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Monday, February 16, 2015

Naughty Love Bits

A sky diva from Shanghai fell hard from the sky,
Broke just one ankle for which she is thankful !

What flocks of collective nouns,
Infects the syntax of these sounds.

A raft of mallards ready to pluck,
Is no unkindness to a raven’s luck.

As selkies bathing in a coire. 
We’ll doff our skins and wash our ire!

When poetry of youth is gone,
. . . adultery hears truth in song.

Imagine a dandy, who mooches off a hooker,
Candied ginger, with Kambucha and sugar!

One of the ways I'll start counting days,
To get through our time with the weather.
For whatever you say, this won't be just play,
I promise we'll like working together.

In what nether deeps of flesh,
Burn the embers of my wish?
With what feather shall I tickle
What's the spot to make you giggle?

What lips, what a feast,
Torments the fires within my beast.
Who would think one so desired,
Could ever make a man grow tired?

I'll not place blame, nor will I claim,
That menace is just sex by name.
What's the forge, what dread spark,
Urges my midships to embark?

Grasped were facts, of life as it was,
Tasked by acts, of strife between love.

Pain is a whisper that takes a small breath,
From the center of all to a knowledge of Death.

Years of sleeping in northern abodes,
And tears from bug bites on legs and toes.
In winter I got even, when I took my bedclothes,
And that big old mattress, and set it there to froze.

Memory feeds pain, in a heart that is longing,
Reveries a chain, a part of belonging.

If a memory I have is of a lady I tossed,
A century might pass, as I die and am lost.

Tina oh Tina, do send me your pictures,
Supine I now sense the trend of your scriptures!

Diana of Hartford, my true neighbor,
Do come to New Haven to play and then caper!

Leah Kate though not a hater,
Your photo suggests a switch and baiter!

Once I tried to throw out a kiss,
I knew it arrived and did not miss.

On campus a stout of Rooibos and Rose,
A Fynbos is allowed for smokers who grow.

So I knelt by feelings saved,
Dealt by kneeling, got enslaved.

Come to my studio any day,
There I'll feed you my DNA!

Jeanie I'm dreaming of Athens Texas,
I see Jeanie on my weenie in the back of a Lexus!

Kristen Kristen, now I'm listening!

Wild-and-divine likes rhymes by ravenofferings,
Get riled, drink wine, and smoke some mind altering!

Though Carol from the chorus had lowly mores,
I met a pharaoh from Egypt who worshipped Horus!

A profound question from Heather's Tinder,
Is existence a lesson you can't remember?

Yvonne Berry is very caring.
I see beyond what Yvonne is wearing.

The clay on this earth in the not distant future,
Will portray mankind as a planetary moocher.

Get on Yvonne, a new horizon,
Upon you Yvonne I feast my eyes on.

Yvonne Yvonne flaunt and be merry,
Yvonne come on, I want that cherry.

Ashley do flash me or my hopes will so dash me!

On your cam we can barely mesh,
But on the lam we'll share some flesh.

Ashley Ashley is especially attractive,
Tell me Ashley, you sexually active?

The osprey in me does hiss to me, what I wish for free is a fish from thee.

Aarika, like paprika, is a lass that's fiery hot!
Alas Aarika's across America, so sadly we cannot.

Rooibos of Fynbos is tea that is hearty,
Thrives thus with Couscous, to make one less farty.

On these breasts I pour my gravy,
A taste of beans from His Majesty's navy.

Megan I'm beggin', let me give you a peggin'!

First I'll arouse you as we drive around,
Then I'll de-trouse you and we'll go to town!

So I said to Jennifer, of Culver Indiana,
"Will you be my lover if possibly you can-a?"

"Sex is best yes, in the back of a Lexus.

Doris in the chorus has nothing to say,
But Doris won't bore us if she stops by to play.

Yvonne so fair, lies down in the sun,
No bikini line there, Yvonne ain't wearing one!

Back in the nineteen eighties,
While doing cocaine and dating,
We snorted to get high,
through Jackson's right eye,
And listened to Blondie while mating.

In order to be your Tinder lover,
I'll have to win you from under cover!

Adrianna, Adrianna I like that ring!
It makes me daydream, hey what's your thing?

Lauren, Lauren let's go touring'

Bethanie doesn't mess with me;
She bets I'll guess there's a nesting fee.

Alexa I betcha get wet when I text ya!

Coretta Coretta, jump into my Corvette-a!

Erica, Erica, your work is too clerical,
If my love works a miracle do stop being hysterical.

Susu if I lose you 'twill be impossible to goose you!

Bluetooth is local but SuSu is global!

The fishes give kisses of immortality.

The dish that's before yee, is the fish that implores thee.

What eats ends up eaten - that's finality.

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