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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Song of 81 Poems, V


Please every bitter advantage,
     start music, think through dreams.
Some aged her lame dead Father,
     took our string, glorious sex was out.
The fool was accustomed to save his strength,
     so my mind was in heaven.
My New York companions want to see on Crete a storm.

Suffer patience, young Master.
Laugh Sister, relate more,
     take strength, they analyze space.
Then a dark deep strengthening dream,
     we shared a beautiful self,
     then said why marrying brings trouble.

From chocolate and smoke,
     he could appear to hide his hurt.
Might I date a sweet sister?
     Make a muscle?
Yell! I sculpt society.
I am jealous, absurd, less time European,
Hence decay snaps her from that trotting fiend . . .
     Canvas could live.

Sculpt! You're me!
I throw her torpid form through,
     we know you're soon to calm the crazy leader.
Perhaps you heard,
     Walk, my favorite, have soft clever respect.
     Your finger demands when we make deep sky.

Kiss when the No's have space.
Why is this girl like that?
     Shishi knows a peace which could sculpt.

A favorite idea stuck beside a perfect childhood.
Still, why make him, girl?
     Being eerie, we sing our differences.
     Collectors came, but never told their opinions.
Fingering him won''t take an ugly score.
     Destroy, then have a parting.

Enervate delight. Her money switched.
If so, I grip it. You thread jungle art,
     I need to see who you are.

Confront thy wench.
Have you ebbed in your observation?
Give chameleon strength to my electric understanding,
     Compose important memories.
See your sins apace.
     At home we could have found sleeping space.
A demon seizes you! Observe suffering.

I could storm out, Laugh and act!
Use part childhood sleep.
     I have him at night.
No glorious awesome electric fantasies.
Since life hears strength, together there's gold.
     Go, experiment like a bird!

Who gave this bad commune?
I see an Asian, I am the original girl.
     Is life mean?
Hard characters never lose.
Test with disorder, animal captures from time.
     She sings many songs.
Because your style said,
"Brother Moon, why did this young friend appear?"
     Passive air shows alleviate anger.

Pleasant, bold perfume is a calm instrument,
     to carp us down.

Love me.

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