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Monday, October 11, 2010

Poem for Raven . . .

Set a place for Raven Karner,
Tallest daughter of a Texas welder.
She came to model in big New York,
Came to learn the knife and fork.

Raven Karner what a pity,
You think of Texas as a place that’s shitty.
To raise your eyes and talk of God,
Fifth Avenue, and your friends so mod.

Raven Karner, what a shame,
You changed your life, and now your name,
Blame folks and friends back home for acts,
Girl what you need are facts.

Raven Karner, Dawkins, Texas,
You've got a six-pack solar plexus.
A better body God never made,
But Raven your heart got so delayed.

Raven Karner, from Dawkins, Texas
Who pierced your navel with that nexus?
Afraid of love, it let you shine,
When I told you of the love of mine.

Love’s a bitch - bless you girl!
For the avalanche you let unfurl.
I see you walking in your thong.
I see us loving, all night long.

In the bath I watch you bathing,
I went through Hell, but got to Heaven.
Raven Karner I see the light,
Like or lump it, you’re mine tonight.

You shot me fast to outer space,
Saw the nursery where stars are made.
Saw the galaxies, thank you girl,
You let me see my love unfurl.

I saw Raven in each grain of dust,
Raven swept up all my lust.
I see the trickster that you are,
Raven girl, you've gone too far.

Flap your wings, let your thong uncurl,
Now I see what you are up to girl,
I tore your feathers off long ago.
You’ll lose much more than clothes you know.

Raven Karner you look for blame,
Be a learner, stop playing games.
Take those feathers, throw them away,
Think about your heart someday.

Then I pinned Raven to my wall,
Raven Karner had it all.
Raven naked, in her feather boa,
Said she liked my protozoa.

Raven Karner wants a Lexus,
To drive her pals from Dawkins, Texas
Come to model in big New York
Come to learn the knife and fork.

Raven Karner you melted Texas,
A welder's daughter who dealt in hexes.
Alas that heart, your God let fade,
Raven's body, God wouldn’t trade.

Raven Karner of Dawkins, Texas
Who pierced your tummy with that nexus?
Afraid of love and yet you shined,
When I told you, of the love of mine.

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