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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Riojasaur Club

Meet the scaly Drinkers at the Riojasaur Club,
Where all the healthy Spinosaurs, enjoy full-scale body rubs
Here Mami Stegosaur levies Dino-era rates,
Charging clients extra, to take off spiny plates.

Lovely Lady Velociraptress, gives away free lap-dances,
To three naked Erectopi, who're taking big life chances.
Big Triceratops was a rocker, who could out-rock a Magnosaurus,
His Dongbeititan rocked the crop of them, the club broke out in chorus.

Iguanodon was screaming, at Triceratops' granite block,
The Riojasaurs sang a rhyme for them, a Priconodonian rock!
"Get dressed!" Iquanodon demanded of her horny lover,
I'm worried that Poposaurus might actually come on over!

Poposaurus brought Afrovenator who had a lot of muscle,
Like Irritator and Achillobator . . . they all by now are fossils.

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