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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thought of the Day - Who really won the Election?

It is bothersome that Putin may have exerted himself at hacking the US elections. But let's zoom way back, so we may see more clearly what is really happening. Doing otherwise is to focus on the window dressing of a truly frightening new world order, one that begins right here at home.

Yes Trump is a pain too, a racist, a . . . you know the list, we're all aboard that. Let's back up. See the bigger picture. Trump's being elected, is not Trump gaining power at all. Rather it's a drama never quite seen in the same way on the US stage. We're witnessing multinational corporations using a president elect to take control for themselves. Trump's job in the implicit understanding, is to cede the reins so his cabinet can make deals that enrich the 1%.

Where is Putin in all of this? Broke, as a nation (not personally) an autocratic rooster who needs deals with western corporations in order to provide an income to Russia. Exxon and other large US corporations will provide that, enriching Putin too of course. Russian citizens? They'll get slave labor jobs in the new mines, be they in Africa or Siberia, and will be too worn out at day's end to cause any social unrest.

The same will happen here. Systems in competition become alike, not different. At this very moment Trump is controlled by his corporate appointees whether he knows it or not. The same will soon be true of Vladimir Putin. View this election as the political systems in both countries finally losing total control to a new form of global corporate state.

Making waves, as Obama has over Putin's hacking is just the joke the establishment wants, an obfuscation of the real issue, which is that we just lost our republic to some oligarchs. It would have happened whether Hillary or Trump triumphed at the polls.

Trump's election was a windfall for these folks - they got more much faster than they ever could have expected. Soon they'll own Putin too, and war, when it comes, will be between this new corporate global monopoly and other less developed nations with raw materials, minerals etc.

Putin is deemed valuable by the Rex Tillersons of this world. He is the flesh and blood embodiment of right wing dictators the US has installed and supported in places like Chile, Peru, Greece, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, . . . why stop. A strongman who can coerce a docile impoverished population into working for the global corporate state is what we've supported throughout the developing world. But now the edges of empire have moved home.

Russia's and America's economies have faltered, and Russia is relatively underdeveloped. Putin, no different to us than a Sadam or Pinochet, is exactly what we as Americans have brought about. The copper companies always controlled Chile, no one ever disputed this. The fruit companies dominated Equador, and Panama. Now oil will rule the US and Russia.

The antagonism against Putin right now is diversion, all show. By protesting alleged hacks the US populace assumes the very role that corporate power wants, it betters their bargaining stance with a new corporate partner in the East.

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