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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Petal Fell

perhaps a petal fell
from a flower, to a well,
and floated there boat adrift,
a silent merely listening gift
has the water taken,
the color of some tea awakened?
ladies feel what Hades yields
the reality of a pachyderm,
or kraken attacking rationalism,
mite-sized product of mathematics
improved methods for observing antics.
the world thinks I like this cat
the dog it waits for dinner scraps
I'm supposed to feed it true,
then to walk it, with who?
the last un-dead dude on earth
how can you not be tripping birth.
inspire a brother, kick zombie ass
and try to tire your brain alas.
a brother needs no motivation
to amp up and protest this nation.

Phonetic Key to Love

I'm serious, as she writes:
"Sculptures, I see you all, but your ease.
  I see your LP, your record,
 As a call to your sword."

"Or as sculptures I see, you're a tourist.
 Imagine that I'm a genie who's come."
 I see you M, or I see you N.
I'll see you in six, see acts sexual.
 Thanks to you all!

Concrete, yes, I see on Crete, romance,
And her old man's Cretan understanding.
You and her stand under, you and her,
"Companion, do you see MP anyone?"

Giving jives are sinful, merciful.
What could please, what completes,
As I am Siamese, come see I'm a symbol,
An opportunity, to top your pint.

My Mother and my other,
Brother we are there.
Father, I have other Sisters as I stir
Investigating you, we are the gate.
You envy, observe my b's or v's
Enervated that we never ate.

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