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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Pain, The Pain

The world hurts. Pain everywhere.

The pain of millions of Japanese who lost loved ones, lost homes, families, schools, cities, villages, everything.

The pain of the living Ivorian mothers and fathers who lost their children in Gbagbo's greedy and merciless ploy for power.

Pain of the sincere in Libya, who only want a chance to live freely.

Pain of the Palestinians who want to live free of Israeli oppression.

Pain of the Israeli families who've lost loved ones from missiles fired into their midst.

Pain everywhere.

In a world that hurts, what constitutes right conduct?

Eat the meal that is before you. Sleep on the ground that you have to sleep on. Do the work that you are given.

Do not blame your neighbor or someone elses neighbor for where you sleep or what you eat.

If the person next to you is hungry, share your food.

If the person next to you is dying from poverty, share your wealth.

If the person next to you is tired, stand up so he can lie down.

If the people next to you are fighting, help their wounded. Offer to feed them. Offer to clothe them and house them.

Don't make war where there is already conflict. Make peace where there is war. Educate where there is ignorance.

Return lies with truth, so be strong where there is weakness. Beneath all strength lies love, the only true gift.

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