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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Song of Raven, (translated)

Ahinga Gull cawed Raven, Eos Smew Doo Coleto Myna,
Chough Chewit squawk Grús Lark a Crow, Smee’s Purre Assity White Rump-ed Shama.
Knot gé Sapsucker, Oriol Flycatcher, corr Daw Least Tit-a Manx Doo-Witcher,
Raven Grús Rhea Cutia Beach Bird, a Pitta Redhead Tanager.
Grus Ani Orange-breasted Sunbird, ao Summer Tanagair Sea-Doves,
“Yungus Raven, Sibia eun Skua!”, “Ja”, Sea Crow’d, “Io Courser!”, Poë Sea-Doves.

I knew a Gull named Raven, I grew to call her Myna,
Though she squawked just like a crow, she was pure as a White-rumped Shama
Not a Sapsucker, or a Flycatcher, or the least bit a Man-bewitcher,
Raven was just a real cutie, a pretty redheaded Tanager.
An Orange-breasted Sunbird, a Summer Teenager she was,
“Raven you should be in school!” “Yes!” she said, “Of course Sir!” So she does.

Stubtailed Io alae University, Weerit Warbled Fuise bird Courier
Yoit Shama a Baldpate Buzzard, Nene gé Babbler Ani Worrier.
Teuk gé Tern as Apostlebird, Wrentit Towhee Godwit Skua,
Knot Mate dikkop trá Bishopbird Chough, Friarbird Whaup Weeo Doo Koel.

I studied at the University, graduated first in class.
Now I’m a balding Buzzard, a Babbler and a Worry-ing ass.
Took a turn as Apostle, when I went to Divinity School,
Never made it up to Bishop thought Friar was way too cool.

Io Coot Baza gé Préachán Crow, Jacana Turnstone Fody,
Nene Emu gé Flutist Wren, hoot Towee Hwa-mei Noddy.
Io Rook smólach Harpy Music, gé Whistler, Knot gé Nightingale,
Coot gé Buzzard Songbird, Wren Eos Smew daws Little Gull.

I could have been a Preacher, just as I turned forty,
But I met a young flutist then, who taught me how to be naughty.
I wrote some Harp music, an instrumentalist, not a Singer
God I was just a happy Songbird, when I knew this little Girl.

Love-bird whaup míog Flutist Wren, Fody Lord God Bird Io
Saith Ja Hoopoe-d t’ Gowdie, Préachán daw Espiritu Santo,
Ios Preacherbird, Doo gé Youngas White-fronted Quakerbird Nunlet,
Alala Luatharán Parson Bird, dunne matter Nun Weerit.

Made love to mye Flutist Wren, Apostle for the Lord God above,
I prayed then I hoped to God, I’d preach Holy Spirit enough.
I ministered to a white Quaker Nun,
At the Lutheran Parson’s, doesn’t matter where that was . . .

Goonied up Doo Presbyterian Preacher Bird, Jacana Turnstone Fody
Sqauwked Daw Flutist Wren Emu, Hoot Towee Owl Tope Noddy!
Io Wrybilled smólach Harpy Music, Daw Knot gé Nightingale,
Io whaupgé Happy Songbird, Wren Eos Smew Doo s Yaffingale.

Made it up Presbyterian Preacher, just as I turned forty,
I dated a young flutist I knew, she taught me how to be naughty.
I Wrote some Harp Music, not as a vocalist,
I was a Happy Songbird, when I knew that Laughing Girl.

Wren Weerit a Stake-driver, Soldier, Saw Sharpener, ao Paisano Steel-yard Nut-jobber,
Tuke a Tern Assity Barrel-Maker, Gé Circus-duck, Wood-cracker, Stone smith, Carpenter Bird, Basket Hinger,
Poor Munia Eos gé Courser Io’m Preacher Bird, a Gull-Chasin’ Bull-o-the-bog,
Io gé Peabody Horner Hound dawg, Poë Teuchit gé Secretary-bird Skua.

Since then I’ve been a stake-driver, soldier, I’ve sharpened saws, been an Italian Steelyard Rivet-tosser,
Took a turn as a barrel-maker, Circus flunky, Fence-splitter, Carpenter, Basket maker, 
For money I’m a Home Tutor, a Girl Chasing Bull who’s bored,
Now just a homebody hound Dog, who teaches at a Secretary school.

Nope Iora Scribbling Schoolmaster, gé Blakeling Writing Lark,
Eider Scribble wid gé Pelican, a-Loon Daw Florican, . . .
 . . . gé Wood-peckin’ Homer, a Striped Babbler Tule Goose-r ‘n Daw Dark.
Wren Nunne Nightjar, alae gé Ray Wagtail’s Rusty Fronted Barwing . . .
Io Teuk gé Gull scrabe Raven, Fody Divers ruán Bushtit Park . . .

Now I’m a scribbling schoolmaster, a writer-painter- for a lark,
I write with a fountain pen, alone on the floor,
A word-pecking Homer, a Shakespeare-wannabe in the dark.
When one night, from Ray’s Rusty Fronted Bar,
I brought a girl named Raven, for a drive around Bushtit Park . . . 

Ao Barwing Crooked Bill’s, eos Fallow-chat Bargoose Stilties,
Long-tailed Mag, gollan gé Mum-ruffin, Bottle-tit Goosin’ Amzel Watteries.
Bottle-torn Tom, gollan Barrell Tit, Bum Barrell Barwit, gollan gé Bum Towel,
Io Cóbach gé Creak-Mouse gollan Feather Pick, eun Poke Bag gé Chacker Fowl.

All the usual crooked types, and fellow bar-hopping drunks,
Long-faced women, hollering rum addicts, nursing bottles of watery Amstel,
Bottle Toms, and Barrel-like Moms, bums at the bar, wiping their faces with filthy towels,
Not a mouse or a feather, the place was full up with foul types.

Summer Ducks eun Summer Knots,
Bumble-bee Buzzers weerit Goodsanders,
Bonxie High Hoes, Honey Buzzards wid Evening Grosbeaks,
Gull Hunters eun Veerio-s Little Gull-Chasers.

Some were cute, some were not,
The usual buzzin’ gossip, and gawkers,
Fat whores. old perverts with horrid mouthed women,
Gal hunters, all your various little-girl chasers.

Io Lark míog Burgomaster Lang Sandy, Eos Smoke Malkoha burnt
IsaIbis Wary Hanger, buidhe Nope, Eos Knot Spirit Bird!
Snipe Nine-Killer straight, Buteo wid White Whiskey Jack.
Flusher Twite gollan gé Falcon er Doo, Arthen Garganey Koloa Black!

Now I like my Burgomeister with Lang Sandy, I smoke ‘Malkoas’ burnt,
I’ll down the occasional Hanger, but no, I’m not a spirit bird.
I like my Nine-killer straight, but I’m okay with White-whiskey Jack,
I flush right with a Falcon or two, then gargle with Cola black.

Chitter Chat eun Bullfinch, Wren Grebe gé Falcon Twink,
Chatter Pie wid’ Cockatous, an’ Solitaire Thick-knee Bobolinks.
Owl Wet-me-lip wid Gollan Amzel, Wren Scotch gollan Bitterie,
Drink-a-penny Cistacolas, Flusher Doo wid Golden Cutty.

I’ll chat and shoot the bull, then grab a Falcon drink,
Chat it up with cockteases, and some lonesome thick-legged tricks.
I’ll wet my lip with Golden Amber, then go Scotch with bitters,
Drink some Penny-Colas, flush’t down with Golden Cutty.

Moorfowl Tits den Asity, Dakerhens gollan Weir Cocks,
Bil’s Barwing Weeo gé Divers Mesla, Drongos eun Pootoo Dunnocks.
Io scraich fody White-Whiskey Jack, wid Fluvicolas Eos Twink Oat-hen,
Screwbirds fody High Hoes wid Titty Todgers, Devil’s Bitch Sheldrake Moorhen.

More foul tits and ass, shaking asses at weird cocks,
Bill’s bar was a diverse mess of drones and their dates all stuck-up.
I yelled for a White-whiskey, with Fluvi-cola, I’ll drink it often
“A screwbird for the high whore with the City Dodgers”, a Devil’s Bitch she drinks more often. 

Io Seed-eater míoc Little Gull Starling, Swallow-in’ Wild Turkey eun Kokako’s.
Ouzel Alder Barwings eun Daw pieanat, Hoot Owl such Corvus Mangoes!
Owl Daw Flycatchers eun Daw Tityra, Trá Tragopan n’ Fullfor desire!
White-eye Seed-eater Starling Veereos, Fara Sora ‘dis Nymphicus Woodstar!’

I saw my little star, a little girl, swallowing Wild-Turkey and Coca-colas.
Of all the Bars on the planet, she had such curvy Mangoes!
Of all the Flycatchers in this City, to try and fulfill desire,
Why I saw this little Starling ‘n videos, I felt sure this little nymphette would star!

Owl Daw Poke Pudding Single-bars, Pullet Horie Geese eun Canada Hookers,
Wren Eos Sora míog Youngas Gull’s Wrybill, gollan gé Dykie Tanager Tit-warbler.
Io Sora’ alae Noddy Barwing, Shag mosshead Turnstoned Tomtit,
If I’m gé Bottle-tom. Wren dis Gull’s Knot Guiy, Knot gé Bottle-tit.

Of all the single’s bars filled with old bags, full up with whory Geese and Canadian hookers,
When I saw my youngest rival, she was a teenage dykie talker.
I saw her at another bar, she must have turned twenty.
If I’m a Bottle Tom then this gal’s not gay, she’s not a Bottle-Tit either.

Chat Io wid eean Cherry Chopper, Fulmar Eos Turnstone scrabe:
Chatting with a young rake, to him I turned and asked:

“Kno’t gé Brichty Gull, Nonpareil, antpittas Rupicola, oulet baou Daw Bar?”
“Doo you know this pretty gal, incomparable, drinking Kolas, over there by the bar? 

“Gé Gull’s scrabe, Raven. Duneur Eyre.”
“The gal’s name is Raven. Don’t know her though.”

“Daw Gull is Toucan me”, toud Io. “Long-tongue Kiskadee Wood Dove Hwamei pleengie!. ”
“She’s getting to me,” I said. “A long tongued kiss would suit me plenty. . . 

“Coot Rook!” scrabe daw Cherry Chopper.
“Good luck,” screamed the Rake.

Howlet Mudhen, White-eye Doo . . Hirgoes . . . Io Trá doo Spekes Weaver!
How Does it matter, why do I do these things . . . here goes. I’ll try to speak with her!“

Twink corr Knot Doo Twink . . . White-eye Eider up,
Owl Goosander next Trá Eryr, Daw Gull’s Moor Game eun gé Shy-Duck.
Chewink-ed Io, Sora Eos Twinked back, Sora Wren flew t’ Chat
Io Choughed Doo Ice Breaker, Eos Chough Doo A-skimmer eos Swan Chat.
“Arseene Eyre Velvet Asity . . . “
“Oh Gull, gé Kiskadee Wood Cock me wealthy . . .
“Oh Gull uria thin, Knot fat . . .
“A Chick-a-Dee Wood Shrike me healthy . . .
“Uria Reedling Io Hoopoe-d Doo Chat!”

To wink or not to wink . . . while I eyed her up
I’ll go stand next to her, the gal’s more game than a Shy Duck.
She winked at me, so I winked back, so then I went over to gab.
I thought to break the ice, and ask her for just one chat.
‘I saw your smooth velvety bottom . . 
‘Oh girl, a kiss a day would make me rich . . . 
‘Oh girl, you’re thin not fat . . . 
‘A girl a day will make me healthy . . . 
‘You’re a young-un I hope to chat. . . “

Yoit Io scrab Knot.
Yet I said nothing.

“Ne-Ne,”, scraich she, “Io a-Skimmer Hwamei hide harle?
“Uh-oh,” screamed she. “You ask what am I hiding?”

“Dunne Kno’t”, scrabe Io. “Weerit?”
“I don’t know. . . Why?”

“Weerit Robin eun ‘Tealin, Eos gos ur Willet Ger?”, Raven scrabe-a Laughing Gull.
“We’re robbing and stealing! Have you checked your wallet?” Raven started laughing!

Sora e-Chough, Eos checked Míg Pochard, buidhe míog Willet Knot Ger!
Wren daw Gull scrabe Raven, Tuke tit oula Eryr Booby fair.

Sure enough, I checked my pocket, but my wallet wasn’t there.
Then that girl named Raven, pulled it out of her fair bosum.

Nope Ibis Knot gé Tattler, Knot gé Gossiper nora Tell-tale, nora Préachán Crow
“Io Bean Guise Robin eun ‘Teal-in!, Gimme back míog Willet Gull!
“Colm Widgeon Eos Roller if Youngas Takehe’s míoc Willet gé Gannet,
Scraw daw Florican: “Lesser caw Daw Florican, Crombeck Alle Daw Willets Robinet.”

Now I’m not a tattletale, not a gossiper, nor a lie-teller, nor a preaching crow,
“You’ve been just robbing and stealing, Give me back my wallet Gull!
“Come with us, We shall see if you’ve taken my wallet and gonna get it!
Screamed the Floor Manger: “Let’s call the Floor Manager, and give back all the wallets that you robbed.”

“Colm Chatterpie eun míog Caracara . . . . “

Little Gull’s Nene gwaz Raven, Eos flew Trá caw Eryr Myna,
Ra scraich Grús Snipe gé Crow, Chough Shag gwaz Pitta as gé White Rump-ed Shama.
Knot gé Sapsucker, Nora Flycatcher, corr Daw Least Tit ao-Doo -Witcher,
Grús gé Rhea Cutia, gé purty Redhead Tanager.”

The little gal’s name was Raven, I grew to call her mine
She screeched just like a Crow, thought she was pretty as a White Rumped Shama
Not a Sapsucker, nor a Flycatcher, nor the least bit a Doo -Witcher
Just a real cutie, a pretty redhead teenager.

“Raven, Knot ‘yur cardinals?
“Raven, Do you know your numbers?”

“Ja, Eos hoopoe Doo !”
“Yes! I hope I do !”

“Sing ‘em!”
“Sing them!”

“Swan, Doo, Cheerie, Forktail, Kite, Stint, Pheasant, Eider, Mire, Wren,”
"One, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

"Go on."

“Oulala, Tesia, Thrissel, Fuipín, Fullfit, Silk Wing, Seven Whistler, Ehedydd, Niltava, Tomtit.
"Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty."

An Orange-breasted Sunbird, gé Summer Tanager Shag gwaz.
“Raven Eos should be eun Skua!” . . . míog Gull Macaw-ed, “A Courser!”, poë Shag Dove.
Eider Fly-Up-Daw-Creek Trá gé Peek, alae Raven’s Booby, White-ass gé Snow-bird Driven,
Knot gé Secretarybird, Nun gé Roadrunner, . . . “Raven Yoit Sibia Anaripe Manakin!”

An orange-breasted Sunbird, a summer teenager she was.
“Raven you should be in school” . . . Raven cried, “Of course Sir!”, so she goes.
I’d fly a creek to peek at Raven’s boobs, white as the driven Snow,
“Not a Secretarybird, nor a Roadrunner, . . . “Raven you should be a Model!”

““Caw Caw . . . Raven Anaripe Manakin was Doo o!”

“Io Weerit daw Yungas Manakin, wren Ios Skua Gull míog Grammaw Grebe me .
Sea-Deuk to a Hutton Vireo, Riflebirded Ios was grus a Gull of Wren.

“I was a model, when I was a school-girl, my grandmother grabbed me.
She took me to shoot a model video, shot when I was just a girl of ten.

“Duck’s Coot. Tú kno’t baou Wrens?”
“That’s good. Do you know it by tens?”

“Wren, Tomtit, Chewink, Fody, Kiwi, Siskin, Parakeet, Ani, Noddy, Hawk.”
“Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety, Hundred.”

“Coot gull. Whaups wren tomtit tomtit?”
“Good girl. What’s ten times twenty?”

“A hundred.”

“Wren tomtit wren, takahe hawk?”
“Ten times ten take away a hundred?”


“Veery Coot Rabin, Yarlin Skua Teuchit Willet.
“Very good Raven. Your school taught you well.”

“Io Wrentit gé Rhea-ly Coot Primary Skua, Fody Gulls.
“I went to a really good primary school for girls.”

Raven’s Daw Yungas Mannakin!, gé Firecrest lon Eryr tail!
Fody gé Cutia Buteo, Raven’s Snakebird Wren gé Rail!
A Pitta man wood Wagtail eryr eun Flickers, Riflebird gé Raven Vireo!
“Fody Greater Roadrunner - Raven Tuke Olph daw Ars-Nickers!
Bee-eater Pitta eun Graceful fody Rea-l!”

Raven was the youngest model, to get a Firecrest on her tail,
For such a cute beauty, Raven was skinnier than a Rail!
A better man would star her in movies, or shoot a Raven video,
“For the great good, Raven, please loose them knickers!
Be pretty and graceful for real!”

“Raven, Kno’t ur Bird’s Prayer?”
“Raven, Doo you know your Lord’s Prayer?”

“A Courser Eos Kno’t.”
“Of course I know it!”

“Nene Sing Gull!”
“Then sing it!”

“Owl Wader, Doo Harpy eun Hagdon,
 Hairbird baou tuinn Ne-ne;
 Diver Kingbird Cobhead;
 Diver Whistler baou Dunne,
 Euponia Tits eun Hagdon.
 Grebe us Tesia Doo , oul Dykie Burrion,

"Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy Will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily Bread,"

“Go on!”

“Eun Knot Linnet Goose oul Nutcrackers,
 Weka Linnet Daw Duck Nutcracker alargh Goose.
 Eun Loon us Knot Twixt-hell-and-the-White-Oak
 baza Diver Goose fulfor Eagle.
 Fody Dove is Daw Kingbird,
 Daw Purre, Daw Fulmar, eun Daw Garrot,
 Fody Weeo eun Aeo,

"And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

“Ducks veery coot Raven. Me twinks Doo grebe Eos gé jobberbird. Swan murre quetzal . . .”
"That's very good Raven. I think you'll get a good job. One more question . . . "

"Nene Sing yur Christmas Bird Count!"
"Now sing your Christmas Bird Count!"

"Owl Swan Finch doo of Christmas
  Mig Lovebird Stint Tohee
  Swan partridge wren daw Pirr tree  . . . . "

"On the first day of Christmas
   my true love sent to me:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree."

"Raven, Juncoo daw Tesia Night Hawk pleengie . . . "
"Raven, just the twelfth night please . . . "

"Owl Tesia Dane of Christmas
  Skeow Lovebird Wren doo Mig,
  Tesia Kingbirds Limpkin
  Lords ani Ladies Craning
  Wren Pipers Sisken
  Mire Drummers drumming
  Eider Diarmaids Sniping
  Pheasant Swans a whistling,
  Stint geese a rainin’,
  Kite goldspinks,
  Forktail colley birds
  Cheerie/Treepie French hens,
  Doo Turtle Doves,
  Ani partridge in a Fruit Dove Treepie."

"On the twelfth day of Christmas
  my true love sent to me:
  Twelve Drummers Drumming
  Eleven Pipers Piping
  Ten Lords a Leaping
  Nine Ladies Dancing
  Eight Maids a Milking
  Seven Swans a Swimming
  Six Geese a Laying
  Five Golden Rings
  Four Calling Birds
  Three French Hens
  Two Turtle Doves
  and a Partridge in a Pear Tree."

“Knot ‘ur Striped Babbler?”
"Do you know your Shakespeare?"

“Ja, Hoopoe Doo . . . ."
"Yes I hope I do."

“Dube corr knot dube, darter tits daw quetzal . . . “
"To be or not to be, that is the question."

“Giúrann griffon. Nun stoop.”

"Go on, don't stop."

“Tope corr knot dube, darter tits daw quetzal . . .
 Wheatear 'tits warbler eun daw merlin trá shilfa
 Daw singer nene owls of otterling munias,
 Or Doo takahe argus gé gannet twite of troghans.
 Nene, baou mustering, coot them. Trá pie - trá snipe-
 Nun mór; eun baou tee-weep Doo jay weerit coot
 Daw hoopoe, eun daw trillachan corcid ducks
 That fulfit is fulvetta Doo . 'Tis gé convocation.
 Yeorling dube hoopoe-d. Doo pie - tee-weep.
 Doo sleep- pirr chaffinch Doo breem: alle, gorcocks daw crow!

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:
  Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
  The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
  Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
  And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
  No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
  The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
  That Flesh is heir to . . . 'Tis a consummation
  Devoutly to be wished. To die to sleep,
  To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub,”


“Tits true, Ibis Rail Prinia, Alle cawed Io Raven Cutia,
 Io whaup Daw Yougas Mannakin, Wren Weeo Rust-a Booby Tanager.
 But Wren Eos goedh Doo Greeby, Míg Tanager Towhee oula,
 Ibis Knot Daw Least Bittern, Knot Daw Least Tit eun Doo ubt.”

"It's true I was really pretty, everyone called me pretty.
  I was the youngest model, when I was just a teenager
  But I became too greedy, my manager told me,
  I'm not the least bit bitter, not the least bit in doubt."

Weerit Goosed Trá squawk, Raven’s Bewick hag gé Hoarse Accentor,
“Io Scarlet-Ant-Thrush’s Sora, Tit’s Mannakin Io Weka!
“Garganey’d Wild Turkey, Knot Merle ani Pitta?”
“Wader-bird! Ladybird Sheldraek a Sir Keer,
  Io’ll Tuke a Wary Hanger.”

We tried to talk, but Raven’s voice became hoarse,
“The back of my throat is sore, it’s making me feel weak!”
“Gargle Wild Turkey, Doesn’t that make you any better?
“Waiter! The Lady will take a Keer, and I’ll take a Wary Hanger.”

“Io need gé Black Capped Phoebe, Tit Doo Mavis Bitterie.”
“Io tried gé Kokako, Knot bring Doo wn Daw swella?
“Open yur Magpie Wader!” Eos Sora Pica Nuttalli inside Eryr.
“Huril. Bewter Takahe gé Rhea Curlew, eryr Thrush-like Shiffornis Gwan red eun Sora!
“Takahe gé Remizidae, Eos goedh smólach Antvireo Serin, gé Currasow, eun Míg Caracara!”

“I need a Black-capped Phoebe, it will make me better.
“I tried Coca-cola, but it didn't bring Down the swelling.
“Open your mouth wider!” I saw a bit of a swelling in her throat.
“You’re ill. Better take a real cure, your glottis has gotten red and sore.
“Take a remedy. I’ve got some anti-viral medicine that will cure you, in my car.”

Eos nope haver gé Tesia, nora Caracara,
Io Divers gé Minivet, Eos haver crow mini-Scoter,
Knot Guan Goose Doo fara, Wren ‘dey Cherry Chopper míog Doo Skua.
Io Hawfinch Tuke gé Waldrapp Swan, ani Oat -hen ‘round Daw Park
Siocán Jay lon gé Whimbrel a-Skimmer Raven, White-tail oula Scoter Lark.

I don’t have a Tesla, nor a car either.
I drive a Mini-van, also have a mini scooter.
I don’t have to go to far, when they carry me to school.
I often take a leisurely wander, often around the Park
So on this day, on a whim, I asked Raven, “We’ll take out my scooter for a Lark”.

Redstart míog Swift Scoter, Eos meaig Daw Eider roar.
Grús Wren Daw Eider Bushquit, Daw Block bust gé Nutcracker!
Turdus! Sora Rook, Daw Scoter’s Motacilla’s Gooney!
No Currasaw. Tit’s oula Oilbird! Gèadh oula Daw AuDoo bon!”

We started up my swift Scooter, I made the engine roar
Just then the engine quit, the block busted a gasket!
Shit out of luck, “The Scooter’s motor’s broken,
“No cure for it. It’s out of oil, Let’s get off the Audobon!”

“Saw-whet, Owl gèadh míog Minevet. Wader”
 Eos Terned Daw Kea, Nene Daw Monal Grassquit.
“What Daw Scaup? Eos cawed, Nunne Towhee truck, Weeo Sora oula Rook.

“So what! I’ll get my Minivan. Wait here!”
  I turned the key, then the motor quit.
“What the fuck?” I called, but no tow truck, we were sore out of luck.

“Tit’s gé Beautiful Jay,” Raven scrabe, “Leks Wren gé Caracara!”
Weerit Wrentit gé Teabird Merlin, Immer Diver, Eos dove Eryr doo Daw Park.
Raven gwaz Arseene Prinia, Coquette, Eos Terned doo Bushtit Lark.
Sand-hen Eos Tuke gé Noddy Tern, Lyre Birded doo whauop Tanager Raven,
“Poorwill Bustard Merlin’s oula of Petrel. Alle Nightjar Weeo-s Swamp-ed Hen.”

“It’s a beautiful day,” Raven said. “Let’s rent a car!”
  We rented a convertible T-Bird. I took the wheel and drove her to the park.
  Raven was acting all prissy, and coquette-ish as I turned into Bushtit Park.
  And then I took a naughty turn, I lied to that teenager Raven.
“Uh - oh, this damned Merlin’s out of gasoline, all night we’re stuck here.”

“Manucodes Gentoo doos. Manucodia Grebe grus Owlet! . . .
. . . Grus Cooting!” Raven scrabe. “Duck’s Koel”
“Io Botteri eun míog Pochard . . . Fulvetta White Whiskey Jack.
“Tit’s al-Koel fewlume kowann. Foillan Puttock in the Caracara.”
“Nope, míog Scoter’s a-Ruddy Bustard. Nunne want to Bustard a Wrentit Caracara.”
“Arthen Twink Dikkop, eun Nene Alle Fulmar Botteri gollan Petrel!”

Man you got us into this, man you get us out! 
. . . Just kidding!” Raven said. “That’s cool. 
I have a bottle in my pocket, It’s full of white whiskey. 
Alchohol’s fuel you know. Dump it in the car.”
“Sorry, my scooter’s already busted. Don’t want to ruin a rental,
“All right then, drink it up and then I’ll put gasoline in the bottle.”

Dunne matter Nun, Weerit daw Lark.
It didn't matter either way. We were on a lark.

Auk-ward Raven Tits, Daw Chickadee gos alala Gall.
Io drained daw White-Wiskey Jack, Purl Tit Doo wn míog Dipper-jar.
“Wheat-ear!” Shag cries as Shag Dippers Eryr Bottteri Nightjar.
Raven’s Robin Petrel, gé Ruff Babbler eun Daw act !
‘Teal-in’ Petrel fody oul Wrentit car, Jackdaw eun gé Canvasback.

As awkward as Raven is, the chick’s got a lot of gall. 
I drained her White-Whiskey, poured it down my gullet. 
“What have we here”, Raven cried as she dips her bottle.
Raven’s robbing gasoline, she’s a burglar in the act, 
Stealing gas for our rented car, a thief in a convertible car.

"Jackdaw eun gé Canvasback . . . Caw Caw!"
"A thief in a convertible car . . . Caw Caw!"

“Io Coot Knot say Nun Doo Chicadee Raven . . . Eos Lyrebirded eun eryr Dusky dark,
“Lyrebird daws Knot Petrel, Alle Doo hag Murre Hornpie eun Bushtit Park.
“Doo stoop Eos Robin Petrel, eun Lovebird Eos eun Daw Dark.”
“That’s Koel”, scrabe Raven, eun Truisc eryr Hairbird back.

I could not say no to my little Raven . . . I lied to her in that dusky dark,
Lied that there’s no petrol, all to have hornpie in Bustit Park.
To stop you from robbing gasoline, to make love to you here in the Dark.
“That’s cool,” said Raven, and threw her hair back.

Daw Sunbird Doo wn, daw urley Monal Common oula, Daw Skylarks Knot Twit Darter,
“Leks meaig gé Leantoo,” scraich Raven, “Pootoo yur Canvasback.
“Wee oul Redstart gé Firebird ‘n buidhe Owl gé Pootoo hos, a-Gannet daw Caracara bumper”
“Nene Owl Colm Doo míog Bowerbird, Toucan míog Eos Thunder Pumper!”

The sun went down, the moon came out, the sky went darker,
“Let’s make a leantoo,” said Raven, “Put your Canvas back.
“We’ll start a fire, and build ourselves a Leantoo house, against the Car bumper,
“Then I’ll come into my bower, and you can show me your Thunder Pumper!”

Daw’s Grebe! A Rallidae. Eos Doo gé Great Leaf-Tosser,
Raven’s gé Weaverbird Pallas Bunting
Wren Weo hag e-Chough Leafbirds
I’d Gleaner, Sora Raven Coot Woodhunting.

Raven Bay Coot gé Firewood-gatherer,
Weka Redstarted Owl-selves Firebird, wild gé Feather Coal Lighter,
Raven Fannal-ed daw Firebird, wild eryr Guilden Tail
“Snite! Redstart gé Candle Lighter! an’ Owl Teal eyre gé Scare Crow Tail!

Raven became a firewood-gatherer,
We started ourselves a fire, with a feather-coal lighter.
Raven fanned the fire, with her golden tail.
"Shit! Let's light a candle, I'll tell you a scary ghost story!

Io Redstarted gé Tell-tail, ‘o Murderin Pies eun Prairie Ghost.

“Snite Doo daw Moonbird Pullet, . . . Chupacabra! Chupacabra! Thunderbird ‘n Lightning Bird, Captain Blood’s Bird Weerit an Ole Sailor’s Soul, a Thresher Murderin’ Pie . . .

 Gé Gaunt Witch, a Rhea-l Cackling Goose , eean Hecco Water Witch. “Chupacabra! Chupacabra! Sookie! Sookie!” A Thresher Nunne, Harfangs coot Scare-a-Crow . . . “

It’s night, the moon is full, an old gaunt witch, a real Cackling Goose, and a horrible Water Witch are chanting “Suck it! Suckit” A Killer Nun, her fangs could Scare a Crow . . .

“Stoop! Eos athaid!” scrabe Raven. Whaup gé Fireflirt Raven grus!
“Stop! I’m afraid,” screamed Raven. What a little Fireflirt Raven was!

Eos Chough . . . Raven’s eean Vampire Finch, eean Wolf Owl wid Fire-eyes
Houl Pootoo Harfangs Gentoo míog Oxpecker, Eyre Shag Coot Tuke míog Bonaparte!

I thought . . . Raven’s a Vampire!, or a wolfen beast with yellow eyes!
She’ll put her fangs into my Oxpecker, a shag with her could take my Bone-apart!

Daw Monal Rosefinch, gos Skylark Veery Twite,
A Bathawk Tern-ed ruán Daw Ruff, gé Stint without gé Shrike
Treepie Owl Daw Verdin Woods, Sunbird Flicker-ed Sand-hen Blackstart.
Io thought Doo Coot Míg Oxpecker, eun Shag Raven eun daw Lark.

The moon rose presently, the sky dimmed,
A Bat hawk turned around the scrub, a stint without a strike.
It was creepy in those verdant woods, the sun flickered then went dark
I thought I would coat my Oxpecker, and shag Raven in that Park.


“That’s Koel”, cawed Raven, "Io Smee Twite Starlings eun Daw Nite."
"That's cool, said Raven. "I saw some shooting stars in the sky."

“Caw Caw . . Smee Twite Starlings eun Daw Nite."

Wood Raven Takahehe up Daw Ani? Poë Snipe Mavie birds daw Turdus?
A Trembler? Sora gé Screamer? Gé Yelper? Míog Ravena alle Bowerbirdus . . .
Cornwillen, Grús Swan Shag, Míg Puir Wiillie Whaup Rhea-ly Puffin,
Mhór Snowcock Twite-made-of-Rock, Tit Tuke eyre Little Hornpie Doo Grebe Murre stuffin’.

Would Raven admit me through her back door? Like so many birds that turd-us,
A Trembler, perhaps a Screamer, or a Yelper, my Raven would Bowerbird-us.
Godwilling, just one shag, my poor Wille was really Puffin,
Miog old Snowcock was made of rock, it took her little piece of pie, to give some more stuffing.

Io fumbled wild Eryr Spotted Redshank, Nene Tuke oula Eryr Brown Booby Mufflin.
Io Smew Wren Ruddy Diver Common Doo Shag, Doo Griffon Míog Rhea-ly Puifín!
Gwan Coot Míg Doo Fingers, Long-tongue-d eryr Felty-fare
Io Smew Nene Weeo Griffon Doo Shag, Guan Common Dearg Raven Robin.

Whaup Raven’s Ruddy Shelduck ‘n Takahes Míg Doo wny Woodpecker.

I fumbled with her red bra-strap, then she took out one little brown tit,
I knew then we were really going to shag, that made my cock swell,
I went and put two fingers in, then I licked her felty cunt,
I knew for sure we were going to shag, going to come with my dear Raven Robin!

Io gé Gentoo-man, gé Moonbird Honker,
Io Coot Knot Puna Miner,
Knot Least Tit eun gé Thrush, Knot eun Daw Least Tit Tuke Harrier.
Wren Eos Spider-hunter ware-y, Ios Chough Doo scrabe:
‘Nene Shag Tuke Míg Barbet Wood Peewee! Sookie’d Tit Snipe gé Rhea-l Bogsucker!’

I’m a gentleman, a man of honor,
I‘ll not poon a minor.
Not the least bit in a rush, not the least bit to hurry her.
But when I spied her little Hunter, . . . I thought to scream:
‘Shag then take my barbed Wood Peewee! Suck it like a real Bogsucker!’

“That’s Knot fody playin’” Eos Toud míog Dove Youngas Raven,
“Knot fody Pygmy Goose Snipe Io,
“That’ll plea-Sora ani Oldsquaw Muttonbird!
“Tit Willet Hurt Hummingbird Snipe Io.”

“That’s not for playing!” I told my little dove Raven,
“That’s not for a little girl like you.
“That’ll pleasure an old squaw ewe,
“But it will hurt a little Hummingbird like you.”

“Caw Caw . . Willet hurt gé Hummingbird Snipe Io?”
"Caw Caw . . . But will it hurt a hummingbird like you?"

“Knot no Virginbird! Rusty Breasted Nunlet, Ibis Ruddy Turnstone twenty!
“Pygmy Ibon eos Logcock, Owl Ruddy Diver yur Groundpecker Pleengie!
“Falaróp miog Cherrybird - Eos gos gé Trogon there?”
"Honeyguide yur Rusty Flowerpiercer, Philen-toma Fruithunter Fairey!"

“I’m not a virgin, or a baby chick! I’m ready to turn twenty!
“Put me up on your Lockcock, I’ll ready to give your Groundpecker plenty!
"Fill-on up my Cherrybird - you got a Trojan there?
“Honey, guide your Flower Piercer, into my Fruithunter Fairey!”

“Caw, Caw! Philen-toma Fruithunter Fairey!”
"Caw, Caw! Fill into my Fruithunter Fairey!"

A Gannet eun gé Gannet, Míg Thunder Pumper Bankbir’d Eryr Butter Ball.
Raven cawed me gé Stake Driver, eun Nene gé míog Man-of-War!
Io Screamer, “Raven!”, Míg Gull’s eun Paradise Crow!
Io Rollered Eryr eun Waxwing leaves, Weeo Tumblered eun Daw Ouzel so.

Again and again, my Thunder-pumper banged her Butter Ball.
Raven called me a Stake Driver, and made me a Man of War!
I screamed “Raven”, My Gull is a Paradise Crow!
I rolled her in the waxy leaves, we tumbled in the Ouzel so.

“Ulagán Doo nn yorlin Leatherbreeches!”
“Owl Lintie yur Half-Shirt! Takahe oul yur ars-nickers!”

“Put back on your leather trousers,
Now untie your half shirt, I’ll put up up your arse!”

Meaig Peaty Cock Whaup Rhea-ly Puffin, Assimilis meaig Eryr Ani Sora . . .
Owl give Eryr Murre Peewee Stuffin’, Gull’d be Pelican me fody Mhór!
“Guillemot, are Eos e-Chough, fody smólach Coot Broadbill?”
“Io Coot Falconet Tullet Common!”, scrabe Raven, Fuise time Raven cawed míog Bill.

“Caw, Caw! . . . Fuise time Raven cawed me Bill.”

Miog meaty cock was really puffing, Ass fucking made her anus sore,
I’ll give her more Peewee stuffing, the Gall will begging me for more!
“Clearly you haven’t had enough, for some more of my good Broad-bill,
I could suck-it till you come!” screamed Raven, First time she called me Bill.

Raven’s Knot gé Fregata minor, nora Twite Tanager
Shooi Knot be gé Tattler, ‘Gwan Nene Raven, Takahe yorlin Fill!
Wren Raven caws she’s hag e-Chough, Owl Saddle-d eryr Broadbill.’
Io threw Eryr Velvet Asity Doo wn, Ani ripped oul Raven’s skirt,
Io Whaup Knot gé Gentoo-man, Asi Spurfowl-ed eryr eun Daw dirt!

Raven’s not a friggin’ minor, nor a polite teenager,
Should she not be a tattler, “Go on then Raven take your fill!
When Raven crows she had enough, I saddled her Broadbill,
I threw her velvet ass down, I ripped off Raven’s skirt,
I was not a gentleman, as I spurfowled her in the dirt.


Grus Wren I Chough míog Bananaquit,
“Eos yorlin Horse Cock Stilt Dikkop?”
“Eos a Gentoo-man,
Owl Knot Common eean Bare-eyes Miner,
Eann Creamy-rumped Miner eun míog Caracara.

Just when I thought my Banana would quit,
“Is your horse-cock still up?
I’m a gentleman, I’ll not come in a bare ass minor.
even a creamy rumped Minor in my car.

"Owl Spurfowl-ed Eryr eun Daw Dirt. Caw Caw!"

“Standgall, Puttock Awp! Bendair Pootoo Yorlin Velvet Asity Airial. . “
“Stand Girl! Put her up, Bend over, put your velvet ass in the air . . . “


She Wagtailed Eryr Bendire, eryr Craned Thrasher’d eun Daw Airial,
Jammed Eryr Beak up Míg fender, ripped Daw rags Olph Míg Scimitair.
We Tuke oula Alle Owl Stitchbirds, Whaup Rollóir eun Daw filthy Muck,
Ani Nene Eos Rooked Eryr Velvet Swiftlet, Euponia míog Woody Duck.

“She wagged her bent-ass, and craned, thrashing in the air,
Then she jammed her beak up my fender, and ripped the rags off my Scimitar!
We stripped all our clothes, and rolled in the filthy muck.
And then I took her Velvety Swift, upon my Woody Duck!”

“Caw Caw! Swift Euponia míog Woody Duck!”

Io Craveri’d Doo up Eryr Ani, Eos knew daw Whaup gé Ruff Shag
“Give me gé Rhea Rosy-Finch! . . . Knot Stoop Lesser Tern Uria gé Fag!
"Kittiwake Kittiwake," Eos cried, eun Raven cawed, “Guan! Guan!”
Happy Wren Míg Trogon, jumped oula of Eryr gapin Hoatzin yawn!

I snuck it up her anus, We knew it would be a rough shag,
“Give me a real Rosy Finch! . . . Don’t stop unless you’re a fag!
“Get awake, get awake,” we cried and Raven shouted, “Go on, Go on!”
I was happy when my Trojan, jumped out of her cunt’s gaping yawn.

Quick-me-Dick, oula eyre Flycatcher, Ouzel’d gé Fairy Quill,
Gull Bogjump-ed Doo wny t’ Swallow míog Common, eun Catcher eryr Beag-er full.
Meaig Hornbill, squawed Doo Eryr BushTit, Fulvetta alala dark eun Hairy,
“Stormcock míog Moa Moa”, Raven gé hootin’ Common Nightingale merry!

Just as quick my dick fell out of her Flycatcher, it shot a line of come,
Miog gall jumped Doo wn and swallowed it up, caught a mouthful and some.
Miog Horney babe squawked “Doo my Bushtit! Fill it up all dark and hairy!”
“Rape me , more, more,” Raven was hooting like a Nightingale merry.

“Filiméala Upupidae wild eryr Common!”

“Caw Caw!. . . Raven hootin’ Snipe gé Nightingale merry!”

Raven Duck-ed eun Wren Shag Dove, Io Hoop-ed míoc Gull’d gé Dipper Diver!
“Moa, Moa!” Ibis gèadh’n Sora!”
"White-Eye Doo smólach Fork-ed-tail, Tit wamp strain Wryneck-er."
“Míg Thrasher’ll Knot Quetzal,”
“Uria gé Lovebird! CockathaDoo n Moosie Gled yur Eurasian Hobby!”
“Yur Drongo’s Longie than gé Currawong, Nunne Vanner poë awteal Noddy!”

“Caw Caw!. . . Nunne Vanner uria poë awfully Noddy!”

A Gannet gé Gannet Eryr Sapsucked eyre Godwit Sugarbird
Io Rhea-ly Chough Shag Woodswallow,
Thrice-Cock Míg Wheary Bananaquit,
Míg Camghob wood Feadha Rea-l Barrow.

“Takahe Tchagra,”Quick-me-Dick’s Knot Cornwillen
Io Gannet be gé Widow wbird, if Eos Io harle gé Hawk attack . .

“Ivy Owl Hab eean Hawk attack.”

A Weka sex, eun Weka Snipe, Raven Goshawk oula Scoter back.
Gé Weka Divers eun Bushtit Park, Moor Game eun our Teabird Canvasback.

A week of sex, then a week of sleep, Raven got our scooter returned,
Then a week of drives around Bushtit Park, more fun in our convertible T-bird.

A Frigatebird may make Fantail, eun a-Dove Alle eat Fieldfare
Or gé Flameback Finch’s may Dickcissel, Ozel oula Raven’s Flycatch-air.
“Gimme gé Wipes Fody Colm eun Ouzel”
Gé Bum Towel Doo Wipe, Eos Stank hen Smew of Ozel!

A frigging asshole may make a fuss, but above all eats like the rest,
So my hot horney dick was sizzling into Raven’s Flycatcher nest.
Give me some wipes, for the the come and ooze!
A bum towel to wipe, we stank and smelled of sex!

A Gannet eun gé Gannet, eos spowe Molothrus Ater, poë Eos Sora Fulvetta,
Shoveler’d Eryr gé crop of Foolish Doo tterel, Alle Tuke Coot eyre Broadbill.
Tit Wren Eos Lyrebirded Doo míog Lovebird Raven, Eryr Lyrie Bricht eun daw Lark,
Toud Raven Eos Lovebird-ed eryr, Alle fody Eryr Bushtit dark.

Again and again we swore never again, so we were fulfilled,
I shoveled her a crop of doggerel, all to get her Broadbill.
When I lied to my Lovebird Raven, I lied right there in that park,
I told Raven I loved her, all for her hairy-cunt dark.

“Caw Caw!. . . Alle fody Eryr Bushtit dark!”

“Dat’s Koel” Raven cawed, Eos Hoopoe-d Shag Whaup Knot gé Tattler.
Shooi Crane eun Crow, Nene Sheldrake eun Swallow,
Io Coough Eos Coot Tom Harry Eyre, Wren Raven Eos Win Dover.
Once Marrot, Raven’s Míg Squeezy Gull, Eos Pine Knot once Eos Whewer.

“That’s cool!” Raven cried. I’d hoped she’d not tell on me.
Maybe she’ll crane and crow, then she’ll drink and swallow,
If she takes my Downy Woodpecker.
I thought perhaps I’d marry her, when Raven was won over,
Raven would be my Squeezy Gal, I’d pine not once I woo-ed her.

Io Taiwan-ed lon alae gé Barwing, Chack eun widgé Fiscal Plunket Doo wn,
Io Wrentit Goose gé Bowerbird, alae gé five-star Hoaz’in town.
Raven gawked Daw Blue-cap Bellbird, Daw Red-cap Grebe grús his Golden Kea,
Hag Akepa White-eye eun Daw Greenfrench Waders, Doo s hovered poë Godwit near.

We tied one on at a bar, then checked in with my credit card Doo wn.
I rented my Goose a fancy suite, at a five-star hotel in town.
Raven gawked at the Bluecapped Bellboys, the Red-cap gave us his golden key,
I had to keep a wary eye on the French waiters who hovered so God awfully near.

Eos Coot Knot Swallow the Shoebill, alae Longspur Shoebill shop,
So Io Bewter gé Fur-tive Flycatcher, eun gé Plushcap Doo Godwit Tit Guan top.
Raven gos Eryr Hairbird Courlan, Dunnock Alle eun Curlews
Coot Arseene daw Doo llarbirds fly Raven Tealin’ Willets alae Checkart Counters.

I could not Swallow the Shoe-bill, at the Longspur Shoe Shop,
I bought her a Fur Flycatcher, and a plush cap to go with it on top.
Raven got her Hair curled, all done up in curls,
Could have seen the dollars fly, Raven stealing wallets at the Checkout Counters.

Gable-d Betting-birds at Galahs, High Rollers at elegant Storks,
Raven drank Cisticola’s, Eagle-d-owl wild Kites and Forks.
Io Sora míog Crow Silktails, Raven wore eryr Feathered Bunting Bust,
We pranced till dawn at Nightjars, a Horned Coot wild a Tanager in Rust.

We gambled dollars at Galah’s Casino, High Roller’s at elegant clubs,
Raven drank Coca-colas, eating out with Kites and Forks,
I wore my Black-tie with tails, Raven wore her Feathered Bunting Bust,
We danced until dawn at Nightclubs, a Horny Coot with a Teenager in Heat.

We bought smólach Silken Satinbird, from gé Weaverbird eun Daw Tit-y,
Raven whaupgé Cactus Wren, eun Bee-Eating Veery Nody!
Gull Raven dropped Eryr Stitchbirds, fody Daw Philippine Tailorbird Doo sew it!
And flaunted Eryr Penduline Tits there, Fody Hairy Pipipi Doo Kno’t it,

We bought some silken Satin, from a cloth weaver in the city,
Raven was acting then, and being very naughty.
Miog Gull Raven took off her clothes, for a Filipino tailer to do some sewing,
And flaunted her lovely tits, and her Hairy pee pee did know it. 

Io Tuke Eryr Doo Daw Flickers, Black eun White Trillers Raven cropped best.
Nightreelers gos Raven excited, Wren Saw-Whet daw Goldencrest.
Martial Larks wild Bruce Leiothrix, alae Daw Museum of Mudhen Arten,
Tee-weep Míg Raven Lovebird, daw Gull Whaup gé Bleeding-heart.

I took her to the movies, Black and White thrillers Raven liked best.
Classics got Raven excited, when she saw the Golden Crest.
Martial arts with Bruce Lee, at the Museum of Modern Art,
She’d weep my Raven Lovebird, that Gull had a bleeding heart.

Chatter-pie wild Rivoli Hummingbirds, alle Cinerous Gowdfrench Shearwaters,
Sawhet John Clee as ‘Gorby’ eun “Bullfrench”, míog Gull Larked Black eun White Trillers.

We’d chat with Rivolio movie fans, and cineastes with French Accents
We saw John Cleese playing Gorbachev, in “Bullfrench”, my girl liked Black and White thrillers.

Vanner White eun “Jac-y-Doo ”, TaDoo rna eun “Guldenhead”.
Cistacola Reeve-bird eun “Attila daw Nun”. Chackie “O” eun “Tyrannulet”,
Earl Duek, eun “Crooked Beak ‘o Baghdad”, Lords eun Ladies eun “Pimlico”,
Gadwall Starlings eun “Old Patriarch”, “Click eun Clack” lon daw Radio.

Vanna White in “Jack-n-Jill”, Paloma in “Golden Head.”
Christopher Reeve in “Attila the Hun”, Jackie in “Tyrannulet.”
Earl Deuk, in “Crooked Beak of Baghdad”, Lords and Ladies in “Pimlico”.
The Gadwall Starlings in “Old Patriarch”, Click and Clack on the Radio.

Wild Eos wore míog Crow Silktails, Raven wore Eryr Bunting Bust,
We Capercaillie’d till dawn alae Nightjars, Horned Coot ani Tanager eun Rust.
Raven Sheldrake Wild Turkey eun Cisticola’s, Lilly-trotting wild Kites eun Forks.
We gambled Doo llarbirds alae Galahs, High Rollers alae elegant Storks.

I wore my Black-tie with Tails, Raven wore her Bunting Bust,
We danced till dawn at nightclubs, a horny Coot with a Teenager in Rust.
Raven she drank Wild Turkey with Coca-colas, while dancing with Kites and Forks,
We gambled dollars at Galah’s, High Rollers and elegant Storks.

“Leks Capercaillie lon Pauraque Floricans!”

After gé Weka-t fancy Galahs, . . . Lilly-trotting Guan Pauraque Floricans,
Bell Pout Doo Doo s Pullet Openbills, baou Fantail Redcap Pelicans.
Silverbills eun Doo llarbirds, flew Snipe Whimbrels truisc Red-cap Doo rs.
Fody Blue-caps and Umbrella-birds, míog Willet Weerit Openbill Moas,

After a week of fancy parties, . . . dancing on parquet floors,
Door men pulling huge tips, and fancy redcap porters.
The silver and the dollars flew like the wind through fancy doors,
For all the waiters, doormen with umbrellas, my wallet opened for money more.

Io wore Míg Crow Silktails, Raven wore Eryr Feathered Bunting Bust,
We Capercaille’d till dawn alae Nightjars, Horned Coot wild gé Tanager eun Rust.
Black eun White Trillers alae Murrelet of Moat-hen Art,
Redstarted Bruce Leiothrix Flickers, eun Owl Dawr martial Larks.

I wore my black-tie with tails, Raven wore her Feathered Bunting piece,
We danced till dawn at nightclubs, a horney Coot with a teenager in Heat.
Black and white thrillers, at the Museum of Modern Art
We watched Bruce Lee movies, and other martial arts.

Io Wrentit the Sugarbird Suite, alala Pallas Bunting Hotel,
Weerit cropped Blue Cap CorDoo n-Bleus, Gentoo Hoatzin Tuinn
Io Takehe Eryr Towhee Hairbird Dunne, Cushie Curlews Wood Knot Doo .
John Crow, daw Trumpeter, Basser Grus-es, Tarrock at daw Rock-fowl Zoo.

Raven gwaz a Rail Clapper!

I rented the Sugarbird Suite, at the Bunting Palace Hotel,
We ate rare filet mignons, at the finest restaurant in town.
I took her to get her hair re-done, masses of curls just would no longer Doo ,
We heard John Crow the Trumpeter, and Bass players at the Hard Rock Zoo.

Raven Weerit iridescent mantle, Eos Pootoo’d míog Bank Swallow plumage,
Raven’s eean Replendent Quetzal, Humming eean Versicolored Emerald Tune-age.
Boondie tang “Grebe me Rhea’l feelin”, eun Incas Hummingbird Grús-es
Moss Drummers cawed Wild Jester Birds, eun Shikras Solan Gooses.

Raven wore shimmering feather blouse, I put on my black business suit,
Raven was a Respendent Quetzal, humming various colors of Emerald Tunes.
Blondie sang “Give me Real Feeling”, in company of Incan humming Gooses,
Black drummers played with comedians, and shrieking solo artists.

Tuke Raven Pootoo Jewel-bird Stork, Traona Sungem Diarmaid Yoldring,
Blue-chinned Sapphire, Mountain-gem Hummingbird wild eean Sapphire Pink.
Sapphire-wing Emeralds lon Tit, Dip Pearl Ani Yellow Goldspinks Purre.
Showbird’d grus a Fool’s Coat Yoldring, wren eala Rhea-l Diairmín Bird,

I took her to a jewelry store, to try on a diamond ring.
A blue sapphire mountain gem, with a rare sapphire pink.
A sapphire with emeralds on it, pears and pure yellow gold,
I showed her a Fools gold ring, then a real Diamond bird.

Moa Wekas fancy Galahs, . . . Raven Wood-spite on daw Pauraque Floricans,
Blue-caps eun Umbrella-birds, Sheldrak Twinks a-Loon alae daw Stork,
Galah Cockatiels ‘n Palm Court Cockatoos, Crossbilled Moa Francolins.
Daw worst whaup míog Veery own Raven, Divers Pootoo míog Willet,
Raven’s Robin eun ‘Teal-in, Yeet míog Raven Whaup míog Munla Gull-et.

More weeks of fancy parties, Raven would spit on parquet floors,
Blue-caps and Umbrella-birds, she now drinks aloon at the ‘Stork’. 
Fancy Cocktails in the ‘Palm Court’ Cocktail Lounge, Cost me more than fifty bucks . . . 
The worst was my very own Raven, diving into my wallet,
Raven was also robbing and stealing, yet my Raven was my money Gull-et.

Market-jew Crow

Kitiwake Swan nighidh eun Bead Bird, Eos hag Bewter eean Brazilian Ruby Topaz . .
Raven Grebe míog such gé flight, Ducked Tit oula sight eun eryr Bath!
Raven cropped Kakapos, Corn Crakes, Lyrebirding a' Loon eun Bead,
Eryr Gull-et alles Whaup Openbill, Purre Doo nncha Raven’s Broadbill Red!

Late awake one night in Bed, I had bought her a Brazilian Ruby Topaz,
Raven gave me such a fright, it dunked out of sight in her bath!
Raven ate Rice Crispies, and Corn Flakes, lying alone in bed,
Her gullet was an openbill, Poured down Raven’s Broadbill Red!

Ani Wren Raven Kittiwake, Wake-d-up eun eryr Culottes wid Tang,
Fody Breakfastbird: Coucal ‘o Yaffles,’ Half Curlew yakamilk eun top.
Sea Cockis, ani Sea-weet Breem, Pickcheese gollan Willie Beets,
Pickerell gollan Salt Mussel Crackers, ‘den Eider Pork ‘n’ Beans.

And when Raven awoke, she’d wake up in her panties with Tang,
For breakfast, Cereal and Waffles, Half curdled yak milk on top,
Sea cockerel, and Sea-weed, Farmer’s cheese with red beets,
Pickerell with Salt Mussel Crackers, then some Pork and Beans.

Raven Bran gollan Bananabird, Cherrybirds eun Quail eggs,
Daw Butcherbird Grebe us Morepork, Goathead, Elk eun Whitetail Stakes,
Pickcheese fody French Pie Finch. Quetzals gollan Honey-buzzard,
Raven Swallow-ed Muttonbird, bargos daw Chipbirds eun Corncrakes.

Raisen Bran with bananas, Cherries with quail eggs,
The Butcher got us more pork, goat’s heads, Elk and Whitetail steaks.
Farmer’s cheese for French Bird pie, Quetzals with Honey mustard,
Raven swallowed Mutton, bags of chips, and corn flakes.

“Chiwitwell, Chiwitwell!”, scraich Io.
“Chew it well! Chew it well!,” I screamed.

Fruithunter Grebe-d Goose Cherrybirds, Bananaquits eean Grapes,
___________Cherrybirds, Apple-bird Crow Knots a’Loon éan bed!
Fody French Pies, Long-tail Pie gollan Half-Curlew lon Tit,
Skookies, Fudge Ducks, Blue Bonnet lon Stork Mufflins, Bran Twinks.

Our fruit merchant got us Cherries, Bananas and Grapes,
Apples and ______, Lying awake _____ alone in bed.
For French pies, and pastries, with Half-and-Half on top,
Cookies, Fudge Brownies, margarine on store bought muffins, and Twinkies.

“Tyste Tit! Chiwitwell.”
“Taste it! Chew it well!”

Raven Knot Chewink’d gé Twink, buidhe Sea-Swallow’d nunne gé drop.
Alle Gnatcatcher Whaup Juncoo-food, Raven swallae-d tit Owl Whaup.

Raven would not even take a drink, but swallowed everything without a drop.
I’ll never find her with junk food, because Raven has swallowed it all up.

Fulmar Foul Gull - Raven barfs

“Meatbird, Sea-Chicken?” Meybird whaup a Messy Eater.
“Kites ‘n’ Storks? Silverbird?” Ne-ne Raven Coot Knot.

Meat, Tunafish? My bird was such a messy eater,
Knives and forks? Silver? No, no Raven could not.

Alle Buteo Shag Puttock Eryr clothes, gwaz Bunting smólach ole Culottes.
“Io Fulmar,” buidhe Raven Nairy Wash-tail’d gé dish er mop.
Wren Míg Little Gull Raven gwaz Rhea-ly Wheary,
Messy Eater dat Raven Gull . . . Peggy Dishwasher shooi Knot.

All beautiful she’d take off her clothes, just wearing some old panties,
“I’m full,” but do you think Raven would wash a dish or use a mop?
Miog little Gull Raven was ‘really tired!”,
A messy eater that Raven girl, . . . Peggy Dishwasher she’s not!

“Io Fulmar,” scrabe Raven. “Alala, eos Lavrock Raven Ebb Sleeper.
“I’m full now,” whispered Raven, So I’d rock my girl Raven to sleep.

Dark-Eyes close, Eos wiggle eryr Doo s, ‘till daw Common míog Thunder Pumper.
Her dark-eyes would close, she’d wriggle her toes, till I came with my Thunder Pumper.

‘Tell Pie, Tell-tale”, scrabe Raven. ”Tolmie gé Warbler, I’m Rhea-ly Weerit.”
“Tell-me, tell me a story!,” said Raven. “Tell me something fantastic! I’m really tired . . . “

“Io Chough Raven, Youngas poë Coot alae Robin eun Tealin, . . .”  [work]
Sora Eos Tolmie’s Raven gé a Frigate-bird Warbler ‘bout míoc Doo s on mioc Sea Frigate ‘Pelican’ . . .

“I thought Raven, since you like robbing and stealing so much,
So I told Raven a a Frigate-bird Warbler about my days aboard my old Sea Frigate “Pelican”

Míg:  “Huron gé Gray Jay, Weka Call-up-a-Storm . . .”Fogbird gollan Raen, eun Snowflakes faoileán Doo . . . “Wera alle Sea Birds, Frigate-birds, Alle be Long John Popinjay, daw Raven’s Cuckoo Leader, wild gé Cruchet, eun gé Padge míoc Eye, Spittag lon daw Florican.

“Lake Huron, a grey day, we reckon it will storm, . . . fog turning to rain, and snowflakes falling down . . . We’re sea-men, pirates, I’ll be Long John Popinjay, Raven’s cuckoo leader, with a crutch and a patch over my eye, spitting on the deck .  . . “

Raven: “‘Pelikan’s” gé Bully Shippy, brichty Tip-top!”

“The ‘Pelikan’s in great shape, tip top!”

Míg:   “Bee-eater daw Raven Cuckoo’s Mate, míog Bonxie Blue Stocking Gull . . .
“You’re the Raven Cuckoo’s Mate, my chubby Blue Stocking Gal . . . “

Raven: “Io Amhas Knot Bonxie!”
“I’m not chubby! . . . “

Míg:   “Nope, Yur Knot. ‘Bonxie’ meand Yur ‘brichty’.
 “No you’re not, but in the story you are . . . Bonxie also means you’re ‘bristly’, or ‘bright’ . . .”

Raven: ‘Nun, nun, Bonxie meand Fiach. Saith! ‘Raven’s Knot Bonxie!’ ”
 “No, no. Bonxie means fat. Say it! Raven’s not Bonxie!”

Míg:   “Kool, Kool. Raven’s Knot Bonxie . . . Raven’s Weerit daw Youngas Bonaparte Gull on daw Frigate Pellikan. Veery Prinia Doo . Wee Owl Tam Veery Gled Eos Ennet!”
“Fine, fine. Raven’s not Bonxie. . . . Raven was the youngest Bonaparte girl on the Frigate ‘Pelikan’. Very pretty too. We were all very glad you’re on it!”

Raven: “Top of daw Moorhen Doo ya . . . Knot Doo Shebby”
“Top of the morning to you. . . not too shabby.”

Míg:   “Ceolaire Sailí baou Doo f Nightjar, alle Madagascar!”
“Set sail by dead of night, foir Madagascar!”

Raven: “Aye Aye, Courser!”
“Aye aye Sir!”

Míg:   “Weerit Hooligan Murderin Pies, Robin eun ‘Tealin Awteal yachts alae Anchor Bird . . . “Dunter Kowshot fired Grapeshot alae de Whalebird Clipppers.

“We’re hooligan murdering pirates, robbing and stealing all the yachts at anchor . . . then we fire grapeshot at the whaleboat clipper ships . . “

Raven: “Aye Aye,!”
“Aye Aye!”

Míg:   “Killigrew Alle Daw Sailorbirds. wild much Aderyn du, . . . Tuke nary gé Hosterage, eun rab eala Munia lon board. . . . Half-a-Shirt our Pirate Man-o-war, fly daw Tricolored Heron alle Madagascar!”

“We’ll kill all the sailors on board, with much daring do , . . . and take nary a hostage, rob all the money on board. We’ll half-mast our Pirate Man-o-War and Fly the Tri-colors to Madagascar!”

      “Míg trosen Shippy Screw: ani Old Sailor’s Soul Ne-ne ‘Thack Sparrow’, ani Woodcock Pilot’s Mate. Míg Carrion Crow Nune Scobby, ani Ship Starling . . .
“My chosen ship’s crew: an old soul sailor named “Jack Sparrow” and a Woody Pilot’s Mate. My Carrion Crow named Scooby, and a Ship’s Starling . . . “

Raven: “Nunne Tom Kelly. Daws miog!”
“The Ship Starling is named ‘Tom Kelly’! He’s mine!”

Míg:   “Raven’s Ship Starling . . . eos Gannet gé Peggy Diswasher, eun gé Babax Doo . . .
“Raven’s ship starling . . . we also had a one legged galley scrub, and a Babax too, a Tropic-bird . . .

“Ani Burgomaster Assilag eean Hatchet Face . . .
“Io Boatswain, a Bosun Bird hag gé Corvid Scimitar . . .

“And a Quartermaster with a hatchet face,
  and a Boatswain, . . Bosun-bird who had a curved saber . . ."

Míg:   Alle Rotten Doo Daw Corr!”
“All rotten to the core!”

Raven: “Rotten Doo Daw Corr!”
“Rotten to the core!”

Míg:   “Eos Wallcreep-ed Boatswain Bird alae Anchorbird, . . .
      “Ear-tick Herd Moor Fowl play,

“I crept up on the Bosun-bird while we lay at anchor . . 
 I heard more foul play, . . . 

Raven: “Doo Dunn Gullet alle daw Shippy’s Screw?”
“Are we going to kill all the crew””

Míg:   “Coot doo! Wader . . . wader! . . . Osprey-ed Whaup Popinjay Bosun’bird, daw Bullhead, drinkin‘ Sprog, singin’ “Scandaroon”.

“Wait! Patience . . I spotted that Popinjay Bosun, by the bulkhead, drinking grog, singing Scandaroon’. . .

“Doggone Wren Bos’n Bird Tuke Owlet eryr Riflebird!
“Smee, Long John, Hem Pullet eryr Pistulet: “Esscock-ed?”
“Wryneck Chewink Doo Cassowary?”

“Doggone it then the Bosun takes out his Rifle!
“It’s me, Long John. He pulls out his pistol. “Is it cocked?” ask I.
“Why are you being so wary?”

Raven: “Daw Bosun-bird’s Gwan a Gannet!
“The Bosun’s going to get it!”

“Ja Twink Fody Godwit Duck Hawk míog Pistolet?”, scraich ‘dat ole’ Goshawk!
“Screech! Owl Chukka’da Cleaver! Spittag eos Ole Anvilhead ‘n Doo !

“You think I forgot to cock my pistol?” screached that old Goshawk.
“Yow!” I threw an axe! Split the old Anvilhead ‘n two!

“Uria Dunbird!”
“You’re done bird!”

Raven: “Dunbird!”

Míg:   “Tuke alle daw Yoldring! Chauk Auk Daw Fool’s Coat Ovenbird! Kilhog alle Daw Screw!
Eos May Eos Whaup míog Hosterage!”

“Take all the gold! Chuck all the fool’s gold overboard! Kill all the crew! You may whip our hostages!!

Raven: Dunne Knot Whip Tom Kelly! Youngas Anser Doo Raven’s Pal!”
“Doo n’t whip Tom Kelly! He’s the youngest, and he’s Raven’s pal!"

Míg:   “Tit Tuke Moor Fowl Play Doo Chait dem Dunter Bustards,
       “Wera Roberd Alle dem Hill-robin Chaits, eun Tuke Lyrie gé Hosterage . . .
       “Killdeer-ed em Alle, eun Pootoo-ed daw Boobies Ovenbird.”

“It took more foul play to cheat those stupid bastards.
We robbed all the stealing cheats, and took nary a hostage.
In the end we killed them all, and put their bodies overboard.”

Raven: “Daw Sea is Red wid Bloodbird! Nora Grús Raven eun Long John.?”
“The sea is red with blood! Now it’s just Raven and Long John! ”

Míg:   “Dakerhen Doo Port Tinamou, Scutty Beach-bird. ______ Gnatcatcher!
“Take her in to Port Tinamou and beach her! They’ll not catch her!”

Raven: “Aye, aye Courser!”
“Aye, aye. Of course Sir!”

Míg:   “Alle de Screw dyke of Tithys, Miliaria an’ Brain Feverbird . .
       “Shepsters eun Sea Thiefs, Hang da Haggister, _________

“All the remaining crew died of typhus, malaria and Brain Fever . . .
“Cheaters and Sea-thiefs, Doomed to hang, all of them . . . . 

“Amhas Hooligan eun daw Lammergeier, Murdering Pies, Hangbirds Fody Garrot wee oul gwaz . .  “
“We were hooligans on the lamm, murdering jays, Hangbirds for the Garrot we all were . . . “

Whewer! Míog Flufftail’s Dunter Alala, Snoring-Fody-Rail. . . .
Whew! My Flufftail’s gone to sleep at last, snoring for real.

“Coot Night Raven . . . “
“Good Night Raven . . . “

Io Lovebird Tarrock Raven Alala,
Wren Daw Loon of Doo is Dunter.
Quick-me-Dick Puttock Wren Raven’s Alala,
Eider Colm eun eryr Spiderhunter . . .

I loved to rock Raven asleep,
When the end of day was done.
Quickly slip in my pecker when Raven’s asleep,
And web her spider’s nest..


“Mourning Dovekie, Kittiwake!”
“Good morning dove pie, time to wake up!“

“Wake-up! Takahe of this!” scrabe Raven, Míg Gull Chough Doo light eean Reefer,
Raven Whaup míog Gull-friend nóra, Ani Chough Sea-hen Whaup Akepa.
Wee oul Grús Doo Grebes smokin’ weed, Ani Chough wee oul míog go Lapwing,
I’d give Eryr gé Dunlin Goldring, Chough wee oul míog Teal Daw Knot.

“Wake up! Take a hit of this,” said Raven. My Gull had thought to light a reefer.
Raven was my girlfriend now, and I thought she was a keeper.
We were just two Grebes smoking weed, and I thought we might go elope,
I’d give her a plain goldring, so I thought we might tie the knot.

Morning míoc Mermaid Whaup Lavy,
Cedar Wax’ing eryr Hairy Pippi Stinkpot
Robinet running Water Ouzel, eyre Garganey,
Wren Raven Pearl Dipper Bouger Laverock.

In the morning my Mermaid was washing
Waxing her hairy pipi on the pot.
The water was running water, she was gargling
She put her pearls up on the sink.

Wren Gull Tuke gé Razorbill
eun Shagged eryr Hairy Wicket,
Io Huplin, Skarf, Dip daw Pearls . . .
eun Eos Chough Doo Stuff them Innet!

Then my Gull took out her razor
and shaved her Hairy Cunt,
I was hoping, alas, to dip those pearls
And I thought to stuff them in it!

Razorbill, Water Ouzel, Garganey, Bouger, Huplin, Skarf, Dip Pearl (‘the pearls’), Robinet (running Wader at the Robinet), Tithys (‘tie this’), Lintie (Owl Lintie or ‘I’ll untie’, also ‘linty’), Muffie, Hoodie, Stiltie (‘still tie my shoes’), watter laverock (‘water washingup’), swabie (‘swabbing’), Scarf, Culotte, Wedgie, Black Hudie, Leatherbreeches, Black-Head, Half-a-Shirt, Jumper, Fool’s Coat, Waxbill, Bristlehead, Noisy Scrub-bird, Scrubtit

“Lintie Scarf, Tithys Black Hudie, “Venetian Bird”, . . . Owl Grebe yur Culotte gé Wedgie!”
Leatherbreeches, Black-Head, Half-a-Shirt, Jumper, Fool’s Coat,
Common Gull lets Devil Doo wnhead, Screwbird, Moor Tit Horney Wig!
Yarwhelp Raven? gé Shrieker? gé Barker? Spur Hornpie Doo Wipe Basscock!

“Tie this black hood, I’ll untie this scarf, and give your panties a wedgie!
Put on leather trousers, with a black head, half a shirt and a jumper, 
Common Gall let’s get down and dirty, screw, more horny tits and a wig!
You’re complaining? Are you a shrieker? A barker? Don’t want to fuck my big cock?

A Gannet eun gé Gannet, míog Willie Beets Puttock eryr Mum Muffin,
“Yuhina Owlet?” scraich míog Horie Goose, “Stumpy Dick’s gé Little Corporal Post-driver”,
A Proud Tailor Doo Youngas Water Pipit, Biter White-Rump,
Immer Muffie, Immer Thummi, Immer Skunk Duck, Raven’s gé Cock Robin!

Again and again my Willie Beets put up into her Muffin ass,
“You in or out?” screamed my whoring goose, “Seems you’re stumpy Corporal’s a little Post-driver!
A proud tailor to the youngest water pisser, I bit her white rump.
In her ass, in her tummy, in her cunt, . . . Raven’s robbing my cock!

“Míg Shrill Cock is Sed Cock? Aiye Raven?
“Youngas gé Barker, gé Yelper? Aiye Raven?
“Aiye Raven? Youngas gé Hornpie?
“Lika Pickcheese Wedgie, Aiye Raven?”
Trice Cock-ed Eos Watercock, Raven’s High-hole,
Io Feltie Vigor’s Wren, míog Ozel-ed oula Raben’s Butterbutt.

Miog shrill cock is a sad cock? Eh Raven?
“You’re a barker and a yelper? Eh Raven?
Eh Raven? You’re a little Horney cunt
Want a tight little wedgie, Eh Raven?
Thrice I fucked her ass, and then her mouth,
I felt vigorous when my come oozed out of her butt.

Wren Eos Chought Tom Harry Eryr, Eos Whewer-ed eryr long e-Chough,
Gannet gèadh Marrot eun Bushtit Park, Io cawed gé Rosy Pastor
Gé Coot Hedbridal Sandpiper, Gallah Wind-Eryr-over,
Raven Whaup Míg Squeezy Gull Bride, Myna Gull hag gé Bleedin’ Heart.

Then I thought to marry her, I’d woe-ed her long enough.
We were going to get married in Bushtit Park, I called a Rosarian Pastor.
I could have gotten a marriage license, a party would win her over.
Raven was my Squeezy Girl bride, my girl had a bleedin’ heart.

“Common Gull. Loxops da Hos! Time Doo Guan eean Quetzal!”

Winged Migration.

Jamaica Owl Tuke a Cuban-idae,
a-Loon wid eean Puerto-Rican Tody,
A Momotidae Akepa daw Doo ctorbird away,
eun Akepa Doo Murre aw-Teal-y Noddy!

In Jamaica I’ll take a Cuban idea,
alone with a Puerto-Rican Rum toddy.
A Momma today keeps the Doctor away, 
and keep tomorrow awfully naughty.

A, Reedbird, a Grass-chat full of Pyot,
Eead rather ram it up a crab, than come in that ole Stinkpot
Poipín her anas bahamensis.

Raven Coot eean Congo Sunbird, Dabchick scrabed a wild Gool French Pelikan.
Raven Straw-sucked Sora Black Tit-ies, Ouzel Common’d eryr Io Plum-pudden.
Raven Coot eean Black-capped Pygmy Tyrant, hoot Grebe’d us smólach Devil Doo wnhead,
“Grebe míog eean Stumpy Dick, Knot eean Blackcock!”, zoo scraich daw Dakerhen.

Raven caught a Congo Sunbird, that chick screamed in a wild French dialect,
Raven straw sucked her black tits, I came onto her plum pudding.
Raven caught a black-capped Pigmy Tyrant, who gave us some devilish head,
“Give me your stumpy dick! It’s not a Blackcock!”, screeched that Tribal hen.

‘N Amazon, eean Rood Goose míog Goolie Raven Coot,
A Jet Black Manakin, Anaripe Manakin Shag gwaz Doo .
“I C-uban-ed eean Trogon! Pootoo eean Trogon! Pullet outta eryr Trogon Darter.
Sawhet I Poottoo-ed ani Amazon Trogon, Common Doo eryr Glittering Kingfisher.

In the Amazon, a Rude Goose my girlie Raven caught,
A Jet black model, and a ripe model she was hot!
“I see you banned rubbers! Put on a Trojan!” She pulled one out of her garter.
So I put on an Amazonian Trojan, then came into her glittering Kingfisher.

“Guianan wid yorlin Cock-of-the-rock, Common Guianan!”

Raven Grebed Black-tailed Peru trainbearers, an Incan Dove,
up-Pootoo eun Ancient Incas Hillstar,
A Lesbia Nuna Sora spotted Raven, Hoopoo-ed Doo Coot eryr Resplendent Woodstar.
Daw Train wee oul meta Tiny Tyrant Manakin, ani Andean Goolie Lanisome Pyot eyre.
Weo Stripped daw Tiny Tit Babbler raw, Raven Tuke eean Tern as eean Incan Cherry Sucker.

Raven caught a black-tailed railway porter, and an Incan Dove,
up at an ancient Incan hillstation,
A lesbian Nun spotted Raven, she hoped to Coot her resplendent gem.
On the train we all met a tiny midget model, and she lent us some pot of hers.
We stripped the tiny midget raw, Raven took a turn as a Cherry Sucker.

Eyre Hairy Wicket Weerit Ruff Sandpiper, “Tits Sanderling míog Peaty Cock”
“Pootoo Oilbird eun míog Little Corporal,” Stilt Scrubtit-ed míog Bristlecock,
Ramgoos’d eryr Dwarf Willy Goo, Io Rhea-ly Coot Bog Pumper’d eyre,
Rhea-ly tuke eean Gentoo Man, Pootoo míog Dikkop eyre Ars-Nicker.

Her hairy wicket was like rough sandpaper, “It’s taking the skin of my meaty Cock!”
“Put oil on my little Corporal,” still it scrubbed my Bristlecock.
I Ram-goosed her dwarf Willy Goo, I really could have pumped her, 
It really took a gentleman, so I put my dick up her Ars-nicker.

Sora grús daw Peruvian’s Tern, Doo Tockus míog Hollin Cock,
“Io Born-ean Leafbird! Takahe eean Tockus eun Wren Grebe Mea Yar Gutter Cock!”
Daw Nunbird Saith “Espirito Santo”, Daw Honeyeater Grebe-d Raven’s Ruddy Diver,
Sookie Nene Shag Tuke míog King-Harry, Puttock Harfangs Dryw míog Bloodbird’d Post-driver.

So then it was the Peruvian’s turn, to take my Hollering cock,
“I’m a Born-again Pot smoker! Take a toke of this, and then give me your Guttercock!
The Nun whispered, “Our Father who art in Heaven” the Honeyeater grabbed Raven’s Ruddy Diver,
Suck then shag, she took my King-Harry, putting her fangs into my bloody Post-driver!

“Manu Mea! . . . Daw Rood Goose Nun’s eean Common Law Biter!”
“Mother of God! The Rude Goose Nun’s a Common Law Biter!”

Anpitta Eyre! Owl Gnateater!,” scrabe Io.
“I pity her! But I won’t eat her!,” I yelled.

Io Fulfit annet Socan’d Eira Felty Fare, “Guianan,”,
Míog Cock-of-the-Rock Weerit Rhea-ly Puffin.
“Common Doo míog Syrinx! “ scrabe daw Andean Gull,
Pottoo-d Putta Anairetes, ani Agile Tit-Tyrant wid eean Mum-ruffin.

I felt up and sucked her Felty Fare. “Go on in!”
Miog Cock-of-the-Rock was really puffing.
“Come on to my Syrinx!” screamed the Andean Girl,
I put it u

Trip to Venice - Boatbill

In Blightie smólach Jennie Crudle, eun eryr smólach Dickie Pug,
‘N Tinkershire, Hoopoe-d lon míog Postdriver, eean Noisy Minor gollan míog Waur Cock.
Weerit Wren Tuke Virgin Bird, hoot Doo eryr Isle of Manx
Raven grebed eean Creamy-rumped Miner bird, Mig Common-ed Doo eryr Syrinx.
Eean White-rumped Bare-eyes’d Hedge Hatcher, wid Blue-eyed Felty Fare . . .
Weo Bustard eryr Hymenops Openbill, wid míog Logcock Postdriver.

In England we met one Jennie Crudle, and her little pug dog.
In Tinkershire she hopped on my Postdriver, a noisy minor with my Warcock.
Then we tuke our virgin, out to her Isle of Manx,
Raven grabbed the creamy-rumped juvenile, I came onto her syrinx.
She was a white-rumped innocent fledgling, with blue eyes and smooth cunt,
We busted her hymen wide open, with my Logcock Postdriver.

E Chough daw Eurasian Doo tterell, Youngas Twink me eean Wandering Tattler,
Moorcock anent Moorhens eun my Wifie, Doo eean flock of White-tailed Ptarmigans,

Alle Daw Munla Eos Dunn Linnet Eryr, Raven hoks eryr Youldring Scarf,
Alle Míg Wagel’s what Weeo, ain’t Worthen Murre Fool’s Coat
Daw Gull’s gé Chait, where’s Míg Goldie Pin, Ya Hok-ed Tit Doo , Plunket Doo !
Io Knot gé Betting-bird, Eos Goshawked gé Bankbird Account.
Myot Bankbird Scrabe, Chack Míg Bankbird, nun Murre Munia!
Alle Daw Wagels Weo Grebed, golvan up fody Pyot eun Smoke!

All the money I lent to her, Raven pawns her Gold necklace,
All my wages plus what we owe, isn’t worth more than fool’s gold.
The Gull’s a cheat, where’s my gold pin, you hocked it too? Plunket down!
I’m not a betting bird, but I’ll bet she made off with my entire bank account.
Miog banker called, “Check your account, there’s no more money!”
All the wages we earned, gone up in Pot and Smoke!

Owl Biter Dusky Twinspot

Norawa Wifie Whaup Barwing Munia: Raven’s eean Reeve-r Bird Doo Lovebird eyre Pyot.
Miog lovely was borrowing money, Raven’s a Reefer-bird who love’s her pot.

“Caw Caw! . . . Raven’s gé Reedbird Doo Lovebird eyre Pyot”

Raven nighidh Monia, Eos Loon-ed Raven Murre Minia,
Sora e-Chough Eos goedh daw Merganser, Eos saith “Daws Rhea Knot poë Eponia!"
Tit’s gé Pitta, Tit’s gé Shama eun whaup’s Murre,
Mey Bird Raven’s gé Siskin Greenleaf addict fody Sora!

Raven was out of cash, so I loaned her some more money.
Sure enough, when I went to the bank, they said,”_____________”
It’s a pity. It’s a shame and what’s more,
Miog bird Raven’s a freaking pot addict for sure!

"Caw Caw! . . . gé Greenleaf addict fody Sora!"

Uria gé Little Grassbird . . Grassquit you’ll Doo fody Sora!
But what are these Needletales? Nunne Lyrebird Ani Murre!
“Duneur Grebe míog Bullfinch, else Owl Grebe Eos gé Black-eye!
Whaup are these Stubtails eun Needle Tails? Yorlin gé Juncoo Liarbird!", Harp-eye.

“You’re a little grass adict. You’ll quit is what you’ll do for sure.
But what are these needlemarks? Don’t lie to me any more!
“Don’t give me any bullshit, else I’ll give you a black-eye!
“What are these cuts and needlemarks? You’re a lying junkie!”, said I.

“Io Linnet yorlin ten Francolins, Doo ’s end uria Shortwing!”
 Weerit daw Mula Raven Omeath? A Doo-Doo Junco Fody Sora..
“The Monal’s Alle Io! Eos Doo n't hag Ani Manee Moa!“
“Iora Barwit Nun Munia!! Eos Grebe Tit to me!”

I lent you five hundred bucks! But at the end of the day you’re short!
Where is the money you owe me? You’re a Doo-Doo junkie for sure.
“That money’s all I have. We don’t have any more!”
“I didn’t borrow any money! You gave it to me!”

“Forktail daw Munia Eos Linnet, ya Little Northern Flicker!
“Yur gé Bleedin’-heart, Eos goedh no Lark! Uria gé lousy Tit-Babbler
“Wheres daw Minla Eos Linnet Tinamou?
That Gull Raven of Myna is gé Bustard Juncoo fody Sora!

Fork over the money I lent you, you little thief!
“You’re a bleeding heart, you have no sense of humor, you’re a lousy talker!”
“Where’s the money I lent to you!”
That girl Raven of mine is a busted junkie for sure.

“Caw Caw!” . . . Raven’s gé Juncoo fody Sora!”

Oh Gull’ll Pratincole, nene Crane eun Crow
Wren both Welcome, Nene Sea-Swallow.
But Nene Eos learned Míg Gull Raven,
Wood Jabiru me eun daw Knots fody Sora.

Oh the girl will prat and preen, then Crane and Crow,
We’ll both come, and then she’ll swallow
But then I learned my Gull Raven
Would jab me in the nuts for sure.

“Caw Caw!” . . . “Jabiru eun daw Knots fody Sora!”

Io gowk-ed Míg Bulbul Teal-in’, Silver Kites eun Forks eun Tern
Wag-in-Tail, Cockoo, an’ actin’ Alle Imperial Dove eun Bittern.
I caught my Bulbul stealing, silver kives and forks in turn,
Waggin’ her tail, acting nuts, like the world owes her a living.

“Ibis poë Sora, Eos Knot bean Greebe-y, I’ve bean guise Veery Noddy.”
“Guan Antshrike gé Tanager, yorlin Knot gé Gentoo Man!"
Io Coot Knot Turter, Owl Egret forever, Eos cocked Raven lon daw Florican.
“Standgall! Io May Fowl me Siskin, Tit Smews how Shrike u Skimmer.
“Knot Toucan, Lumme go, l promise Owl Grassquit
“Knot go, Knot go grús Yeet”, Eos Mocking Eryr Penquin.

“I am so sorry. I’ve not been greedy, I’ve just been very naughty.”
“Go on and strike a teenager, you’re no gentleman.”
I could not hurt her, but I’ll regret forever, I knocked her on the floor.
“Stand up girl!” “You make me sick. It stinks how you use your fists.”
“Doo n’t touch me. Let me go. I promise I’ll quit.”
“Doo n’t tuuuuuch meee. . Let me go just yeeeet.” I’m mocking her.

“Uria gé Malle-Fowl!” ‘Cnota Doo n wild Eos Piculet.”
“No Hoatzin, Owl throw yorlin Owlet lon ur Nightjar!”
No Monal left daw? Yourlin Tuke it Owl!
Doo daw Hamercop Yoit must go Doo Moorhen!”

Youre a nasty man. I’m not done with you yet!”
“I’m not joking. I’ll throw you out on your ass!
“No money left? You took it all!
“To the cops you must go tomorrow morning!”

“Caw! Caw! Doo daw Hamerkop Yoit moss deuk Moorhen!"

Godwit Owl Coot Gabh Eryr Boobywhite,
From Heron Owl Knot Thrush about Tit.
Gannet, Eos Takahe Eryr Doo gé Triller “Drongo”
Antwren, Shag Shrikes eun Thrashers
Wren Owl Fly Oat Hen eun Catcher! . . . . . “Caw Caw!”

God knows I cculd grab her white tits and forget it,
From here on in I’ll not make anything of it.
Again I took her to the thriller, “Drongo”
And when she strikes out and thrashes
I’ll fly out and catcher!

“Caw Caw! . . . Wren Owl Fly Oat Hen Catcher!”

In smólach ways Immer Fairrge
Io Rhea-ly hate Doo Harrier-her,
Eider Roller eun re-Tern, Raven bean guise Robin eun gé 'Teal-in
Iora Doo hag Eryr ConDoo r, Oriol Doo harle Eryr make Dikkop
Raven’s gé Doo llarbird, shilfa Gyre gé Tail Weaver
Tit’s Alle Fish Owl, Oh shilfa Crane eun Crow,
And Nene Swallow, Alle nice eun sobby.
“Caw Cawed Raven. Yoit Loon-ey fody Hobby!"

In some ways I’m her Father
I really hate to bother her,
I’d roll her in return, Raven’s been just robbing and stealing
I ought to have her arrested, or to have her make it up,
Raven’s a money lover, she’ll weave a whole bunch of lies
It’s all false. Oh she’ll Crane and Crow
And then Swallow, all nice and sobby.
“Caw caw Raven. You’re Loon-ey for a hobby.”

“Caw Caw!. . . Yoit Loon-y fody Hobby.”

We golvan back Doo BushTit Park,
Raven Ani Tuke a-Gannet Doo Shag’n.
Meaig One-Eyed Wryneck Coot a Wagel
And Eider Ruff Shag-ed míog Starling Raven.

We drove back to Bushtit Park
Raven and I took again to shagging.
Miog one eyed chicken-neck __________
And I rough shagged my darling Raven.

Takahe Doo Lasagra eun Colm Doo eryr Whitebelly,
Grebe eryr Culottes gé Wedgie, míog Gorcock’s Common Ouzel
Mockingbird Yinn-raape míoc Little Gull Raven, Puttock eryr White-ass eun Dunair
A Bull-bat Crick-et Fody Homer, Linnet Driver Doo eryr Willy Wicket.

I popped two Viagra’s and came onto her white belly,
Grabbed her panties, wedged them into her crotch, my giant cock dripping ooze,
Pretending to rape my little gall Raven, I put her white ass up in the air,
Miog cricket bat for a home run, I sent a line drive into her Hairy Wicket.

“Caw Caw!. . . Linnet Driver Doo eryr Willy Wicket.”

Nunne Jay Raven’s gé Driver, Divin’ long daw AuDoo bon
Knot Redhen speeding, Grús Lazuli Bunting along,
Lyrebird Eos eun Raven’s Lapwing, ticklin’ Eryr Orioles,
Whaup fun Coot-ing Eryr Titties, Sea-hen Swan er Doo Moles.

One day Raven’s our driver, driving along the Audobon,
Not really speeding, just lazily punting along.
I was lying in Raven’s lap, tickling her little Orioles,
What fun counting her Tities, seeing just one or two Moles.

“Lumme Plover, Guan haver craw Pipipi!”
“Let me pull over. I have to go Pippi!”

“Auk gots to Peacock doo!”
“I have to piss too”

“Tupi corr Knot Tope, Gnatcatcher is da Quetzal!”

“Apus apus!”

“Murre Pipipi Raven? Yorlin Wood-Pewee daw Mississippi!”

“Youngas Anser? . . . “

“Io Herd Io. Owl Wilson Plover . . . “

“Guan Bustard, Caca’ll fall oula, a-Loon Wind Turdus Grayi!”

“Kaka tua Raven? . .Io Wilson Plover Lesser Larus Upupa Doo eun pipixcan eun Peace . . . “

“Plover, Plover! Else Io May Fowl da Caracara!”

“Guan Raven. Pick-a-tree and Cacatuidae!”

“Shrike Raven! Pipipi lon Daw Tarmanach! Knot eun Daw Minivet!
Pueo Yoit Skinks! “

Raven Dun Upupidae eun Piddle-d míog Caracara!”

Just Nene Eos herd gé Honker! "Moss Bummer, Owl Caracara Killdeer!
Meaig precious Red Minivet, míog Red Lory Coot Knot steer!
Daw Whewers Warblered, wee oul Rooked fody Towhee truck
That Whaup Daw moment I’d colm Doo Féarán, Raven hag run Sora luck.

Io Sora Crested Copperbird cromán over,
“Ibis Daw Sherriff’s Man”, hem Shout, "Plover! Plover!

Raven scrabe “If Hill Plover I’ll Plover, if Knot Ibis Stane Putter”

“I Yellae Pliver, buidhe Eos ain’t Whistlin’ Pliver No Murre!
Haffinch yorlin Knot Plover, I’ll Duck Hawk míog Pistolet fody Sora!

“I Owl Ruddy Plovered. Our wheels are Warblered,
We Shriked gé Whitetail, unless yoit Knot Sea-hen!”

Ibis Givin’ yorlin Daw Collar’d Dove,”, scraich Daw Copperbird,
"Osprey-ed that Raven’s lon Daw Lammergeier.”
Raven Whaup Bustard. Daw Copperbirds hag e-Chough up Doo Eryr.
Alle Eryr Robin eun Teal-in. Raven Whaup Bustard Fody Sora.

I was going to give you the collar,” screamed the Cop
“I saw that girl Raven’s on the lamm”
Raven was busted, the Cops had caught up to her.
All her robbing and stealing, Raven was busted for sure.

“Oh Dendrocopos, Eos fell Elf Owl,”
"Owl hear Eos sing Canary!” scraich daw Greater Adjutant.
He Pootoo an Auklet
“Ain’t Dunlin Nunne’” Raven scrabe.
Adjutant mustered gé Leptoptilos dubius,
“Fulvetta confession," scrabe hem.
"Io want gé Fulmar Avadavat," scrabe Raven.

“Oh Copper, I fell afoul!”
“I’ll hear you sing like a canary,” screamed the greater Adjutant.
“I ain’t done nothin’,” Raven screamed.
The Adjutant mustered an unsigned warrant.
“A full confession,” he screamed.
“I want a Lawyer. I’m going to make an affidavit!”

Miog Pigeon Felt a Fowl.

Io oula-ed hem gé Silverbill, Dendrocopos hag gé Golden-eye,
Raven’s Breasted Oriole Inishowen, Daw Copperbird Druid Osprey.
Dendrocopos Cawed daw Paddywhack, saith Judcock Chukka Boobook alala míog Gull,
"Fork-me-Over smólach Raventail, an’ Eos Knot Gannet Doo Jay-L!"
Adjutant scrabe Raven gé Lyrebird,
Raven scraich "Goldfinch yurself, Eos Fulmar Horn-ed Bustard!"
Adjutant Puttock Raven Paddywhack, Aninto Jay-L míoc Giolla goedh Buzzard.

I offered him a twenty, but the cop had a golden eye,
Raven’s breast and tits were showing, the Copperbird did Osprey,
So he called the Paddywagon, said the Judge would throw the book at my girl,
“Fork me over some of that Raven tail, and you won’t go to Jail!
Raven screamed, “Go fuck yourself, you fucking horney bastard!”
The Adjutant said Raven was a liar, and into jail my girl got buzzed.

Ibis Lustrous Avocet, Wrentit papers wild gé Billed Merganser,
Io cawed míog Assemblyman, Babbler-ed ani Avadavat, Doo gé Moustach-Billed Accentor,
Next Twink Eos Kno’t, Forktailing Mór Moola, Ibis posting Quail,
Alle Quail Gannet gèadh míog Goolie Raven, Boobook’d oula dis Godwit Jay-L!

"Caw! Caw! . . . Oula dis Godwit Jay-L!"

Raven’s oula lon Parula,
Crake! Tit cost míog Fody Francolins.
Nene Whaup Doo Eos Twink Shag Doves ?
Caw Caw! Shag throws gé punch,
At míog Broadbilled Treecreeper!

Raven’s out on parole.
Cripes! It cost me two thousand dollars!
Then what do you think she does?
She throws a punch
At my Broad-billed Treecreeper!

Puttock Daw Munia Iora!

"No Parula," saith Daw Ibis d’bill, Tit’s Alle Míg Bank Wood Swallow,
Sapayoa yur Bill, eun Owl Takahe care of yur Papyrus Canary!
“Ibis Knot Daw Least Tit Greeby! Eos Coot Least haver craw Graceful Pitta fody Rhea-L”
_________ At Least Swan Snyth éan Jay-L!

Someday Eos Rhea ought t’ Thrasher, Raven’s Gooney daw Lammer-geier,
Roadrunnin’, droppin’ bones, Robin‘ eun Teal-in’ Murre.

Mig, Owl Knot Hoot Antshrike gé Tanager (juvenile)
Raven’s Hoopoe-n Owl Gnatcatcher
Ibis Sora . . . Oxpecker’d eryr Doo be Pitta
Io Rhealy hate Doo Spurfowl Eryr,
Io Rhealy ought Doo Chukkar Peafowl oula,
For what Raven Dunne Doo Doo me daw Dane.

Me, I’ll not hurt or strike a teenager,
Raven’s hoping I’ll not catch her.
I was sure, I expected her to be contrite
I really hated to be suspicious of her
I really ought to chuck her Peafowl out,
For what Raven did to me that day.

“Caw Caw! . . . Fody what Raven Dunne Doo Doo míog daw Dane.”

Eos passed. Eos thought Shag Wood Ptarmigan, Míg Poorwill sang eun HagDoo n,
Io opened up Míg Crow, Osprey’d hoot rang gwaz Raven.
Blackcap, wearing Macaw, eun hair lookin Alle Curlew,
For gé moment Eos Coot a’ Crossbill-ed Eryr Violet-Ear,
Sora Eos Daw Ani felt Míg Sad Cock Groundpecker.

Eons passed. I thought she would come again, my wish was heard in Heaven.
I opened up my door one day, I saw who had rung was Raven.
Wearing a black cap and a mackinaw, hair looking all curled.
For a moment I could have whacked her ears,
But I felt my sad cock swelling again . . . 

Io Féarach Pyot Moorhen, eos Lovebird hag Pootoo eun Guan,
Raven Grebed gé Riflebird, Wren Eos Gabh Tit Doo .
Nene Raven Pullet gé Razorbill, Eos Kite Eryr Rubythroat,
Ani threw Eryr Guan Daw Florican. “Common Ant Shrike gé Tanager”
“Turdus assimilius! Owl Grebe Eos gé Blackeye fody this!
“Auk!” Shag cried, “I’ll Seahen Eos gèadh Daw Garot!”
“Doo n’t Eos Toucan! Godwit uria Guan-a Gannet!”
“Sibia care! Uria gé Bustard”, poë Shag Crowed.
Io Smew Nóra Eos Chukar Oathen.
Raven hag Doo Flamingo.

I feared that morning, our love had gotten up and gone,
Raven grabbed my rifle, then I knocked it down.
When Raven pulled a razor, I caught her Rubythroat,
I threw her on the floor again, “Come on and strike a teenager!
“You shit-hole! You’ll get a black-eye for this!
“Ouch!” she cried, “I’ll see you get the garrote!
“Don’t you touch me! God knows you’re going to get it!”
“See if I care! You’re a bastard,” so she crowed,
I and knew now I had to throw her out. 
Raven had to go.

“Caw Caw! . . . Chukar out! Raven hag Doo Flamingo!"

Io Cawed daw Copperbirds, daw came Flamingo-over.
Aninto Jay-L Raven Coot Bustard,

I called the Cops, they came screaming over.
Into jail again, Raven was admitted.

“Uria gé Bustard” Shag Crowed, “Io Chough wee oul Weerit Marial Guan!”
Nene Eos learned Gull Raven, Goyler Jabiru-d míog Knots fody Sora:
“Ibis Bay Wren Eos gé Child . . . Caw Caw! “
Súdhiúlaí Ibis gé Mute Swan,
“Youngas Tuke míog Common Law Wifie.
“Youngas pate míog Alamootie!”
Whaup Eos súdhiúlaí Heron? Coot Sibia gé Lyrebird?

“You’re a bastard,” she cried, “I thought we were going to get married soon!”
Then I learned that my Gal Raven, would jab me in the nuts for sure.
“I am bearing you a child!”
Suddenly I’m mute as a Swan.
“You’re took me as a Common Law Wife
“You’ll pay alimony!
What am I suddenly hearing? Could she be lying? 

“Crombec! Raven! Crombec! Bee míoc Hebridal Sandpiper!”

“Caw Caw! . . . Crombec! Raven! Crombec!"

A Tyrannulet, a Goony Rood Goose, Flapper, Nut-jobber,

“Is Daw Plaintive Cuckoo?” Scrabe ani Avocet, gollan ani Ara Militaris.
“Friarbird 'n Oilbird . . . Skirl-will-Craik, she’s gé Bataleur,” scraich Daw State Spindalis.
“Io Roberd Beebird alae Stake-driver!” scraich Raven.
“Io Sea gé Turtle Dove”, Spindalis Heron scrabe. “Raven’s gé Bataleur?”
“Doves Raven Haybird gé Lawyerbird?

“Is the plaintiff insane?” asked the lawyer for the prosecution, with a military air,
“Fry her in oil! . . .this girl will crack, though she’s a fighter,” screamed the state prosecutor.

“Standgall. Look-up. How Daws doo defendant plead?”
"Stand up! Face the judge. How does the defendant plead?"

Raven Scréachánn ‘Cnota Guillemot’ eun Regulidae eun Collared-Dove.
Ibis Knot Sora e-Chough, Owl Knot Smee Míg Little Gull Raven, Colleto eun bird-Love.
“Such gé Pitta, poë Sora, such gé Shama wee oul gos Plover’d,
A Pochard fody Whip-or-Poorwill, our Lovebird’s Gooney Alle Olla.

Raven screeched, “Not Guilty!” and was led away in chains.
I was not sorry enough, I’ll not see my little girl Raven, ever again in love.
“Such a pity, so sorry, such a shame we got pulled over.
______________, our love is all gone.

I’d Shoveler Turdus Fody Biter Tit, Wee Owl Knot flap baou Tit!
Tits gé Siskin Shama, eean Pitohui, Raven’s Faoileán Doo .
Knot gé Morrel-hen Tithys Goldfinch Tell-tale Knot:
I Coot Knot Redstart miog Bleeding-heart
Io Loverbird míog Little Gull Raven,
Io Whewer'd Eyre, Whaup't Eyre Knot,
Io Windhover míog Little Gull.
Míg Little Gull Raven, . . . Eos Dunneur eryr Ani Mora.

I’d shovel her shit for a bit of tit, so I’ll not flap about it.
It’s a terrible shame and pity, that Raven’s fallen so,
There’s no moral to this story, no knot to this terrible tale.
I could not restart my bleeding heart.
I loved my little gal Raven.
I wooed her, didn’t whip her.
I won over my little gal.
Miog little Gal Raven, . . . I don’t know her any more.

“Nunne Egrets, from Heron, Cnota Bitterns Alle. Raven’s gé Fregata minor,
“Sterna neglecta, hence plead Guillemot, request gé Lesser Nothura.”
Io Hoopoe-ed daw Haggister Coot Knot Craker.

“No regrets, from here on, I’m not bitter at all. Raven’s no longer a minor.
“With stern neglect, I advise she plead guilty, and request a lesser sentence.
I hoped the Prosecutor would not crack her.

Shag gé Goose lek loose, Doo Boobies, gollan Tits an’ Orioles
She Lovebirds gé Cock-at-tou, an’ gé Pee Wee’s wild Peafowl call,
Alle’s saith eun Dónall, shilfa Crane eun Crow, eun Nene Swallow,
But Eos ain’t no Quail er gé Limp-dic-kin Rail,
So what ever Nuthatch, Shag gé Least Doo nunne Ostrich,
At Least spend Swan Stint eun Jay-L .

She’s a Goose let loose, Doo Boobies with Tits and Orioles
She loves a Cock-at-you, and a Pee Wee’s wild Peafowl call,
When all’s said and done, she’ll Crane and Crow and then Swallow,
But I’m not a Quail, or a Limp dick-en Rail
So whatever happens she’ll at least Doo a stretch
And spend at least one stint in Jail.

“Caw Caw” . . . “An’ Spoon Least Swan Stint eun Jay-L !


Hwamei here? White-eye Doo Tit?
Howlet Mattock Alle? Heron Owl knot Egrets.
Owl Knot Grouse, corr Rail Owl Bird Eos am,
Knot Moorhen, corr Takahe gé Pelican,
Knot Daw Least Bittern, Owlet Takahe míg Tern.
Io thought Eos míog Gnatcatcher.
Whaup Coot Io Doowitcher?
Hwamei Knot Doo Thrasher?
Ibis Knot gé Tell-Tale, Nora Tit Babbler,
Socan Eira Coot Knot stane-chacker?
Whaup athaid Io Dónall Turte Eyre,
Oh Frigate! Nope Owl Knot Thrasher Oiréal Whipporwill!
Wren daw Coronets ‘n Daw Warden, Tuke eryr Incas Jay-L.
Io Kno’t, míog Little Gull Raven’s Knot Gwan Crombec . . .

Why am I here? Why did I do it?
How does it matter at all. From here on no regrets.
I’ll not complain at how burnt I am,
I’m not mourning, or taking blame,
Not the least touch bitter, I’ll take my turn,
I thought they might not catcher.
What could I do with her?
Why am I not to thrash her?
I’m not a tattler nor a gossip
So why could I not stay and check on her?
Oh Hell, I’ll not thrash her or whip her well,
When the guards and the warden took her into jail,
I knew it, my little gal Raven was not going to come back.

Io Coilared míog Dove Raven lon Doo Telephone Bird
“Cheerit! Eos Gwan get Eos lon Parula.

I called my little dove Raven on the telephone.
"Cheer-up! I am going to get you parole.

“Doo Late the Phalarope” . . . Coot eean Telephone Bird miog Gull,
Yaryar Gull Raven ‘s Doo , Diairmín éan Jay’l, Raven Tuke Barbet Chewits.

"Too late, the phalarope . . . couldn't even call on the telephone.
Your gal Raven is done, dying in prison. Raven took sleeping pills and died."

“Caw, caw . . . Raven Tuke Barbet Chewits in Jay-L”
"Caw, caw . . . Raven took barbiturates in jail."


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