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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Subatomic Meson

One Quark night, a Baryon spun outside of a club,
"Excitons?", he read, “Strange, Bottom or Up!”

 Our Meson strode in, a Prime Hadron, and strong,
"What Sigma have you here?", to the pretty Electron.

“I’d Eta Prime Meson, I'm particularly starved!
 Roton with some QuarkPhoton as it’s charged!

"Xi-ce would be nice, since it's all about spin,
 No harm in some Charm, so Phonon some gin!”

"You seem high on LHC, your drooped eyes are Dilaton!
 We can't serve Wino, or Zino, to a sub-nuclear Meson!"

"My eyes are Glueball-ed by the Super Gravitational Force,
 Held on by Gluinos, to add make-Up would be worse!"

"What flavor of Quark then, gets your Dilatino turned on?"
 Remarked the charming Electron, to the strung-out Nucleon.

"Forgive the Muon-ce of this Bottom Sigma incursion,
I'm a Magnon that's Fermion with a flavour for perversion!"

"We're out of Top, out of Bottom, you might think it Strange,
 Do Trion our young Gluon, who can be Lepton for a change!”

"That flavour I'm O-Kaon, Let's spin in the now!
 Nudism is Buddhism, so says the great Tau!

“I’d Hole into some Delta," our Meson then said,
 A Poisson that's Fermiondecayed, but not dead!"

"My Hypothetical Superpartner is a Saxion at worst,
I could Polaron to me, Bottomness first!

"Xi Omega! No Chargino! By all means go to Tau-n!
 But it seems that you've  mis-GaugedTop Quark for a Down!"

"I'd quantum a Hadron, to Pion to your Boson!"
 Mumbled the Meson to Electron, his sub-atomic cousin.

Our excitable Baryon got Photon-ed to his ass,
Gravitino-ed away, onto his Charmed Bottom-Prime mass!

Now only Neutrinos will he Livermore harass,
Or reputable Protons, . . . .  of his own kind and Class!

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