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Monday, January 23, 2012

Smother Us Black

Smother us in a black limpid experiment,
Manipulate in sleep, in time my peace,
to do some right process.

Free, to us all life is always dormant,
Finger him,
It won’t take an ugly score.

I'll risk mad curious will,
When childhood pressure’s up and away.
How drunk I am.

I have an insane mother!
Twinkle always. Wryly I crept through a white street.

Draw, sculpt/ Husband, process sweet model.
Up high, I better fly in pain,
her death will feel sweet like a rose.

Make a new banal music for absurd sounds.
Investigate. I'm ocean, all is that I see.

The boy sees an aggressive double,
eats the original spirit of love,
He wants hot beer.

Balance, cuddle with empty color.
Mean temper needed, enormous affect to disordered character
Surf love and you understand.

Why should a bad girl see this Rainbow?
Think here. Go there. When stuck be aware.
Brother moon, why did this young friend appear?

Hey pal . . . Press for peace.
Impress opportunity,
A girl would have me home, and have a cat together.

Vintage communes see on Crete perfect symbols. Show some guts.
A grand passive Master breaks attachment,
Screams at an infant society.

With laugh take delusions.
Glorious an amber look, for better competition,
I'll waste, wasted I'd dream relate,
Why my glass scratch can improve.

With my story of this strange doctor.
Sanity at last, empowers like space,
Cry fantasy education, histories are ok.

Cunning husband believe your still raging wife,
Some tedious ancient form
When smoke calls, gives a red smear before a blue party.
Ohm . . .  lion guards against vile art.

Brother, marry a softer secret night
Cleaner sex and fast romance
Canvas is the drug.

I can write man caught by an angel
Gold runs back to strength by earth
Represent my ugly shard.

You give sugar, but don’t dust bad money
Under a shy bag
Capture surreal music my homely sister of beauty
We love life.

Heaven’s choice we’ll soon know
So patience, respect nude play
Daddy uses emotion on lost energy

Good days question always, take nerve
Live and try upon thin periods.

Drunk, face your party animal.
I’m sure thought must discover sense.
See the beautiful cat almost howl.

Chant she would say,
Loom open, to find more music.
Secure grace,
See how she understands silence.

Choose an old soft ritual about fresh life
Make electric picture model
Mama come here!
Heal by intimacy, sexual women!
Use sanguine perfume to calm the crazy leader.
Feel clever through freedom about death.

Bird, go out, sculpt him blind
Destroy your pride
No anger to share with art.

Mom tells that sharp sin my fear of cooking
Fiery mother don’t let yourself influence harmony
Care is above our will.

Kiss me always. Give me water tea.

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