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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goodbye Mubarak!

Hours before Hosni Mubarak actually decided to resign as Egypt's president, I wrote in this blog that it was his deep desire to do so.

Previously, last week, he disappointed millions across the globe, announcing he would not resign, despite reports by the US press and US government that he was likely to step down.

He had no motivation whatsoever for staying in power, short of obeying a cartel of powerful supporters behind him who hoped they could profit from extreme chaos on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and elsewhere in Egypt.

Extreme chaos did not happen.

The Egyptian people kept their faith with peace, gently reminding all that all who stood in their path, that they would lose against such unity.

Realizing that money could not be made through further oppression of an empowered populace, a retreat was cut for the longstanding dictator of 30 years.

Egypt awakes. The world has heard the sound of peace.

When Africa awakes the world will not just hear, it will listen, and understand.

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