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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Wants to Quit

Mubarak wants to go. He is old. He is tired.

He has probably embezzled billions and probably wants to keep some or all of it. There are others who are dictating to him NOT to resign - why? Because not resigning increases strife within Egypt - strife and disorder which can be exploited.

Oh, Mubarak has been promised retirement somewhere, but these 'forces', and let me be clear, the Obama administration is innocent of any interference here - these 'forces' want to exploit the resulting chaos for their own ends.

Who are these people? Not a nation. Not an administration. Not the US Gov't or the British gov't, though there are individuals within each of these nations, some who hold offices, who may be included in this group.

Mubarak's unexpected clinging to power, was an embarrassment to many here in this country, especially the US administration, and the press, who all thought Mubarak would be resigning.

I leave all of you to speculate as to why an old man, who has absolutely nothing to gain by grasping hold of power, and everything to lose, money, life, property, would do so, unless . . . he was being coerced.

There are bigger forces at work.

The Egyptian people are at an unprecedented moment in history, one where nearly every citizen of a country stands united for change. There is almost no division. The only obstruction to that change is an infinitesimally small minority.

Who stands to gain from upheaval?

Owners of international construction companies which will profit from contracts to rebuild. Owners of international weapons companies, munitions suppliers, and banks, which allow for transfer out of afflicted nations, billions in embezzled funds.

Egypt stands as the first of many poorer nations which will test the wil of the world in ways never before so tested.

It is time to ask: does the fate of the world lie with its people, or with those who control its pursestrings.


Epilogue: Mubarak Quits!

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