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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Song of 81 Poems, XXXVII

See our brother watch the cat,
Fragments gave Death a silent crowd.
Damaged Friday here,
   is looking to fly again,
   a mellifluous Hawaiian water bird.

Glory still demands an open subject.
Check your differences,
   paint an empathy language.
Above him, scratch . . .
   or chisel, on canvas.

Dust death a dry drink.
Run free, your giddy impression begins
   above a sanguine deep inky delight.
Give your notorious skirt, opportunity.
   Sure when rules think, he always sings
   A negative angry angel balances through life,

The old father's hollow crowd is strung hard.
   He'll soon investigate how guile buys problems.
Sleep is the drug,
Fiery Mother of Heaven, how that burnt money
   gives skirts a still body.
   "An almost better me."

Banal ideas, all these words,
   can't we question or enervate delight?
Why is this girl not smoking in manic diversity?
   Competitive solutions are negative, as such.

The homely Herculean punk's afraid, behind bars.
Did some infant reach him?
Aridity means an enormous break,
   to ease my solution.
The asthmatic boy sees an aggressive double
   who never cared to paint men,
   He tried some laughing care.

Don't muscle that Miss, I'm about his studio.
Say to my other son: "Drink, I'm trolling from above.
   Be her man!"
I'll suffer, try a life experiment.
More balance will free, and glitter will shriek.

Marry me. We'll clean our dust there,
   and bury this over animal music.
Then if surreal courage glitters incarnate,
   your woman's hormonal cramp seems fooled.

I'm a genie, a beautiful husband,
  who followed a vintage laugh to new feeling.
Say it, our sound can communicate a story,
   Sigh and see life, hear strength,

I see you N,
   trying some positive desire!
      I see your LP, your harmony faithfully captures every crazy hymn.
Fill a glorious missive, see Rio.
Though our systems worry,
     rage's finest day, is sky.

The DA is easy, he'll imagine smoke in your studio.
Following behind is risky, he has questions.
See the beautiful cat almost howl.
   Your wife is raging.

My beauty does elucidate canvas,
   Always make love at passion’s bed.

Choose Brother, to take this perfume home.

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