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Thursday, December 16, 2010

02/15/2007 - Red Series, Green Trucks

M___  came over and we produced this piece which was the first in the Red Series before my Germany trip. From this I learned a lot about the idea of pain and psychic injury. M___ is extremely attuned to this sort of work as she herself is quite a magnetic person and possess a great deal of psychic energy and talent.

M____ has a way of reading my mind . . . but seems somehow blind to the pain she herself has suffered. We spent time talking about this, after making the drawing.

The white drips add poignancy to her emotional injury which she feels like a stab in the gut . . . this must have been how she felt when her boyfriend left her.

When I retouch those areas, I will imagine those pathways beginning to heal.


Today, and again, I noticed about a dozen large green trucks lined up on 25th Street. It was the same scenario last time after M___ left. Each had a huge red bow tied around its cab, like a present. Later I thought they were trucks from a company whose owner had died. All the drivers were headed up into the cemetery. Was it for a burial? Were these vehicles being given as a gift to the cemetery? I can't be sure. Perhaps the earlier line-up was a rehearsal. Had there been another death in the company? The incredible thing was that each of the vehicles had an identical new and shining green paint job.

I must add, that my studio was located on 25th Street in Brooklyn, between 4th and 5th Avenues, in an area called Park Slope South. It's a mix of light industry, commercial, and residential buildings. Rents are a lot lower here than in the proper areas of the 'Slope', or Brooklyn Heights. It's a large converted factory, and looks out onto 25th Street. To the right, up the hill, stands the entrance to Greenwood Cemetery. I've had bizarre experiences there, and in this area, caused I believe, by energy emanating from Greenwood. More than a dozen of my ancestors are buried there as well.

Now, looking back on this event I find myself scratching my head and thinking up other scenarios that could account for it. It was nearly four years ago. To my recollection, they were box trucks, delivery trucks, not vans. They may have been sanitation vehicles. For some reason I usually have good a good memory for such matters, but on this I don't. I do remember traffic backed up behind them, and a lot of horns honking, and it being very noisy in the studio. I also remember that very shortly after M____ left, I took off up the hill on foot to grab a bite.

I never saw any of the trucks again.

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