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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Only 4 AM

Only 4 am. Hark!
    The revenge of the liberals is nigh!
Wow. well done. just well done . . .
    a beautiful Sunday morning,
I so love these moments -
    you helped make a human out of me.
Romance, passion, and love, the things I put into art and life.

Aliens! Don't fuck with cyber surfers . . .
    Open your arms, Open your heart.. It's National Hug Day! 
On our way back from the NYC motorcycle expo
    so much fun was had!
There's nothing like you grinning at the door
    yes, I preach, because I would.

Your skin looks good! I see a face,
    My spouse is the first one in line,
With a paw full of flowers.
    this stuff keeps me on my toes.
Look at my bitch, spinning,

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