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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Voice

January 21, 1989

A loud voice spoke to me in my sleep. It woke me up, and interrupted my dreams. It spoke slowly and clearly, in a single burst of speech. Some of the words held double meanings but the sense, and the images they conveyed, were exceedingly strong:

"According to Lucifer, the Sun (the Son) represents the intellectual back of the world. It is upheld by him (created by Him) (merely) as a discipline, (though contrary to his own will, as a test). For him, Faith (his Face) is in the Earth."

I remember hearing the words as if spoken, other meanings hung like ragged evidence around a proclamation.

Here is a fragment of the dream prior to this event, which also woke me up:

I was working at a sort of desk job, in an office, on 6th Avenue in New York. Inside the boardroom, an important meeting was taking place. I was not allowed inside, but I greeted each of the men who arrived to attend it, and noticed them just before they went in and closed the door.

They seemed to be in advertising, and film, and business. In the middle of the meeting, my producer Ismail Merchant, materialized and announced that his contract was off, and because of this I could no longer work there. I was disappointed, but in some way Ismail had a claim on my position at the company, so I went around the place bowing politely, Japanese style.

A small Chinese man came out of a hallway and bowed to me, and took note of my dilemma. I asked him about my last paycheck. He told me it was being drawn up within the boardroom, and that I should look in there. Meanwhile, Ismail, as a force, and not as a material being, urged me to leave instantly, and not to bother about the money. I looked into the boardroom and saw the sun high in the sky. At that moment I heard the voice speak.

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