erect in the sun
The heavens are smiling oh Narayan,
For the twice born ones, facing east.

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