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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let Go of the Wheel

There is a phrase: 'chained to the wheel'. It seems descended from our machine age, but is actually much older. Potters understand it, for the pottery wheel was an early place of enslavement. So all 'wheels', hoops, and rings are places of enslavement. But they are also doorways, if we are willing to pass through them. To my friends who work with wheels, hoops, and rings, be sure these things don't mean slavery. Instead pray for a story and a script, to act or live by, . . . not 'luscious leads'. Pray for understanding, not the scoop. When the breeze comes it will lift you aloft, unless you still live chained. Ah . . . the imagination, . . . works tirelessly . . .

At day's end the wheel stops. Every wheel must stop. The wheels of a car stop, of a train, the wheels of state pause. Rings come off, are lost. The hoop falls to the ground when the hooper, limber though she may be, ceases to dance.

But the imagination toils on. And so, our dreams are a mightier wheel than any in industry, any in politics, or state, or bond. Fuel for the imagination is unlimited. It burns forever.

And so on this note, I offer to some friends who are toiling hard to keep their wheels in motion, this cautionary word. Walk away. Don't toil. Don't bother. Give it a rest. Go to your place of dreams and imagine. Set in motion a great river, a great sky, and an energy of being. It will fly, when you go to sleep.

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