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Friday, February 5, 2016

A Beam of Light

From a lost dim star, beyond Sirius,
Some photons made their way to us
Waving hot, though cursed.
As centuries ticked by on Earth,
How many departed, in what record?
Of loves departed Orion's sword.
A hundred-thousand light year song
A galaxy across, stars played along,
Gathering news with waves of force,
Gravity bending, flew on course.
Cro-Magnon with flint tools bored,
Across heaven's expanse of space they soared
Pressed on, they must,
Brothers, sisters dead by specks of dust
Collisions to barely warm a comet's ear,
Made precious by light in just one year.
More lost than sand in all deserts
Of earth and Mars, that snow and dirt,
When light dies, oh how matter hurts.
Asteroid belts gunned down platoons,
And patrolled the solar system round.
Lepton corpses gathered in orbits muted,
Rather noticed by electrons recruited.
Survivors wander'd earthward lost in haze,
Ionic confusion to end their days.
Drowned by atmospheric streams,
Some hit my eye, my cornea dreams,
Outside cold, from star streams hot,
Photonic time was running out.
Yet at the cataract a few occluded,
Rushed the aqueous sea secluded
Past Cerberus, Iris, briefly crossed,
Those hit pigment flourished lost
Crossed vitreous, cracked by age,
Most killed, few paid a final wage.
A dozen or two made right of way,
Searching to disembark in quay
Or beach safely, a retinal landing,
How light works is understanding,
I've lost you star, you are gone,
I saw the gleam of one photon,
For an instant, pivot shined,
And knew just then, we died.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Delving into philosophical questions,
‘How did Paul guess?
What were his chances?
1/256 or 1/2^8
Five hundred twelve, into the number we’ll delve,

2 to the eighth
Now Schrödinger's cat, Quantum Theory and all that,
How a mollusk, forced into solace
Understood the waveform collapse.

Particles of light, infinitesimal yet bright,
Paul not at all.
Suppose it was planned, a soccer field
Rigged with dreams.

Death of Dark

this piece
gifted by your father
was lost
on your tour of the galaxies
stolen by that woman
who envied you
yet you learned
you're a bit of jelly in the sea
you grew but have stopped glowing
your body will be devoured
or you will be in Orion
before I ring the bell


A solution came
Watched by fire, I held my tongue.
What kind of pen is this?
Raisin Bran means Raven or Bran
A clever boy plays a soldier’s tune

It’s a battle or a dream
This language given here
Come magical refrain, come on, come!
See Almeria, the bridge.
Soldier, you’re the trouble I needed to hear.

El Corazón de la Frambuesa

Mi amor,

Entender cómo., ni por qué,
valentines aparecen.
   en los pisos de los edificios
   o en el corazón de rubí bayas.

Estas son señales solamente,
   sientes lo que estoy sintiendo.

Mirar hacia arriba, mira hacia abajo,
  en todas las direcciones
    encontrará pruebas,
    como si, de todos modos no creer.

Entienda esto
y que entiende
el universo que nos une
           nos guste,
           o no.

Te digo esto,
    no porque no sea así,
    pero porque.

Ellos son.
Nosotros somos.

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