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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

04/14/2005 - Her Little Dog

Becca L____ arrives with her little dog, and a kit filled with period lingerie.

Most of the modeling she does professionally involves wearing all sorts of old fashioned bras and girdles and so forth.

I'm not into fetish.

I show her the work and tell her that would be interesting at some point in the future, but today I’d like to do a direct drawing. I had anticipated her being inhibited – not at all – she sits on my bed and strips naked.

I lie her down on the bed of white paper. The brush visits every nook of her body. After four exchanges of small talk it is clear to me that Becca is another victim of manic depression, like so many of my models, like so many women. She has big bones, ample hips. She loves it when I go around her and giggles incessantly when the brush touches her ears and fingers.

This is the second drawing, done during my first session with Becca. She brought her little dog, and we had a good time smoking afterwards.

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