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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Song of 81 Poems, XXIII

I would respect him, "You'll observe."
Granddad then said:
    "Whose saucy women will phone."
Come Brother, improve, take our string.
A crazy romance enacts,
    guests who stood their freedom.

Doctor your many: "See MP anyone?"
Rainbow fears I'm pressing.
    Gal, I soon can elevate anger.

How a brother chose education.
Question Hell, part the opaque yard.
   Could every dead man act through night energy?
Humidity gives you notorious skirt.
Think or pick progress,
    Your sister destroys a clever brother.

Disorder has green passion, one is endowed.
    Hey, your canvas phobia pains me!
Daughter, through romance, a hollow crowd stunk.
Yes, I know, your students came to capture some smoke.
In truth I must say how much I risked in metal.
   Paint my differences.

"Fiery mother of heaven,
    we'll know you soon."
Bird, go out, sculpt him blind.
Tell us, is your delight like some discovery?
An almost always better, me.
    Handle it. Is she free?

Young babe, demand when we make deep sky.
    Model and handle a reverse character.
Obsession resents denial.
Ebb our angry mess, like a pre-teen miss.
They know every mother above her.
    How strange!
Then it says, "I approach",
   The others stand for fun.
"Good, on Fridays we can hear."

Free to a wife's dormancy,
Oh me if serious, how questions mount!
    A model of Job is fine, his death had been lame.
Rainbow sent your sweet wife,
    whose struggles you observe.
My perfect sound is still ugly.

Some girl licks, strokes her, and respects,
I need to see who you are so she can see love.
    She's all electric.

    Vapors . . . Palpable past . . .
Infinite idols despair observation.
Play with solutions, mean stranger.
She waits away some despair.
That much I made at home,
    a demon, seized you. Observe suffering,
Darken your night.
Why do models chat, dress nude?
    I have intimacy more for your favorite cooking.

Face angry despair with raw denial.
Learn me soft Sister, talk memories of air . . .
    Like glitter, it would shriek.
Write more through a glorious competition,
   a tinge aggressive. Try and know me.
Our shopping abuse wanted a killer of life.

Play then work, more dance,
We think to face a picture.
    Love, hate and passions come sweet.
Lie by her original.
   At home a lion guards against vile art.
Sister of beauty, we press her.

They care to open,
    without competition, analyze this mess.
Let yourself try.

Love me in the original.

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