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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Songs of Orpheus

DNA, and RNA, it will soon be discovered, are light-processing molecules.

All molecules process light. All atoms. Exited enough, heated enough, struck by radiation of any kind, electrons, they emit photons in return. But few are built as musical instruments.

That noble helix, and its half one-off copy, RNA, are 'light ladders', that spin out photons when 'strummed' by a special acrobat, the serotonins manufactured by numerous plants, funghi and the brain itself. They light up as they move down through helical contortions, reading the code, and sending out light.

This I believe, and hope one day I can prove, is the source of the ancient myth of Orpheus and his music.

Radio waves are light. Certain molecules enable us to transmit and receive.

The very beautiful 'pick' for this instrument exists in the form of serotonins in our own brain, or ingested psilocybin, the DMT  (Dimethyltryptamine) in ayahuasca. The list of plant compounds that invite Orpheas' music is vast Cannabis, ArtemesiaSalvia, Datura, and magic mushrooms of many genus', Stropharia, Psilocybe, Amanita and  Claviceps. Even some animal compounds, notably amphibians and reptiles are psychedelic.

Orpheus's song surpassed the music of the Gods themselves. His music healed, moved, altered, changed. He was said to be able to charm and transfix in bliss the wild beasts, any living thing, even the weather and stones. Could Orpheus's music have been the essence of a transcendental experience, a life altering psychedelic mysterium, brought on by ingestion of a gift from another living substance.

   C, G, A, T
   A, C, T, G
   G, T, C, A
   T, A, G, . . . C.

Now if a 'system' broadcasts information using radio waves, which are light, photons of a non-visible wavelength, that 'system' is also tuned to receive the same frequencies.

Therefor, it is not only likely that we are playing our own DNA, but also hearing the DNA played to us by others.

All our DNA? Most likely yes . . but here's the interesting part . .

So called 'junk' DNA, that is the vast majority of our genetic makeup that has not yet been identified as possessing genes, is now turning out to be a kind of historical transcription of the 'tablet' upon which our genetic information is written. For a moment consider it as the part of the blackboard that bears a record of things being written, then erased out.

It's history, a transcription of our family tree back to the beginning of time. A symphony of biological evolution, a swell of song extolling our ancestors, and the existence of life.

It is my belief that junk DNA is actually where the majority of our cultural genes reside, and that these genes, that determine behaviors instead of physical makeup, may be played so that the culture of others may be understood, particularly, and I mean this, particularly, when a ritual of playing those songs is engaged with the help of one of the aforementioned substances.

Genes, 'junk', social genes, if it is in DNA, it can be played by serotonins in the brain. We become tree frogs singing the song of our existence. We alter reality with our song.

In other words, communal ingestion of a psychedelic substance in a ritual context, amplifies the song played by one's DNA, and that this may be received by other minds much as the same way as tuned coils receive and broadcast radio waves simultaneously.

Tune yourself to the songs of others! Orpheus lives in all of us. The lyre of light, the ladder of life . .

   From our moment of birth when our DMT sings,
   Plays all our many, nucleotide 'strings'.
   Broadcasts our history, our life to our kin,
   Frequencies blasting the state your mind's in.

Stay tuned for amplifications on this thought.

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