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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Redux for Nicole

El of E, you and sea,
on D, eyes an' all
Muse I see all vibes.
ee oh, ee oh,
no good poor city jails.

The muse is his in minutes,
so a king faced a line, a bridge
I threw a thread,
a poem of rope, strong,
We pull that thread along.

Getting ready to Bless up
Sing of one Love!
A serendipitous foreshadow,
love on the mountain.

Blues unconditional music.
Positive goal minutes soaking
face past days past souls
a Reggae album blessed oh . . .
an internally strong confident mountain.

Getting the arrangements tighter
Raspberry heart vibrations .
Saw this on the floor of the forest.

Today, someone hit me while I was driving.
A witness to the accident, a woman, a stranger,
chose to take time
out of her life
to wait for the officer
and fill out a witness report.

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