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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Murky Goings On"

   "It's never quite dark enough to make love in a parking lot!"

This is one of my recent boxes which I've put on Etsy. I've decided to do a short blog entry for each one here as some of you following my blog are potters, and like me have no money, but you're still interested in craft.

I've also hit on the idea of naming my boxes, since they are all different, and having some kind of rhyming couplet or ditty to go with each one. That helps keep the rhyming spirit alive. One can't be too serious about one's work.

This box is called "Murky Goings On".

For pottery cognoscenti this is a modified Ferguson Mckenzie shino, heavily carbon trapped. I started reducing at cone 012. The brush drawings were done with a cobalt/iron/manganese wash.

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