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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

01/25/2007 - Time Capsule

How sweet it is! Realization comes in the form of a time capsule sometimes. I've always believed life was a drama we act in and direct, so that one day we might sit and watch, and understand.

Most play the same dramas over and over. How to bolt off the stage and into the bleachers . . and watch . . from a distance . . . at a script we've written . . . in which I am cast. Now I see.

With what bold felony,
I stole her grateful fire?
Here she posed a mystery,
I so needed to acquire.

I kept her poem along with me,
It glow’d and kept me warm.
Inside she play'd it deep to me,
While I carry’d this song along.

She ferry'd me enthralled,
I met her Mystery.
She carried me out of Hell as well,
Buried deep in me.

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