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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thought - Glue for a Democracy

The phenomena of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks may be explained as this: If honesty and truthful reporting cannot be obtained by the people from the media or the people's own government (Remember the words "of the people, by the people for the people") by operating within the framework of the law, then it shall be obtained from OUTSIDE the legal framework, which legally is no longer law.

America has more illegal procedures and laws in place today than at any time in history. Civil disobedience, and reporting facts about illegal activities is a constitutional right of all Americans.

But Assange is not American you say! Not by citizenship no, but by behavior he's 100x the American of either Trump or Clinton. He stands for what America used to be, and is helping to defend the rights of Americans.

He understands what holds a free democracy together. And whether you think he should be prosecuted or not, that glue cannot be LIES.

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