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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Pigeon

I've been crazy about creatures all my life. Love them all, birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles. Fascinated by snakes, though they can be scary to pick up. Rays, eels, pirañas, whales, deer, bear. Big cats! My first love was for tigers, after that it was birds.

Hawks, birds of prey - I would like to grow old in the wilderness somewhere, and live with a hawk. I'd hunt with it, 'till one day I'd lose it, stumble around in the snow, and die.

We've lost that direct connection with what we eat, and what eats us.

I love those fast-twitch muscled birds of explosive flight, partridges, pigeons, grouse, the ones that have the speed to escape from hawks. 

If you study families, and children, or have children yourself, one thing you'll notice right away is that our sons and daughters take up whatever it is that we as parents don't finish. They do what we leave undone, through profession, interest, or family. 

I was too interested in art to pursue a scientific love of birds and animals. So my son has taken that up that road.

I'm content with the bird as a symbol, an icon, something that wild and free in all of us though I love following his avian interests.

He's helping me do unfinished work -  I occasionally paint birds on the sides of pots. like this pigeon here:

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