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Saturday, March 26, 2011

05/05/2006 - She demands honesty

Worked Monday thru Thursday at Sextant, all the while thinking and directing my energies towards the project. On Monday evening D____ D____ came over and we picked up on the thread of work I established with K____ B____ (LB).

A sequence of poses, then two sequences of words at right angles to each other so that they obliterate their own meaning, then a sequence of poses. The idea is to somehow enmesh the words of the Goddess between two ‘screens’ of the body, metaphorically sandwiching communications with the Muse between two dance performances.

Relations with D____ became more strained as the evening wore on, we were not in synch with each other, in spite of this the words came, and had their dance and held their meaning. Surprisingly there were phrases recommending that I stroke D____'s bottom, literally, kiss her, feel her. These were somewhat difficult for the two of us to read together. Together we buried these 'suggestions', though I’m not sure it was a good idea. Our meeting ended abruptly. It seemed the muse read my mind, and hers, and somehow we both were embarrassed. We want our privacy from each other, a little longer.

The Goddess does not respect individual privacy since 'she' knows all. Those that would talk to her should be prepared to share as well. She demands honesty and frankness. She breaks walls, and says whatever it is that is not said.

The drawing was made as follows:

Brown Umber Red and Yellow Ochre background
12 Poses
2 Layers of Poetry at right angles
7 Poses

As pleased as I am with this work, the first of the fully structured experiments, and as memorable as the session was with D____, I have unfortunately lost the text of the poem forever, due to a computer erasure. Despite all I can still imagine D____'s radiant body taking the different postures in this work. Under the effect of the language our work became somewhat strained. We just ran out of things to say. Perhaps we were stunned by the new level of frankness demanded by the work.

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