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Friday, July 1, 2011

Early Wood-fired Bowl

I love this bowl, and am happy it's in the collection of my good friend J.Van Kirk. It's heavy, but has the right kind of heaviness. Heavy lipped cups are best for tea or coffee with milk, or any strong sweet brew.

To savor the fine flavors of unsweetened black or green-teas, a thinner lip is best. With a thin-lipped vessel, the lips draw back in a smile - this exposes the taste buds for bitterness that are located on the side of the tongue. The shape we make for a thicker vessel is more open, and favors the liquid touching the tip and top of the tongue - where lie the receptors for sweetness!

Stay-tuned! July 4th, sometime during the day, I'll post the first of 36 cups that I'm giving away. Read the rules if you want what you see!

This one's spoken for. Just curiously, JVK, what do you use this for mostly? Tea or coffee?

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