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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ker-Ching Song

Sing to me that bling song, that kissing song,
The song you sing, when we bling, . . . my love.

Please don't cling me, just ker-ching me  . . . with that kissing song.

Write me a song, as a dove alone.
But to win me, please don't string me,
Better bling me, . . . with that ker-ching song.

Keep ker-chinging  . . . with that blinging song.

Write some poetry, just for me,
The bling you bring, numbs me,
Your poems sting me,  . . . with that ker-ching song.

Now my love, with bling for free,
Such coquetry brings poetry.
Sing to me, that ker-ching song,   . . . . . . my love.

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