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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

04/14/2005 - B____ L____

This is the first drawing I did of Becca L___.

Becca has earth mother energy. She is handsome, not beautiful, but is exquisitely formed. She is sculpted, and so has a raw energy.

It is an lethargic, and unfocused energy. Her little dog seems to be the focus of her animation, and attention.

We talked about her interest in fashion and textiles.

Her little mutt weighs barely a pound. She’s tied him to my wicker chair, and he whines incessantly during our session. During the breaks she goes to him and picks him up and brings him over for me to snuggle as well. There is something alarmingly sexy about Becca. I’m visited by restive dreams of sex once she’s gone – I wonder if we'll meet on a transcendental plane, I pay her fee, she dresses.

Then we smoke and play with her doggie and talk about art.

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