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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Early Oils

As I'm building this blog, I'm asking myself, 'why'?, and I think the simple answer to that question is 'because I can!'. I have all this work, photographs of my work, pots, paintings, drawings and so forth. They need to be let loose into the world, and I can't imagine a better pond to throw them in than the internet. Google will take better care of them, at least I assume, than any conservator. My children won't have to fight over anything so long its in some kind of order. I'm putting the album in order, labeling pictures that they can't label.

Am I preparing for that day? Of course, all of us are.

These works date from 1974 to 1976. I was living on Park Street in New Haven, CT. The one of the storefront was done looking south, out of my third floor window. It was some kind of food establishment at that time, recently it was a locksmith, but they've since closed.

I had a small french easel. My friend Barney Conrad had one too and we used to take them around spots in New Haven to paint 'au pleine aire'. I hadn't been bit by recent advances in abstraction, and was caught up digesting the vernacular of the Impressionists.

It's all language. Painting, words. You work on, or with the language that you are attracted to, or are still in the process of learning. Birds do it. People do it. Everyone's tweeting these days! :)

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