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Friday, May 31, 2013

She turns Time Over

Are all great nations afraid of poets?
Tall ancient stations meant to show it.

The fiscal seed made Earth our feed,
And set us up for tribal greed.

What's clear now is our nuclear diet,
For energy and how we freely deny it.

Paved asphalt roads over homes of toads.
Cars and phones, outnumber cobblestones.

The true free man will not believe.
The worst in another though he be thieve.

A boozed politician's mosquito suckling-sweet,
Nothing's so poisonous to an insect as weed!

I'll go to Philly, City of Man, I'll see Van Gogh . . and then?

A parsnip picnic with offbeat park-niks!

In days gone by the streets were cobbled,
The reason why then carriages wobbled.

Are all great nations afraid of poets?
Whose ancient station was meant to show it?

What's clear now is our nuclear diet, For energy, we freely deny it.

The true free man will not believe. The worst in another though he be a thief.

The bird Tit Latin family, is aptly named Paridae,
Back as a baby, I happily tamed a pair-a -day.

You cannot be a lemur since you're sitting on your femur!
Get out and be humerus! Swing through some trees for us!

The blather I wrote just jumped through me . . .
Another imperfect agent shunted my agency.

Spring trees now by cherries cloaked,
Hurry to dream and return my pokes.

My left wants my sandwich cast into law,
A commandment my right will blatantly ignore.

Shy to write your lover in code?
Time to lie beneath covers nude!

Who shines brightest? Compose an ode,
Be sure she knows your love has flowed.

When push comes to shove
I'll rush into love!

Take a load off me don't dote on me!

When a line is a word, our ears becomes blind,
Don't shine to be heard, or fear what might rhyme!

Abhorrent words for a pagan birth,
from a witches' coven, came a song of earth.

She passes darkness, turns time over,
Knows to caress and wine my lover.

If the ruin of my thumb be the tune that I drum,
The bruin in that robin will one day get me throbbin'!

What's our plan, if the icecaps melt, and snows all turn to water?
Will seas upend, take back the land, and the world return to order?

What divine spark. inside our soul,
makes the light that lives for us.
Same that shines in dark of coal,
and makes bright poetry rhyme for us.

Red robin comes, winter's over, a bikini runs through barefoot clover.
Inked-in thoughts, none rub'd in urns, a tricky message born to ruin.

The ruin of my thumb, is the tune that I drum,
but the bruin in that robin will one day get me lovin'!

A torrent began of pagan words,
so a poem came to search my earth.

I went through darkness, to turn them over,
Then went to caress and win my lover.

Drink from my poem as a bruise from a bear.
Imagine, don't sadden at the clues that I share.

I have a friend who stands like light,
Amidst a Floridian culture blight.

These bankers whine, but act so noble,
Like John Corzine of MFGlobal.
Got some gold in his knapsack,
and sold his stock of Goldman Sachs.

Was it Bush, if so which one, put us in Libya, or Afghanistan?
Cain's got the bug and can't remember, who did what since last September.

Republican candidates have Alzheimer's bad.
Can't remember dates or who's whose Dad.

Milky silk or silken skin's beneath her kilt, to to look right in.

There's no sane reason to speculate, that ancient treason was Hecate bait.
A Turkish wish writ on Grecian lace, sent her kiss from Samothrace.

What feat or race of mortal men,
can face or beat an Andromedan?

Coffee is tomato’s noble cousin,
The nightshade bean that keeps us buzzin'

What floods of bankruptcy corrupts this feast?
It's the boot of Italy that steps on Greece!

Get lost Silvio! Call and ring him!
Truth be told the man's got no lingham.
Imperial love at last has soured,
on Berlusconi, master coward.

Papandreou stood, amidst popular rage. Hard to do, it takes courage.
But Silvio who sits across the sea, won't resign until forced to flee.

Rupe is shown on his knees by the Queen,
I'm sure he's blown by the TV that she's seeing!

Don't buy these bonds don't be such saps,
There's no putting off a financial collapse.

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