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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thought of the Day - Loss sets in - or does it?

Bernie Sanders' 'loss' at the Democratic National Convention has sunk in.

The 'New Republic' has run an article of questionable source, entitled: "Give Bernie’s Distraught Supporters a Break - The media is treating them like weirdos, but they're responding to Sanders's loss like ordinary human beings."

I ask this - whenever did it become dishonorable, or devastating to have one's candidate lose? Life goes on. As in any event with competitors, athletic, economic, or political, there can only be one winner. But being a contender does count for a great deal.

This election year more than ever, seems to be the one when citizens of the country are groping to be on the side of a winner, and seem in denial of various sorts when it appears that winning can't happen or is in jeopardy.

Yes Bernie Sanders has 'lost'. Not by fair means, not by democratic means in my opinion. Dirty tricks we know are part of politics, and have been since the beginning of time. I sure am over that. But I'm not sure that the supporters of Hillary Clinton are there yet. There remains a distinct possibility that she'll lose also.

While I've been saying all along this isn't likely, after all she has every force of government and capitalism behind her candidacy, it's evident, that since the first revelations about her breaking the law with her private email server and confidential documents, then having that crime verified by the Director of the FBI, and lately, having corrupted the Democratic Party to her own ends, these 'revelations' places her candidacy in a bit of a predicament.

GOP knives are out and being sharpened to a deadly edge. Rudy Giuliani is looking forward to being the prosecutor in charge. It's becoming more and more evident that politics in America is not taking 'no' for an answer. The cultures of two systems, neo-liberalism versus conservatism, has produced two hate-infused competing groups who want nothing short of blood from the other. And yet, line by line, their candidates are more similar than different. In fact, policy in America has not deviated wildly with swings from GOP to DNC since WWII. If anything, modern history has been a continuum, with presidents doing more or less the same things as their predecessors, regardless of party.

Bernie clearly was an outlier, a departure from the two very same old same old party choices that Americans have had for years. It's not surprising that he was defeated when you consider the forces arrayed against him.

Despite their similarity all the two major parties want is blood and payback. Along comes Donald Trump, who has broken a mold. He now verbalizes what we know that many past US Presidents thought, but kept to themselves. Woodrow Wilson, wrote of the 'great KKK', Bill Clinton made remarks suggesting that the motivation for his Clinton Crime bill was that blacks were 'animals'.  By in large our white male presidents, even the ones that were excessively bigoted, kept their bigotry to themselves.

But Trump broke that code of rulers, the unspoken but widely known secret that this is how many US leaders think. I said it's 'as if' because the ire for Trump, and the fear surrounding his candidacy approach the apocryphal. Let's examine his statements. He is not the first president to have considered a wall. He is not the first president to single out a group of nationals for imprisonment or deportation or religious beliefs for national prosecution. If you doubt this I'm glad to cite instances, many in fact. Everything that Trump says he'll do, though it strikes terror into the hearts of sane Americans, he shouts loudly and without taste, the same sins that many previous American Presidents and Americans citizens are guilty of.

It is as if in Donald Trump we have found a repugnant and all encompassing reminder of everything that's un-American. The opposite of fair, or loving, or just.

I'm not taking Trump's candidacy lightly. It will be an extreme challenge for our country if he's elected. But he will be marginalized, if by nothing else, by the very style of uninformed bigotry that casts whomever he talks to into the same despised role. He will not get his way, in Congress, or the Senate, or the courts, or at the state and local level. Though he will push our republic to the breaking point, it may be the best in America will come forth. The military may ignore his commands. He might be stripped by Congress to a know-nothing can-do nothing president and may ultimately be forced to defer to a manager with better sense.

His competitor Hillary Clinton, appears will not go down without a fight. But those voters who have defended her loyally to this point, are having a hard time justifying their stand behind someone who is so flagrantly dishonest and disrespectful of their support. The Trump loudmouth has forced a distasteful examination of DNC hidden secrets. The veils obscuring Hillary's loyalties are being stripped off in slow motion, like the unwrapping of a demoness in a Hindu myth. Hillary backers simply do not want to believe the 'dirt' surrounding her candidacy, even dirt that has truth or merit.

Which brings us back to Bernie, and the great disappointment his candidacy has become. He had a huge opportunity to hold Clinton's feet to the fire but didn't. He blinked. It may be for a strategy that in the end has equal merit, however in this moment to moment climate of dog-eat dog politics, he couldn't bring himself to put the knife in when he had the chance. Gentlemen always lose under such circumstances.

In my opinion Bernie lost the moment, the moment to make a stand and lead his followers towards a new third party. He may, and I only say may, have made a correct assessment, that his role could do no good except as gadfly to an otherwise corrupt administration that was going to get elected anyways.

Last of all to Bernie's followers who are headless, staggering about Philadelphia, and wondering what their master's strategy is or could be at such a moment, I'll repeat what Bernie himself said: "You'll need to find other masters. You'll need to go into politics yourselves." I've always told my friends here on FaceBook. "Don't try to game the system. Vote your conscience, even if you know you will lose. A vote executed any other way is simply not a vote, it's a shill."

Thought - Glue for a Democracy

The phenomena of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks may be explained as this: If honesty and truthful reporting cannot be obtained by the people from the media or the people's own government (Remember the words "of the people, by the people for the people") by operating within the framework of the law, then it shall be obtained from OUTSIDE the legal framework, which legally is no longer law.

America has more illegal procedures and laws in place today than at any time in history. Civil disobedience, and reporting facts about illegal activities is a constitutional right of all Americans.

But Assange is not American you say! Not by citizenship no, but by behavior he's 100x the American of either Trump or Clinton. He stands for what America used to be, and is helping to defend the rights of Americans.

He understands what holds a free democracy together. And whether you think he should be prosecuted or not, that glue cannot be LIES.

Thought for the Day - Pluto Carta

The irony of this election, is that the 1% are missing the greatest investment opportunity of a lifetime, by backing a candidate who stands for earth destruction, for ancient technology, and for a destructive defense industry.

Where will America's economy go if we destroy markets overseas with war? Where will workers come from if they are home sick dying from polluted water and cancer? Where will managers and executives, healthcare workers, doctors and engineers come from if we make education unaffordable? Where will crops come from if our farmlands are scorched to desert by global warming?

America needs progressive billionaires to step forward and form a pact to take this country forward. We need your wealth put into forward thinking economies that will build a rich earth with rich markets.

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