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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don Donald's Casa

Don Donald's Casa Solos:
 . . . a mammal’s DNA.
 . . . a solomn man on LSD  1
 . . . an Andaman man,  2
 . . . Laocoön and Sons,   6
 . . . a moss man commands a dodo,  3
 . . . and a Dallas man’s ass,  4
 . . . a mad madam scolds a class.
 . . . a sad sac Lama,  5
 . . . and a canal Anaconda.  7

So a cosmos cools:
 . . . a nasal, sad old man,
 . . . also a Mom at odds, 'n a cocoon,
 . . . solos a calm moon,
 . . . a mad and common loon.

A Lacandon man condoms a mass a’ clams,  8
 . . . no almond-ananas salad, 9
 . . . no canola, no salmon, no cod,
 . . . cocoa.

London calls Canada:
 . . . Adam, a con man, ammos a small cannon . . .  10
 . . .

A mall-doll calls a local mass.   11


This work is a lipogram, spelled with a very constrained set of letters, in this case with only the letters, M, A, C, D O, N, L, S. The true name of this establishment I am keeping a mystery for legal reasons. Other lipograms I've written may be found here.

 1: A 'solomn' is a pimp. Biblical word.
 2: One of the good things about Don Donald's Casas is that there is no discrimination based on race, or country of origin. The Adaman islands, in the Bay of Bengal resisted colonization until very recently. Fr. Wikipedia: "In 1974, a film crew and anthropologist Trilokinath Pandit attempted friendly contact by leaving a tethered pig, some pots and pans, some fruit and toys on the beach at North Sentinel Island. One of the islanders shot the film director in the thigh with an arrow. The following year, European visitors were repulsed with arrows."
 3: This refers to many of this nation's dispossessed, making clothing out of whatever they find, wherever they find it. I have seen resourceful men in their last years of life living clothed in what very nearly amounts to sphagnum moss, warming up on a cold day in a Don Donald's casa.
 4: Dallas Man is clearly one of the 1% at this particular Don Donald's. However his trousers are riding kind of low, even though he wears no gun. 
 5: A representative from that repressed religion of Buddha.
 6: Laocoön warned the Trojans not to allow the wooden horse to be brought into the city of Troy. Poseidon, God of the Sea, sent sea serpents to devour (and shut up) Laocoön and his two sons, which the Trojans interpreted as an omen that the horse should be admitted into the city. The rest you know. Troy fell when warriors hidden within, snuck out during the night. In this instance I'm imagining a noisy father, wrestling something, perhaps resembling a 'Canal Anaconda' with his two sons. The Laocoön topic was taken up in a play by Sophocles, fitting, since every day at Don Donald's, a human tragedy is staged in epic proportions.
 7: Don Donald's are usually found along converted wetlands, and mall-ways, in stretches of abused land converted to shopping chains. Here we see Laocoön serpent again. The food on offer there is subsistence level nourishment, providing daytime housing to a variety of niche inhabitants.
 8 A hunter-gatherer from the neighborhood has unrolled his sleeping bag and reveals a strange see-through sac stretched around a bounty of shellfish. Mercury alert.
 9 Almond bits sprinkled on pineapple.
 10 Adam (the first con man) i.e. a Cop . . . in one of the places around this country where they hold all the power. . . recharges his weapon.
 11 I've always found it fascinating when the prettiest girl in the room talks makes confession, in public.

Lines that require no notation,
Try instead, your imagination.

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