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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Terrestrial Sand Box

I'm an extra terrestrial being and my sandbox is Earth.

The children I'm looking after are the many countries on this planet, playing with each other, sharing sand, toys, bricks, shovels, trucks, etc. One of the older children, let's call him Israel, steadily and consistently robs one of the younger ones, we'll call him Palestine, of his shovel.

Palestine suddenly grabs a metal truck and bangs Israel on the head. . . who then starts to ball and sob. At other times Israel lashes out with a bigger truck to smash him back.

If the children were adults and you asked the Israel why he  did this he would say that his younger brother was a terrorist. That his younger brother attacked without warning, and that he  deserves all that and much more, in return.

The parents, if they are around, will lecture them both. If watching with any attention they would have seen that Israel had it coming. If Israel reacted in anger he'll get more of a talking to. Why? Because he's older, stronger, and he was abusing his younger brother.

This is exactly the pattern of interaction between nation states on Planet Earth as regards land, territories, and the pattern is same all over the planet.

Unfortunately there are no superior beings on Earth to create peace in such a situation. Which is why those with the most power, and money, and the ability to take everything for themselves, do.

As extraterrestrial beings, we see this.

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