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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Guatemalan Poet

Was I a Guatemalan poet,
A master of apostrophe?
In Milan who worked on roadways, 
Of this 21st Century?

A Guatemalan Mayan,
My name ends in 'B and 'E.
Even though I'm a Tikal poet, 
I drive the straight Sac'be.

I married a Mayan lady,
From the port of X'caret.
I took her back to Tikal with me,
To write, and be poet.

As a Guatemalan Mayan,
I love my Adam and Eve,
Everyone here does know it,
Who lives in Italy.

My grandfather was a Nak'be poet,
who worked in1400 BC.
A Mayan, he wrote on white limestone,
On wide causeways, just like me.

Tikal - A pre-Columbian Mayan civilization, located in Northern Guatemala, famous for its pyramid and other religious structures.
Sac'be - a causeway or straight roadway engineered by the Maya, connecting cities and religious sites. The Maya built the 'white ways' or 'white roads' during the peak period of pre-Columbian civilization. Superbly engineered they today are used as foundations for modern roads and railway lines.
Nak'be - one of the earliest of pre-Columbian Mayan sites. It is located in the Mirador basin of Guatemala.
X'caret - A seaside village in Mexico located along the Riviera Maya, a port in Mayan times, recently transformed into an eco-theme park.

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