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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Subatomic Meson

One Quark night, a Baryon spun outside of a club,
"Excitons?", he read, “Strange, Bottom or Up!”

 Our Meson strode in, a Prime Hadron, and strong,
"What Sigma have you here?", to the pretty Electron.

“I’d Eta Prime Meson, I'm particularly starved!
 Roton with some QuarkPhoton as it’s charged!

"Xi-ce would be nice, since it's all about spin,
 No harm in some Charm, so Phonon some gin!”

"You seem high on LHC, your drooped eyes are Dilaton!
 We can't serve Wino, or Zino, to a sub-nuclear Meson!"

"My eyes are Glueball-ed by the Super Gravitational Force,
 Held on by Gluinos, to add make-Up would be worse!"

"What flavor of Quark then, gets your Dilatino turned on?"
 Remarked the charming Electron, to the strung-out Nucleon.

"Forgive the Muon-ce of this Bottom Sigma incursion,
I'm a Magnon that's Fermion with a flavour for perversion!"

"We're out of Top, out of Bottom, you might think it Strange,
 Do Trion our young Gluon, who can be Lepton for a change!”

"That flavour I'm O-Kaon, Let's spin in the now!
 Nudism is Buddhism, so says the great Tau!

“I’d Hole into some Delta," our Meson then said,
 A Poisson that's Fermiondecayed, but not dead!"

"My Hypothetical Superpartner is a Saxion at worst,
I could Polaron to me, Bottomness first!

"Xi Omega! No Chargino! By all means go to Tau-n!
 But it seems that you've  mis-GaugedTop Quark for a Down!"

"I'd quantum a Hadron, to Pion to your Boson!"
 Mumbled the Meson to Electron, his sub-atomic cousin.

Our excitable Baryon got Photon-ed to his ass,
Gravitino-ed away, onto his Charmed Bottom-Prime mass!

Now only Neutrinos will he Livermore harass,
Or reputable Protons, . . . .  of his own kind and Class!

commentary on this poem

Why the Fibrilati cut the tail off a Squirrel

A Fiction concerning a Dream

"To properly consider the earth as a blob of intelligent silicon, you also must consider the possibility that squirrels run around in trees backwards, with their brains in their tails."

Now, not for a moment do I actually think a squirrel's brain is in its tail. But, after my cup of strong coffee, I remembered my dream and considered the possibilities. Could an alien life form postulate that a squirrel does in fact think with its tail?

I invite you to meet a species of highly intelligent intergalactic life forms - the Fibrilati. These beings are silica-based. They have long wondered about the same issues and questions that we have. As their lives evolved from silica on super-hot planetary bodies, they have little comprehension of the ephemeral qualities of organic chemistry. Theirs is a planet where surface temperatures reach nearly 1600 degrees F . . . they don't even understand water at all. Their bodies are composed of alumina and silica. . . and are mobile only at extremely high temperatures. In order to move about the universe they must enter a deep 'freeze', during which all their life systems come to a complete halt, except for their brains, which remain active by processing light in a continuous loop. To retain their 'life' the cycling of light through their crystal brains must be continuous. The best translation for this process of thought recycling, providing stimulation and content to a brain that cannot physically react, would be the Earth word, "dreaming".

Indeed the Fibrilati think and dream with light. Their nervous systems are pure silica, spun into networks resembling cotton candy. They are in fact fiber optic processors, their brains, enormous crystals of impure quartz. The impurities within them serve as permanent memories, like flaws in a diamond.

To the Fibrilati, Earth is a cold and inhospitable place. In fact they cannot live on any but the hottest planets without life support. At such cold temperatures their bodies freeze solid, and without light circulating constantly through every fiber in their bodies, they perish. Nighttime for the Fibrilon, is deadly.

When a Fibrilon dies of cold, his data gathering nerves, a mass of hair-thin silica fibers resembling the spun hair of a milkweed plant, become brittle and break. The slightest breeze or vibration turns his body into a pile of dust. But the quartz crystal that is his brain, his nerve center as it were, remains, but it suffers a dark death.

Another Fibrilon may gather up the brain of a fallen Fibrilon Warrior, repossess it, and grow new silica fiber feeds to it. . . thus embracing its memory into his own. So the Fibrilati grow through addition.

Early on in our Universe the Fibrilati were many and widespread. After all the universe was young and hot. They roamed far and wide across the fiery hot expanding masses of the young fireball, propagating. Their growth was exponential . . . their crystals were scattered widely throughout the cosmos, wherever temperatures and conditions were optimal for their growth.

Their crystal brains were capable of gargantuan memory. Any being today has recollection of history since the Big Bang, the Fibrilati have it. But sadly, the Fibrilon race is engaged in a cultural preservation effort, seeking to rescue ancestor stories of their kind trapped in the inverted quartz structures of long dead galaxies, and with their fossils on planets now processing much smaller amounts of energy, such as Earth, utilizing paradigms of energy such as oxidation, and photosynthesis.

A single Fibrilon infant, living under ideal circumstances, possessed an internal energy hot enough to warm an entire Earth city in the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth for two months in dead of winter.

Naturally Fibrilati consider low energy creatures to be inferior, but they are aware that the collective memory of scattered Fibrilon remains are universal, widely dispersed, and that lower energy life forms such as Homo sapiens, may gain access to and even learn to comprehend the accumulation of their silicon crystal memories.

As the universe began to cool, colonies of Fibrilati became trapped, on galaxies that ran out of energy to fuel their energy hungry life style. Expeditionary forces were sent out, to recover the crystal skulls of the now dead Fibrilon colonies. Their mission was to recover the skulls, and extract the memories that they contained.

Such expeditions were extraordinarily expensive. For one thing the Fibrilati officers aboard their spacecrafts had to be maintained in a super efficient kiln of sorts, to maintain their high life temperatures whilst moving through space. Not a small technical feat.

Upon encountering a onetime archeological site of ancient Fibrilon, their tactic was usually to take up a distant orbit around the body, and study it from afar using their incredible optical technology and light processing ability. Even the tiniest ants on Earth are an easy study for an orbiting Fibrilon study ship.

Needless to say, Fibrilon mythology was all-conditioning, as is ours on Earth. Biased by their archetypes, they overlooked a great many details.

For one thing being a light-based form of intelligence, it never occurred to the Fibrilati that cold liquids, such as the North Sea, could team with life. Nor could they conceive of the life giving power of blood, which circulates through the body of all land animals, and is in effect a portable 'sea' within the body.

Nor could they conceive of consciousness as anything other than light itself. Sound to a Fibrilon is like trying to light up the face of a computer using Morse code and a hand key set. . . . A single Fibrilon couple downloads to each other, over the Fibrilon equivalent of Starbucks coffee, in the torrid galactic mornings of a faraway supernova dawn, the equivalent of 453 Zeta (sextillion) bytes per millisecond, and that's just small chat between sips. Oh what's the coffee made of? . . It's a hyper corrosive brew of molten silica fluxed with calcium, magnesium, even iron.

Needless to say the Fibrilati were massive data processors, and light was the essence of their data, hence their life. If any part of Earth were of interest it would be the glassworks of Corning Inc. in New York State, except Fibrilon glass made ours look as crude as earthenware.

Intelligence was merely the ability to organize and direct consciousness inherent in all light. Intelligence of a Fibrilon was related only to the mass and age of the Fibrilon brain. Some were truly enormous, giant balls of molten quartz, the size of Jupiter or larger, spinning around a molten core of iron at a fantastic rate, and cooling to the point of self-realization at the temperature of Quartz inversion.

This moment of self-realization is the moment that the processed energy of a Fibrilon individual reaches the point that only cooling is possible, and the degree to which the cooling occurs slowly and uniformly determines the degree to which the quartz inversion is uniform and simultaneous throughout its body.

A Zen awakening on a galactic scale.

This moment, in the life of an individual, is the moment when he or she 'receives his brain'. That's the best translation one can come up with in English. It is not unlike a super-hyperbolic inorganic silicon orgasm, a spasmodic contraction into a state of pure crystal.

The Fibrilon kings experienced quartz inversions that lasted millennia, and yet occurred so evenly that their skulls are so perfectly clear that were one to sight one in outer space with something like an earth telescope, they would appear invisible. In fact look into one and one only sees the universe, and all its myriad detail.

Enough on Fibrilon brain evolution. Needless to say the Quartz inversion moment was something all silica beings on Fibrilon planets awaited, something like a coming of age. If temperatures were high enough all one had to do was organize one's light body and wait for it to happen. Process truth, pass the light, and wait for the inevitable gift of consciousness from the Gods of Cool.

One day a Fibrilon study ship from a galaxy a few hundred thousand light years away reached us with the mission to discover what light was in present in our galaxy, to determine if any creatures here processed light, and if so, were there any dead Fibrilon skulls which could be taken back to their library from whence they came. Naturally they made drawings of whatever life forms they noticed on any of the planets they observed. Their sketches, were gargantuan data gathering efforts.

And so, orbiting from a great distance from Planet Earth, they saw a squirrel.

They were impressed at the large solid fibrous array at the top. After all a squirrel's tail is most often higher than its head. It was not a silica array, but carbon, an element Fibrilati considered a useless flux, and holding very little potential for light. But they were impressed with the incredible rate at which it moved, especially considering the incredibly cold temperatures in which it lived. They noted that like most Fibrilati, the precious fiber nerves and the crystal brain, were located at the rear of the body when the body was moving. This was to afford it the most possible protection from collisions.

The squirrel was conscious. That was obvious but there was not much else about Squirrel that seemed interesting. The fibers covering its body were thin and flat, its body very unimpressive, containing some small amount of Calcium, which they acknowledged to be a familiar flux and useful for doping large crystals, but apparently the squirrel was not crystalline at all in structure.

They took note of what Earthlings call its tail. That seemed to have a fractal dimension. They calculated all sorts of rates of exchange but could not identify any light exchange occurring at the tips of the hairs. They saw another creature, our Polar Bear, and observed light beams entering the polar bear fur and moving down the hair fibers to the skin itself, where each photon was absorbed by a rich purple material, what we call skin. They presumed the polar bear was a light-gatherer.

A far more intelligent creature, a Peacock, had a fibrous array to beat all others.

And so the Fibrilati decided to use a laser to perform some experiments. This is how the experiments played out on two Earth squirrels. They performed the same experiments on the Peacock, as well as the Polar Bear, and also on two Human Beings, who happened to be wannabe rock-stars emulating the Grateful Dead.

If Squirrel is conscious, they reasoned, and the beautiful fiber array (tail) at one end was its brain, was still not hot enough to become crystalline, and so without it's brain it should live, but not die, at least not right away. So with a swift zap from outer space, the Fibrilon laser cut off the tail of one poor unfortunate squirrel which was sitting on the branch of a tree in Northwestern Connecticut.

The poor denuded creature ran about madly, insensibly, crazily. The earthling expression 'like a chicken with it's head cut off' would apply.

Eventually the squirrel quieted down and whined all night in the crotch of a nearby bush. They watched the creature for days. They noted that it could not move from tree to tree anymore, and when it tried, it did so horribly, lacking much of its former co-ordination.

Removing the fibers from the polar bear took more than one precise zap from the Fibrilon exploratory laser. But with a complete haircut, the Bear ran about frantically, just as the squirrel did.

The head Fibrilon scientist announced. "We have removed the brain of one squirrel, and have noticed that while the body lives, it is doomed. It cannot jump effectively from branch to branch, the other squirrels want nothing to do with it, and it generally is not behaving intelligently at all."

Similarly the bear. . . .

It wasn't long before a mobile Earth being, known as a Hawk, (were it not for the interventions of the Fibrilon scientists), would have taken the tail-less squirrel with one massive grab of its talons, and fed it to its eyasses. Nevertheless the Squirrel soon died, as it was unable to run about effectively and could not navigate the trees at all.

The bear also died. Its last hours of life seemed to make no sense at all. It was twitching like the squirrel.

And the peacock was pecked to death by other similar peacocks that were tailless to begin with. (Those were the females)

The scientists also noticed that the squirrel had not sensed the hawk's presence. In fact the brain of the squirrel (its tail remember) had seemed to previously provide it with detailed information about the movement of the air around it. . .

"Let's prove this once and for all. Let us cut off the other end of the Earth squirrel and see what happens." So another laser darted out of the Fibrilon ship and snipped of the head of a nearby cousin to this poor unfortunate gray squirrel. Mercifully it died instantly, since it was the head that had been severed.

"Now we understand. The end we have just cut off provides valuable circulatory functions of solids that become the Squirrel body". They were oblivious to the splotches of blood that squirted out. A Fibrilon autopsy revealed that the squirrel body contained no quartz. Only the hair covering its surface resembled the thinking part of the tail at all.

So the Fibrilati went on to study the rock stars, but the results were less satisfactory. Upon receiving their haircuts they simply went out and bought wigs, which the Fibrilati interpreted as replacement brains. Eventually the Fibrilati lost interest. Studying life forms on earth was a little like majoring in bacterial locomotion, and they soon moved on to another planet on the other rim of our galaxy finding no Fibrilon skulls on our own planet to keep their interest.

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