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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Redux for Nicole

El of E, you and sea,
on D, eyes an' all
Muse I see all vibes.
ee oh, ee oh,
no good poor city jails
The muse is his in minutes,
so a king faces, a line, a bridge
I threw you a thread
a poem is rope, strong,
we pull that thread along.

Getting ready to Bless up
Sing of one Love!
A serendipitous foreshadow unconditional
Love on the mountain, fantastic rehearsal
Blues unconditional musical vibe.
Positive goals minutes soaking
face past days past souls
A Reggae album blessed oh . . .
An internally strong confident mountain.
Getting the arrangements tighter

Raspberry Heart, loving vibrations later this evening.
Saw this on the floor of the forest in NYC
after teaching singing acting.

Today, someone hit me while I was driving.
A witness to the accident, a woman, a stranger,
chose to take time
out of her life
to wait for the officer
and fill out a witness report.

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