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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Coronavirus - I'll take my infection now please . . .

It's amply clear that COVID-19, the Coronavirus, is a piece of code that has hacked humanity's best defenses. It makes more than clear that perhaps within only a year or two, most humans on planet Earth will become exposed to this virus.

[The suggestion I'm making here works only in a place like the US or first world countries like Europe, for reasons that will become apparent.]

The mathematics of pandemic expansion dictate that the vast majority of humans will be infected during the latter half of this time period. In other words, the geometric expansion of communication of the virus, will reach a maximum number at some point midway through the curve, but the number of sick and needy of professional healthcare will reach it's maximum more than halfway through that same time period. In other words we'll have the most people showing up for professional healthcare all at once.

The number of infected will vastly overwhelm the ability of our healthcare establishment to respond. In other words if you get it now, you're lucky, you're likely to get great care. But if you contract the virus later along with millions of others, adequate care will either be less likely, or impossible.

Therefor, it seems only logical to suggest, that draconian efforts at quarantine, only pushes the 'hump' of geometric expansion towards the later half of Planet Earth's initial infectious time period. Thus, we should begin to manage the 'how' and when we all become infected.

We need to manage coronavirus the way we manage admission to crowded shows at art museums. You're going to get it, you have a choice as to 'when'.

In other words, given that this is lethal, most of all to the elderly, we should create programs enabling home quarantine for susceptible citizens, yet at the same time managing voluntary exposure to the virus by our younger population SO THAT, not everyone becomes infected at the same time! They will be needed to work during the later stages.

We need to manage this process. I'm suggesting managed exposure to the virus, so that we avoid crowding hospitals, clinics and overworking healthcare professionals.

Such a program of 'managed exposure' needs to be voluntary, and safe. Volunteers would be administered the virus while in quarantine. They would be administered professional care and be allowed to return home once virus negative.

If contracting Covid-10 is a road we all must walk at some point, let's weather the storm of illness without getting caught in traffic.

The elderly I know are already self-quarantining. Some of them will indeed tick it out long enough until a vaccine becomes available. The young or fit should be provided the option to opt to weather the storm now and receive the care they need.

Managing exposure by the whole population makes the best use of limited healthcare resources. Some of us now. Some of us later. Yes, a percent of the infected will get sick, and die, but that will happen anyway. This is most terrible fact unless a vaccine is found soon.

I'm therefor volunteering to be infected, and quarantined. If I survive, I'll be around to help others. Not a healthcare professional, dare I suggest that we'll all be in the healthcare business in less than twelve months?

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