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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Child in the Region

With the assistance of America's billions, Israel has a unique opportunity to become an angel agent for peace and change in the region, but so far has ignored that possibility, perhaps because that is what her sponsor (the US) wants.

For peace to occur Israel must turn the other cheek, just a few times, and show her human side. She must become true to her flag of peace, and realize that dream. If she doesn't do this she will certainly perish, and not because America did not try to save her, rather that America let her dig her own grave through a slight of hand; through arms and money for aggression. She is after all, our very own pit-bull in the region. (Excuse the metaphor. I do know that the pit-bull is a nanny dog originally.)

What I'm saying speaks for Israel's continued right to exist. One thing is certain, that such an aggressive regime, surrounded on all sides as it were by more numerous, and poorer peoples of a different faith, cannot survive. Extremes of aggression, Logos mobilized by fear, never endures.

A well funded minority pressing all the hot buttons for World War would be allowed to perish simply because it is such a risk to the global community, or will become that instrument of Armageddon from which we all perish.

Unless, Israel choses a path that is 'sustainable', to borrow a term from ecology, short term thinking cannot prevail in the Middle East. The nurture of feuds are a presage of doom in an atomic age. Israel, now, today, more than ever before, has the chance, and obligation to turn a new leaf, a last golden opportunity for the world, for all of us.

Listen up. The Israeli problem is not Israel's. It is all of ours. With funds for war we've created war. Israel is a reflection as much of American fear, American anger, American desire to control, American industry, as an expression of American Jewish guilt, and holocaust shattered imaginations.

The problem is profoundly psychological, not military.

Aries desires conflict, to paraphrase James Hillman. Conflict we pay for, so conflict we get. Aries, amongst the pagan pantheon, was a spoilt child. You could not take him anywhere. In shops he would break the merchandise, and his parents too often indulged such infantile behavior.

There is a Mars that is red blooded, but understands by listening to the pounding of his own heart in unison with others. This is the mature warrior. In a word, Israel needs to grow up, and the US, as an ineffective parent, needs to withdraw the billions of support. Math will make that decision for us if we don't decide to do so on our own. The cost of wars in the region will bleed America dry and Israel will be left without a friend.

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