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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stuart Little

It jabs my heart, how
the milky swirl of the cosmos
put love where starlight cannot reach
where we were young.
Believe it all, trust, don't question.

Student, of perfection
immaculate hair,
feather fans, fluttering curls,
Taking time your sport,
your car, scented envelopes
with surprises,
Letters you said
flew from across the stars.

Who drove all night?
The lightweight suit
and pinstripe blouse.
put on for the special guest . . .
So you whispered
when you crossed the table
to introduce yourself.

You rained into my eyes
drops, I felt no pain,
But sat at the edge of my saucer,
and drank tea.
I told you I'd return,
lifted you into my hands.
I lied, carried on.
You pressed a wafer
into the creases of my palm
I left it at your feet
alongside my pain.

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