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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stones and Water

Stones and water often mix,
With seaside drops and ocean drips.
Dried salt, like diamonds gleam,
Facets of mica, also seem.

I see elephants brushing paint.
Never rushing, they sweep and feint.

A day of bright sun becomes a day of white light,
A day for my spoon, which is silvery bright.

Poetry descends, dark photons in a cloud,
I send them back, and make her electrons go wild.

If I tell you what my poetry is, you'll go raving mad.
If I tell you what my madness is, will you promise to keep it in bed?

Mind is craved by soul the way that water needs a bowl,
Soul give worth to mind as coal gives birth to light.

Find this note, don't go this way, I left it here, then got taken away.
Life isn't perfect, fate isn't fair. I'm no more, but I don't care.

Love 'n lust don't share guests,
One is trust and the other arty,
Those who notice, crash both parties.

I keep him locked up, he's pounding my drum.
He wants back outside, to loose his rhythm.

Out west birding on a festive holiday,
I saw wren-tits of family Sylviidae.
True I saw Tits, I saw more than two,
but no bushy tits from clan Aegithalidae!

Tell this knight that if he stops pretending,
you can get right back to hops bartending!

Arjun had a chariot, The best in the Maha battle!
Krishna gave him a ride in it, In spokes that were pulled by cattle!

Like is to Sign, As Metaphor is to Symbol.
I liken Design, As a Door to a Thimble.

With what cold felony, I stole such fire,
Which bold mystery, I so needed to acquire.

Go tell the folks at Netflix, They'll say likely story,
Or you could say your dog likes DVD chips, and tell the truth that's boring!

I knew you in a previous lifetime, You were my previous lifetime gal.
I knew you so well it's frightening, Now you're my present life pal.

Mercury's going retrograde, time to stop writing poems.
Rhyme instead what I paint on pots, in my kiln I'll be baking soon.

A bloodless word has made us tire,
A gutless world that went vampire.

You jumped in deep scheisse, taking tea with Carol's hatter,
Pump up your siz-e, and make that devil madder!

I'm goin' down, had my precious blood!
To another town, to another bed of mud!

To whomever you've barked, wherever you blacked it
Your curses in the dark, will one day be enacted.

Life is a rumble where we all get to fumble
Get out and choose, if you're not wearing your juice!

Religion's a crucible that holds molten and unknown,
Vision that's reducible, into what's golden and forlorn.

My father was a wolfhound, my mother was a terrier,
He would rather run for love, and then come home to marry her.

What's indivisible and isn't named, . . . is fleeing,
But with that deserved name, . . . is seen.

Make yr passion yr passion then yr passion's won't break,
but if yr passion's yr job then your passion won't slake!

Tigers roam the imagination, whales below in dreams.
Birds over fly our nation, we long for what she means.

Human survival is not her game
Even our Bible can't make her tame.

Thought is craved by soul, as water abhors a drought.
Soul gives thoughts to mind, as coal gives watts to light.

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