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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm giving away 36 Teabowls.

I've been making a lot of tea-bowls lately. These cups, teacups, tea-bowls, or chawan for you aesthetes out there, are mostly wood-fired, and Shino-glazed, though a few are glazed only by the action of the fire, or are Temoku-glazed in a gas kiln, like the example below.

Here's one that's Shino glazed, and wood-fired to Cone 10:

And here's one that's Shino Glazed and wood-fired, but this has oxide and rutile brushwork:

I've decided to do something very different with some of my tea-bowls. I'm giving 36 of them away! Anyone who reads this blog will have a chance. Stay tuned.

[Thanks to Hakim Bey for helping me sort through the aesthetic economics of art and other uselessness!]

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