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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dying Inside

What does a fish think when swallowed by another?

Suddenly dark, does it think: 'I breathe inside you'?
A fish swimming in an ocean, will die in that ocean,

Does it wonder who it dies inside?

Certainly the parting of the oceans . . . is just part of that fish's notion . . .

We are conscious, and our being is surrounded by the being of another . .
Mustn't we pass through a being once we die?

 . . . or else go on living inside it?

Speaking topologically, of course . . .
 . . . assuming consciousness exists beyond three dimensions.

Perhaps being has no perimeter.

Existence must have dimension:

So . . .

If a fish is swallowed . . . in three dimensions, by another fish,
Then its body must pass through the body of the fish that eats it . .
The life . . it’s soul . . . . . is part of something dimensionless . . .

or is it?

From where it swims, it views our heart, like . . .

adding milk to tea,
taking sand home from the beach.
rescuing bugs.

I am swimming . . . it is light
There is a flicker of something bright
I am swimming, it is wet
But cannot move my self just yet . . .

What does a mosquito see?
the moment a swallow flattens it,
against the roof of its swailed beak,

a brief impulse
to the swallow's brain
as it dies . . . inside . . .

I could get around some Chinese food right about now . .
I'll take it in . .
I sometimes eat venison . .
Oh, dear me . . .

I wonder who I am,
as I die inside you.

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