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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Balkan Politicians & Voodoo Economics

Who caused it all? I'm not talkin', 
But it ain't the fault of the subprime Balkans.

Berlusconi can't take aid, from the one and only IMF maid. 
If she was young he might have asked, for bunga-bunga but those times are past.

Greek bonds got weak, German banks got wormy,
thanks to the French the rot stench is germy!

Italian paper's coming down,
a fire-sale in your home town.

Swallow burdock as media medicine. 
Follow Murdoch if you need to jettison!

Emperor Silvio dreads a high rate bond. 
Fate will reveal a dead Euro, conned.

More bears are coming to Italy, 
to gore Berlusconi finally.

What print empire can fuss and strut,
Conspire, sin, say 'sorry' in smut. 
What karma prying into private lives,
Comes to haunt even Murdoch's lies.

Commons is to Murdoch as blank is to bored. 
Amens are encouraged since he won't be called Lord.

Greedy feeding at the trough,
Weeping wives and lovers lost, 
Brooks and Murdoch not enough,
To pay busted lies, and karma tossed.

If Jabba the Hut was really King Tut, and Murdoch was not a vulture,
The case is shut, the PM's a slut, and smut is really just culture.

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