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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take Me Back to Tripoli

Fly me back to Tripoli,
Watch me start a war that's holy.
I'll drop my bombs on Gaddafi,
Fly me there in fast Lockheed.

Let's go back to that Barbary coast,
See us make Gaddafi a ghost.
Watch us turn the desert to glass,
Fly me there in a Lockheed that's fast.

Fly me over that no-fly zone,
Fly me there - I'll read my poem.
High above Bengazi I'll rant and rave,
Of all the citizenry, our bombs will save.

Watch me streak over old Ajdabiya,
It reminds me of Baghdad, pre-GW.
How Iraq rose of its own choosing,
And helped us oust that tyrant Hussain.

I'm UN backed, do you need proof?
Let's whack the rebels in Ras Lanuf.
Save some Libyans by dropping bombs,
Just listen to that patriot, Cameron.

If being British doesn't make you cozy
Sleep to French from Nick Sarkozy.
Oil's a foil to distract the world,
Islamic turmoil, now unfurled.

We need our villain, we need him bad,
So let's put boots on Libyan sand,
And when the rebels secure our oil,
Let's bomb Libya, until it boils.

Who are the rebels? Do you know them well?
Who started the trouble? Did you hear them tell?
Some say Al Queda, we've thrown a rope,
A place to earn income, a refuge they hope.

Some say ceasefire, suggest peace talks,
We speak a lingo of Tomahawks.
We'll put that dictator back in his cage,
Then airdrop him a nice bandage.

Hear this rant Old Tripoli!
We'll bomb your tyrant Gaddafi.
Fly us back to Tripoli,
Fly us there, in a fast Lockheed.

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