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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'll Row you to Komodo

Tired of earthquakes, I'm off to Malaysia,
Less venomous snakes there, I'll smell the acacias.

And if you should dispatch, to Sulawesi,
Study your Dutch goed, then catch the ferry.

Chant Shinto, and make fire with flint-o,
I'll learn Voodoo, and incant like a Hindu.

Tremors in Timor means lava in Java,
Dance rhumbas in Sumba, for folly in Jakarta.

We'll get good food oh yeah, in dear ole Malaysia.

Fetter your feet to my mast my dear Mistress,
Better to beat me, than face a low mattress.

Don a kimono and I'll row you to Komodo,
In Kowloon we'll go saloon, I'll be your dear Frodo.

In my dream you were a succubus,
A demon who worked with an Octopus.
Together we all boarded an Omnibus,
And then rode to town the three of us.

My hopes are to climb, a sloped volcano,
Don a kimono, and row you to Komodo.

There are deer in Komodo, though people don't stag hunt,
There's a queer sort of fear of the resident dragon!

We'll tan yes, it's obvious, if we hike up Vesuvius.
Don't call me a genius, if things suddenly get igneous.

Once we start napping on the peaks of Merapi,
We'll wangle an angle on a rented serapi.

I'll grope your nappies on the slopes of Merapi,
We'll fangle an angle on a dope head's serapi.

Finding this ditty too graphic and corny though?
I'll try to be witty, after we blast through old Borneo.

Tiny poems tend to be volcanic eruptions,
that bring me back to Platonic corruptions.

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