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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Sing me awaken with English names.
Cowled Ra, stork of the Sudd,
On your blue lips I place my longest kiss.
Play sticks on your belly of stones.
Thoth, my Ibis-headed party-self.
Dips a pen to you,
Writes on papyrus words of smoking water.

On a reed raft, I ferry you to my island,
We cross the lake to Tis Issat,
Carry a shell into a branch,
and sleep there overnight.

We bathe in fountains, listen to the world.
Read by light you created,
Words that worship your flesh,
Songs that revere your bones,
Poems set in meter, to your dances,
That praise your every invention.

                                           [to N____R___]

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