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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thought of the Day - Fear

Fear replaces neglect. Those that have neglected democracy now fear what might replace it. It's difficult to say muster up, get a life. But the fear is what leads to something truly terrible.

The biggest problem is that the US is not being moral in any category of relationship, not in the Middle East, not in race relations, or taxes etc, pick any topic. It's difficult to insist, when we export so much injustice globally, that we'll elect top down leaders who are just in character. We won't. Eventually they will resemble the despotic empire they're in charge of. That's just nature.

Here's where I become supremely Buddhist. The desire to survive indefinitely is what is motivating all this fear. Nothing lives for ever, the planet, the solar system, the USA least of all. A large asteroid will almost certainly hit Earth within the next 1000-25000 years and cause a mass extinction. History shows these events to be quite regular. So why sweat it?

it is important that those who understand what is happening within their own societies try to do something about it. I've taken it on myself, to try and inform others, and use words to convince.

History has also shown that most people are blind to what will actually hurt them the most. America has not had a true despot in charge. Not yet. But it could happen. And it could be in my opinion, either of the two current candidates for presidency.

And yes, climate change might lead to global starvation or world war, or genocide on a massive scale to reduce demands on a fragile environment. It's too difficult to try and predict what will happen exactly. Be moral, but be at peace. That's the hardest thing. Do your work, then do your best.

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