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Saturday, December 31, 2011

To the Studio

To the studio I make my way,
To write on shards, some poetry.
What is art but stopping time?
My heart's in bottles, plates and rhyme.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mars and Venus

Impetuous Mars fought with Iron,
A love of Venus that would not tire.
Venus drank from her copper bowl,
The blood from Mars' Warrior Soul.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


One strategy for a monumental poem.
Might edit out the sentiment.
Strategy two, write what is known,
Does truth say what you meant?
Strategy three, are these words free?
If not, don't bother with strategies.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Saturn showered works of Man
     on Mercury's five-petaled Flower,
Venus healed the wounds of Christ,
     with Psalms to Jupiter's Tower.
Mars aspired to join Islam,
  a minaret might take him higher.
The Sun gave away one Lunar day,
    And made it rain in Fire.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Across the Dark

     Across the darkness two black coals
     Sent sparks out to avoid the world.
     Each glow made bright both sky and earth,
     Like love they nurtured, darkness first.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Storms might dark the earth,
Rains might soak the sea,
Some might even doubt their worth,
And ask, Why now? Why me?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Eye and Ear

  Enough of this rhyming poetry,
  I'm tired of the rhymes I hear.
  Time instead I wrote for my eye,
  And not composed for my ear.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Faraway Pond

On the top of a faraway mountain
There's a drop to a faraway pond.
Some say it's a magic fountain,
That flows like a phantasm of God.
I've hiked to this spring many times,
Swum in its waters cold.
I wonder now if the water or the climb,
Could keep one from getting old.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shingle Shanty

I floated the Shingle Shanty, a river through my mind,
I never thought of landing, though the banks were soft and kind.
I just laid back and drifted, and let the water carry me through,
In a lake my stream did end, so my paddling started new.

Tube for Sasquatch

I gave a tube of Shoepatch to a Sasquatch that I knew,
It wasn't for any rubber shoes, I knew he had none to glue.
He put it on his inner tube, that he used for floating through,
The wild Wasatch waters, with their foamy rapids blue.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Higgs Boson II

Out in Magnetic Space-Time, in a Field of bumpy Molts,
The Mother of All Matter got whacked, by Trillions of Electron Volts.
With two such model Bosons, could Space-Time possibly be flawed?
Two magnitudes a Proton, she comes and goes a God.

Higgs Bosun I

Lady V Part III

Irritator and Afrovenator, (who both by now are fossils)
Accompanied a lovely Velociraptress, to distant faraway Russia.
Lady V escaped to Eqypt, where she eloped with Isisaurus.
There got hitched by Elopteryx, who always had worshipped Horus.

When Doctor T-Rex offerred Lady V, an Isisaurian head,
That's probably why her baby Theropoda, ended up so dead.
Our widow Velociraptress devoted final years to arts,
She met her end with two Brontosauri - they died while lighting farts.

You'll be overjoyed and elated, this poem ends in mirth,
Shortly later an asteroid, collided with Planet Earth!


The Riojasaur Club

Meet the scaly Drinkers at the Riojasaur Club,
Where all the healthy Spinosaurs, enjoy full-scale body rubs
Here Mami Stegosaur levies Dino-era rates,
Charging clients extra, to take off spiny plates.

Lovely Lady Velociraptress, gives away free lap-dances,
To three naked Erectopi, who're taking big life chances.
Big Triceratops was a rocker, who could out-rock a Magnosaurus,
His Dongbeititan rocked the crop of them, the club broke out in chorus.

Iguanodon was screaming, at Triceratops' granite block,
The Riojasaurs sang a rhyme for them, a Priconodonian rock!
"Get dressed!" Iquanodon demanded of her horny lover,
I'm worried that Poposaurus might actually come on over!

Poposaurus brought Afrovenator who had a lot of muscle,
Like Irritator and Achillobator . . . they all by now are fossils.


Triceratops was a horned lizard,
A tri-horned lizard was he.
His illustrious cock got made of rock,
And is adored in Tennessee.
Musicologists know he played banjo,
And also strummed the fiddle.
His partner's tail was found stuck in shale,
With his bow done up her middle.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Triceratops and Iquanodon

"Epanterias are dubious, shall we keep your Epanterias on?
 So asked bony Triceratops of tiny Iquanodon.
"My stoner will be bigger if you leave Epanterias on,
"But a Triceratops is hornier, once Epanterias come down!"
 Thus old Triceratops got Iquanodon's Epanterias off.
 Even though Iquanodon preferred her Epanterias on.

The Door

Reason lights up rafters high,
Instinct sounds the floor,
Poetry's a key that opens wide,
The door to Metaphor.

Outside Us

  Which of the piles of ice and snow,
  That shine in the dark outside us,
  Will set afire and put aglow,
  The divine spark that lies inside us.


The common male bedbug,
Has a prick as sharp as a knife,
Since the female has no vulva,
What's it's like to be a bedbug wife? 1.

NOTE 1: Traumatic Insemination is the technical term,
                For describing the insertion of bedbug sperm. 
                Before foreplay gets made, she asks him coyly,
                "I really do miss your blade, I really need it sorely!"]

Image courtesy: Adam Cuerden

Garter Snakes

A sexy little garter snake,
With skin as soft as felt,
Broke the thing off her garter mate,
To keep as a chastity belt. 1.

[ NOTE 1: The velvety little Garter Snake actually carries a poisonous bite,
                Yet fails to deliver much venom, her fangs are stuck way inside.
                Her cousin the Red-Sided Garter, engages in ritual orgy,
                Men all come to try their pens, and take chances writing poetry.
                This poem does mention the particular convention, of a species that has two pricks. 
                One is a spare, to put somewhere, the other is for mortar and bricks.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Praying Mantis

As a Praying Mantis man, I keep a Fantasy,
I plan to grab your Mantis tail, then to sleep with Thee.
Yet as a Mantis male, I know reality,
I'd lose my Mantis head for good, if ever I bedded Thee.

Now my Mantis Wife, once she promised Me,
I'd lose my Mantis head for life, if instead I lie with Thee.
For me her Mantis Spouse, no good comes for Free,
I gave my Wife a Louse for food, but kept my head for Me.

So my Wife's Mantis clan, drew up plans for me,
They saw me as her Mantis fan, to pray and fawn for free,
I'd lose my Mantis head in bed, for infidelity,
I'd live and die then go to Hell, all for loving Thee.

To my Mantis Lord I prayed, "Fulfill my dying Wish:
"Rather than be Mantis-gored,  I'll take your burning Bush."
Then my Mantis Lord, spoke back to me, this is what He said:
"Just sit back and enjoy your life, as you sacrifice your Head."

So my Mantis Lad, inside my Mantis Soul,
Keeps me really Mantis-bad, outside my Praying Door.
By such Mantis acts I'm spared, my Mantis Head for Life,
I live for prayer and die for Thee, my Praying Mantis Wife.

[Note: The Praying Mantis, is a large carnivorous insect with a reputation for ferocity and strength. 
The female Mantis normally eats the male's head, moments after he copulates. Some males manage to escape - most do not.]

Thursday, December 1, 2011

For Natalia

I scramble a verse for young Natalia,
Who comes from a place in faraway Russia,
She serves at a joint called Camaraderie,
Orange Juice and Egg Yolks Benedict,
to the folks of Long Island City.
This Natalia is tall and slim,
A classic face, with hair that's thin,
Broad shoulders and fine blonde tresses,
Shall I serve wine to Natalia on soft mattresses?

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