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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Praying Mantis

As a Praying Mantis man, I keep a Fantasy,
I plan to grab your Mantis tail, then to sleep with Thee.
Yet as a Mantis male, I know reality,
I'd lose my Mantis head for good, if ever I bedded Thee.

Now my Mantis Wife, once she promised Me,
I'd lose my Mantis head for life, if instead I lie with Thee.
For me her Mantis Spouse, no good comes for Free,
I gave my Wife a Louse for food, but kept my head for Me.

So my Wife's Mantis clan, drew up plans for me,
They saw me as her Mantis fan, to pray and fawn for free,
I'd lose my Mantis head in bed, for infidelity,
I'd live and die then go to Hell, all for loving Thee.

To my Mantis Lord I prayed, "Fulfill my dying Wish:
"Rather than be Mantis-gored,  I'll take your burning Bush."
Then my Mantis Lord, spoke back to me, this is what He said:
"Just sit back and enjoy your life, as you sacrifice your Head."

So my Mantis Lad, inside my Mantis Soul,
Keeps me really Mantis-bad, outside my Praying Door.
By such Mantis acts I'm spared, my Mantis Head for Life,
I live for prayer and die for Thee, my Praying Mantis Wife.

[Note: The Praying Mantis, is a large carnivorous insect with a reputation for ferocity and strength. 
The female Mantis normally eats the male's head, moments after he copulates. Some males manage to escape - most do not.]

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