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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is Putin Shootin'?

"Give me the keys, I'll drive you to Karkiv."
"Donetsk for the car, I conniving for Kiev."

"Moscow to Kiev: How far? Don't ask,"
"The keys to Donetsk, just now I must have."

Ukraine will get nastier if Putin crosses the Dniester,
Ukrainians who nest there speak a language that's feistier.

If Putin holds Crimea, Ukraine will not wither,
But if he folds in the Dnieper, you can cry me a river.

This ghostly conflict has no winner yet,
It's mostly fought on the internet.

If Putin were looting and Odessa were not stressed,
Would Obama abstain and leave Ukraine to unrest?

Obama will get calmer - he'll see Putin's not shooting.

Russian supporters gave Putin kudos,
At Ukrainian borders, it's all just judo.

Europe polarizes around old Ukraine,
The soul of mankind got lost on that plane.

If myths of state make history,
Then bricks of fate are illusory.

Will sanctions from gremlins make oligarchs bank-less?
Or wankers in Kiev make the Kremlin at all anxious?

Are Ukrainians settling an old Soviet score?
With Kremlin operatives, and loads of C4?

Shooting started in Donetsk, though how don't ask,
Nato or Putin, not the men in those masks.

The shooters in Donetsk may one day be famous,
If they took off their masks, else they'll stay nameless.

[this post is a mini-blog in rhyme on the Ukrainian crisis. Oldest posts are last, newest first.]

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